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Magic Leap One recent dynamic highlights! Jigsaw puzzle, medical simulation... More service updates!

VRPinea @ 2019/08/23

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since Magic Leap One After delivery, we received quite a few "bad reviews". However, some people have expressed approval for this gimmick device, such as comfortable wear, picture quality and depth, interaction and so on. AR Great progress has been made in the product. Although there are still some shortcomings in stability, this can be optimized and improved in the later stage.


Up to now, Magic Leap One It has also updated many services, applications and games to fully display this device. AR Potential.

Applications and games

Content for a paragraph AR The importance of devices is self-evident. With the passage of time, a large number of different types of experience applications have been landed. Magic Leap One


"BBC Earth"

Recently, Content developer PRELOADED Announced and BBC Studios , Natural History Unit A cooperative achievement " BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses for Magic Leap " , and obtain Magic Leap Independent Creator Program Of Support , It will be landing later this year. Magic Leap One

This is a paragraph. Support Magic Leap One Brand new MR experience , Allowing users to explore the micro environment of the natural world utilize Magic Leap The unique function of spatial computing platform User can Feel close to the local creatures and experience the invisible senses that guide their behavior and help them survive.


It is reported that this application and BBC stay Two thousand and eighteen Launched in 2003 BBC Earth: Life in VR It is from the same branch. Development team And the latter has been awarded. 2018 Google Play Award Of " optimum VR experience "



Recently landed Magic Leap One " Undersea "Is an application that allows users to appreciate underwater creatures. In one Dynamically generated coral reef world Users can see Amazing underwater life, and relax yourself.


" Undersea "Begins with" Magic Leap Studios A simple presentation. : a small fish that can be exchanged with both hands to boot. Real size aquarium world of coral reefs and all kinds of fish 。 The original content is still static, but it still shows. Spatial computing potential


According to the introduction, this application is adopted. Unreal 4 and Vulkan 3.1 Develop Yes. Magic Leap Studios Internal developers to solve creativity , An exploration plan for technology and production challenges.

3D jigsaw puzzle "PuzzlAR: World Tour"


Two thousand and eighteen Year, Magic Leap start-up Of Independent Creator Program project , Designed to provide development for independent developers. Magic Leap Support for content Seven By the end of the month, the first work of the project has been completed. Formal issue Portuguese ONTOP Studios Studio for Magic Leap One It brings "hand tour" based on the same name. PuzzlAR: World Tour "


" PuzzlAR: World Tour " yes A paragraph 3D Jigsaw puzzle You can send players to Famous scenic spots around the world Will split up Statue of Liberty and Taj Mahal And other famous buildings. Reassemble into a complete building.



The development team hopes to be able to do this in a completely new way. Integrating spatial computing technology into user experience 。 When the game starts, players need. Look around and assemble the planet Earth in front of them. this It is a Beginners interaction learning Process , and team The design is very Interesting. In addition, to avoid scaling, planet Earth still It can automatically zoom in accordance with the distance from the player.


But this is just The first comes from Independent Creator Program Project works , Magic Leap It means that more content will be launched in the future.


The US Navy trains soldiers with the Magic Leap AR system.

Though last year Magic Leap Be in harmony with HoloLens In the competition I lost it. United States Army Four point eight Billion dollar contract But this year Seven The month signed a cooperation agreement with the US Navy. It is reported that The US Navy is making use of it. Magic Leap AR The system was trained and involved in naval codes of conduct. , The purpose of anti terrorism is to enhance the combat capability of soldiers.



At present, US Naval Research Laboratory , US Naval Surface Warfare Center , Industry partners ML Horizons and Haptech The new system has been tested. The system includes Magic Leap One Head display , Knapsack processor, and Haptech Electromagnetic tactile feedback weapon ML Horizons Provided Advanced weapon tracking, and allows users to create multiple adaptive simulation scenarios.


