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The cat circled its tail with its tail. It was "fierce", master: This is your own tail.

mumu8com @ 2019/12/19

Cats, I believe you all know, are very common in people's lives. Nowadays, keeping pets has become a trend of life. Cats are one of the most popular pets, and have won people's love and welcome with their excellent conditions. Cats are of high value and unique temperament, and every move has their charm. Therefore, when raising pets, many people will choose cats to support and regulate their lives.

Now, people's living standard has been raised, the conditions are good, and the cat is ready. Most of the shovel excrement officials will keep them as children, and they will be very spoiled, and do nothing with them. After a long time, people and kittens get along with each other, and they will find that cats have some characteristics. In fact, they are very funny, and sometimes they do something that makes people laugh and cry.

The cat circled its tail with its tail. It was "fierce", master: This is your own tail.

This point is believed that the officials of shit know that they can feel it in daily life. For example, cats always like to chase their tails. They don't seem to know that they have a tail on their bodies. If they see them, they will take their tails as prey and want to bite them. Like the pet cat of the pet house, he bites his tail, and his face looks vicious. He circles around the pillar and makes the owner laugh.

The owner of the pet house is a gradually rising cat, which is very lovely. Especially when it is small, the round head is round and round, so it will be sprout up if it is seen. Moreover, the cat is very sticky, always like to stay with the pet owners, and so stick enough, will play for a while, for their cat, pet owners are also very doting.

As the cat grows up, pet owners discover a characteristic of their kittens. Sometimes they are too stupid to do something silly. Just like this day, the pet owner sat on the sofa playing with his cell phone. When he looked up, he saw his cat's stupid appearance and couldn't help laughing.

At that time, the cat was climbing on a cat's shelf, and its shape was peculiar. It even grabbed its tail with its mouth. Then it took the tail as its prey and bit it. The key is that the cat's expression is still fierce. Because the cat wants to grasp its tail completely, so it wants to catch up with its tail, but its tail runs on its body and its tail moves, so that the cat has been circling around the cat climbing rack.

Master: This is your own tail.

For his cat's behavior, the pet owner is also dumbfounded. It's too silly to even know his tail. He also thinks of his tail as something else. Sure enough, before you see that cats and tails are two creatures, there is nothing wrong with this statement. Otherwise, why would the cat take its tail as its prey?

After that, the pet owner also sent his own cat's stupid move to the Internet to share with you. Many netizens later said that it was a stupid day for cats, and their own kittens were like this. Indeed, cats were equally silly and innocent. Have you ever seen a cat doing such a stupid thing?