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Why is Ahmadinejad called a poor protector? Because he has done a thing, so far loved by the people.

hylszx188 @ 2019/10/09

From the point of view of world history, as a leader or president of a country, it needs to represent the interests of the country as a whole. Its greatest aim is to make the country strong and the people rich. But in reality, the presidents of most countries in the world, because of the actual influence, are more representative of the interests of the dignitaries, representing the interests of the big bourgeoisie, the big capitalists and the elite. There is seldom a president who represents the interests of the poor, because it is simply not worthwhile, and the capital and power of the country are not in the hands of the poor. So this is also the reason why the poor people are getting poorer and poorer all over the western world, because there is no president in the world who represents the interests of the poor. But except for one person, Ahmadinejad is called the only protector of the poor. Why do we say so? Because he has done a thing, so far, loved by poor people.

In the more than 200 countries and regions of the world, there are countless presidents or leaders, but the only president known as the poor protector is president Ahmadinejad of Iran. Many people may say that this is because Ahmadinejad was born poor, so he protects the poor and protects the poor people.

But in fact, many poor presidents in the world also represent the interests of the bourgeoisie or the elites, and the interests of the poor. So Ahmadinejad was not a poor protector because he was born poor, but because he did one thing and won the support of the poor people.

We know that after the Islamic revolution in Iran, the clergy class was called the master of the state, and formed a system of unity of politics and religion based on the great clerics as the nobility and the lower and middle clergy as the ruling base. In this system, the top leaders and the presidents are basically priests. Among the 7 most typical presidents in Iran, they are all priests, including Rouhani, who is also a clergyman.

So when the president of the clergy came to power, he helped the clerics, which is why Iran's clergy class is getting richer and the people are getting poorer and poorer. So after the Islamic revolution, there was actually a situation in which the clergy controls Iran's economy. The clergy class in Iran not only controls almost all oil revenues, but also controls Iran's main core industries in the form of 120 funds.

So Iran is actually the clergy control, and the people not only have no wealth, but also face Western sanctions, inflation and high unemployment rate, so the whole people's life is increasingly poor. But there are so many presidents in Iran who do not speak for poor people. President Ahmadinejad is poor and knows the political situation. So when it came to power, it proposed to redistribute oil revenues, because Iran's biggest gain was actually oil revenue.

Ahmadinejad proposed that Iran's oil revenues should be reflected on the table of the poor people in Iran, so as to raise the living standard of the poor people and enable them to get direct subsidies and money benefits. However, this policy was opposed by the Iran dignitaries. After all, oil revenues were in the hands of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and the clergy aristocrats. They could not be willing to sacrifice their interests, so they had been opposed and opposed this policy.

But Ahmadinejad is the most tough president in the world. He is not afraid of foreign countries in the face of the west, so he is also very tough in China. It directly promotes the subsidy scheme for the poor people, and forcibly brings out billions of dollars from the oil revenue, subsidize the poor people's living every year, and practice its promise to embody oil profits on the poor people's table. During the Judd period, the poor people still enjoyed oil gains and oil subsidies, which made Ahmadinejad regarded as a protection by the poor.

So those who support Ahmadinejad are basically the poor people in Iran. They regard Ahmadinejad as a protector, which forms the only protector of the poor in the world. But it is worth mentioning that during the reign of Ahmadinejad, the policy of welfare for the poor has damaged the interests of the priests and increased the national financial expenditure. And more importantly, Ahmadinejad strongly attacked the dignitaries and fought against corruption, and arrested many of the children of powerful priests. This intensified the contradiction with the clergy class.

In particular, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which has been controlled by Ali Khamenei for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has damaged the interests of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and caused the opposition of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Therefore, in fact, Ahmadinejad was falling out with the rank and file. After his resignation, his official confidant was not arrested or cleaned, and Ahmadinejad was also banned from participating in the presidential election, or even directly arrested him.

For this reason, the poor people in Iran are strongly dissatisfied, because for the poor people in Iran, Ahmadinejad is the only representative of their interests, but they are still not allowed by the dignitaries, so Ahmadinejad has not yet released them. But the people of Iran are still very fond of Ahmadinejad.

Especially after Rouhani came to power, he soon abolished these subsidies, which made the people feel that Ahmadinejad was good for the poor people. In recent years, there have been successive demonstrations in Iran, against poverty and against exploitation. But Iran is a state with unity of politics and religion. As long as this nature does not change, then Iran will never really care for the interests of the poor, and the interests of priests are the first.

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