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Indie Focus #97: active brain is no harm.

indienova @ 2019/12/23

This time, Focus only introduced two games worth playing, because for a long time, they inevitably attracted my attention. Although there are slight flaws or regrets, the quality can be assured, and all of them need brains to play.


If you see friends around you, or your Steam pop-up often reminds your friends to play the same game, I think you can't control your curiosity and want to find out. After all, this situation does not happen very often.

A game we often saw before was: Mindustry

So in fact, one sentence can almost be clear about how to play the game.

But there are quite a lot of things outside the core of the game, so people will be confused only by introduction. It seems that there are plenty of plots in the game - there are indeed some, but these plots are irrelevant - I mean, in fact, it has no real impact on the game itself (it's kind of like a lot of people call Catherine Catherine a gorgeous pushbox game). For example, the plot of each gateway is relatively continuous. The task of death Felix is to let every goal pass away correctly. With the constant clearance, the goal is constantly advancing until the final task is completed.

Each pass can be completed in a fixed scene.

Game play, if designed to be a simple 2D top view or 45 degree angle game, there is no problem at all, and it will not delay playing. However, those seemingly chicken ribs actually contain a line called "death art history". That is to say, the main purpose of developers is to let more people understand the art history of death, and then they put this idea into this game. So this formed the unique personality of Felix The Reaper: many ideas, rich content, simple play. So if you are interested in death art, the plot and related literature may be a rare gift for you.

In other words, playing simply is not derogatory, because the game itself is not only original, but also quite innovative. More importantly, the checkpoints are also designed to be challenging. The difficulty of late game is too much to burn. This is also the most recent puzzle game for gamers who like to abuse themselves, especially with rich content. Now, how many intelligent games are going to simplify design.

Professional level choreography capture

Besides, it is worth mentioning that besides the excellent performances of music and dance, the UI of the game is pretty good. I remember when I was playing, I told my colleagues that the Chinese version of UI is better than many native games, and the ability of the development team is still very strong.

Here are some UI images we intercepted on the XBox version, okay?

So this one is recommended.

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