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To be free or to have enough food and clothing, the stray cat finally made a choice after 10 seconds of entanglement.

lumaojiaoshou @ 2020/05/18

Recently, the story of a foreign uncle and a stray cat was on fire.

This is the first time that uncle and stray cat meet. A fierce murder made uncle uncle difficult. I don't know if I should take it home.

It turned out to be a stray cat outside the house when uncle went out.

Because of the food in the pot, I stuck my brain in it.

When uncle saw it, he decided to help him.

Grabbed the back of his neck and went back to the car.

Fortunately, no tools were used to pull out the cat's head with ease.

The cat came out of the pot and looked at the surroundings, the strange people, the strange world, and was afraid.

Just as a person is brought to a strange place by mask, he will be afraid if he takes off his head cover.

Look at the car environment, a bit confused, do not know what to do.

Want to touch it? It's impossible to beat people in minutes.

Look at this flat aircraft ear. You can see how scared the cat is.

My uncle has a cat in his house. It's hard to get home with such a fierce cat.

Besides, there are houses around the roadside. If cats really don't want to go with him, they should live outside.

So uncle opened the door and asked the cat to make its own choice.

And countdown 10 numbers to give the cat time to think.

1, 2, 3, 4... Cats didn't jump out.

5, 6, 7, 8... Cats did not jump out.

9, 9, 9... Uncle counted three times, the cat did not jump out.

The last digit is 10, counting the cat once again.

OK, It seems that the cat made its own choice and went home with uncle.

Before going home, uncle took the cat to the hospital for examination.

Sure enough, the cat had bitten the uncle's hand as it did in the front.

The cat will eat again. In the face of uncle's food, the cat is welcome to eat.

When I was eating, I reluctantly accepted uncle's caress.

But once I didn't eat it and wanted to feel it again, the cat became fierce again.

Tentatively, reaching out and touching the cat's forehead, the cat did not resist.

On the fifth day after coming home, the cat has already accepted to feel at will.

The uncle stretched out his hand and the cat would take the initiative to extend its head to touch it.

Totally accept uncle, get out of the cage and live like a domestic cat.

Below is Video version Although they are subtitles in English, they are relatively simple.

You can listen to uncle's magic accent, which sounds a little cute.

When being rescued, the stray cat will be very fierce and frightened when faced with unfamiliar environment.

Below is Two little kittens rescued together Seeing the rescuers close, they were frightened to the ears of the aircraft.

The delicious cat sticks stuck in, but the kitten didn't know it was delicious, but it was still afraid.

When the delicious food was close to the mouth, the kitten suddenly found it was delicious.

Eat, eat and eat.

At this time, the little beaver on the side of the worried face completely did not understand the situation at hand.

It was also very fearful to see the cat bar sticking in.

Ready to attack the cat bar, the result is a bite to squeeze out the cat bar.

How fat four? It's delicious.

Lick your licks and hurry to eat.

How to say that, meow stars are never slaves unless they are wrapped.

Although wandering is free, it is too hard for us to eat.

So, It's better to find a shit officer who can provide a bag to eat.