Standford children's Hospital combined with Magic Leap to realize medical simulation

Seven In mid month, Magic Leap One The latest medical applications " CHARM " and Standford children's hospital to cooperate 。 The hospital's medical staff will use the device. Spatial computing function Replace Traditional mannequin and task trainer , With the participation of multiple medical professionals and trainees, multi-user real-time simulation is completed.



" CHARM The application provides two roles: Simulation administrators and participants Administrators who serve as administrators can add virtual patients to the scene. , Bed and life monitors, and the setting of vital signs for patients. 。 Administrators can also. Customized patients for boys , girl , Man , Women or soldiers. At the same time, it can add various diseases. For example, cough or general pain.


But this application Still in development stage The team is working on it. More details padding 。 although The release plan for the application has not yet been finalized. But it is expected in the near future. On-line to Magic Leap World


Cooperation with SK and AT&T operators

A few days ago , Magic Leap The first international product distribution agreement was reached in South Korea. SK Telecommunications ( SK Telecom Will be distributed in Korea Magic Leap One SK telecommunication also yes his Following Two thousand and eighteen Year and US carriers AT&T Another product distribution partner after the cooperation.


stay Korean telecom giant SK Telecommunications ( SKT ) Introduction 5G network After service, it was mentioned again very soon. AR Plan. First, SKT A series of five flagship stores will be held in South Korea. Magic Leap One Road show. The contents of the space computation demonstration will be located at each home. SKT Store " 5GX Premium Experience Zone " Visitor Sure Experience based " Angry Birds " Cosmos Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot " Game applications.


SKT Of 5G The network will soon cover Seoul and six other major cities. Eighty-five Small and medium sized cities) , Expressway , Major stadiums and special university parks. Up to now, Magic Leap International applications are rare. Most public oriented activities are concentrated in the United States. 。 But if this cooperation with South Korea can be achieved. get a firm foothold , SKT Can then from The centre of the Asian pop culture continues to expand and eventually ensures its place in the rising Asian market.


AT&T streaming service DirecTV Now

A few days ago, AT&T Streaming services DirecTV Now Also officially landed. Magic Leap One 。 With this service, subscribers can pass directly. Magic Leap One Browse live and on-demand content, including 120+ TV channels, and more than Forty-five thousand On demand programs and videos



It is reported that this is The first multi screen space computing streaming service in history Users can have one time. Open four virtual TV screens. , And freely choose screen size and location. 。 At the same time, users can also. Browse four screens or appreciate the contents of a channel. 。 User only needs When watching the space screen of interest, the system can play the relevant audio while the rest of the screen will automatically mute.


Besides, AT&T those under one's command Of CNN Also for Magic Leap One An application has been developed that allows users to browse. " CNN "," CNNi " and " HLN " Live content, on-demand programs and digital exclusive content.

Service update

Besides application and cooperation, Magic Leap Service functions have also been updated.


Magic Leap BMS services support global background music and other functions.

Lumin OS 0.97 and Lumin SDK 0.22 Edition There are A name is " Overture " New application 。 " Overture Then yes Lumin OS Background music service ( Background Music Service ; BMS Part of 。 utilize BMS Users can use applications. Heard in active state Magic Leap One Audio stream



BMS Allow your application to continue playing music in the background, that is, users can still hear the audio stream provided by the application while using other applications. For its part, " Overture " Provide users with the right BMS Control right. When users switch different applications, the relevant music, Audio books , Blog or its audio streaming media They can switch or continue to play.


Users can even make An access BMS Music applications , Just in Manifest Add a corresponding property to the component area. In the future, as the music is integrated to Lumin OS The core of user It will be able to expand applications in an exciting new way.


Magic Leap adds multiplayer support to improve hand tracking effect.

Apart from " Overture Besides, Magic Leap Also for Lumin OS 0.97 and Lumin SDK 0.22 A series of functions and optimization has been added.



One Multilingual support : Lumin OS 0.97 Now supports Britain. , The internationalization and localization of France and Germany, including French , German and British English. This means that European users will soon be able to experience their mother tongue. Magic Leap Equipment. meanwhile , Lumin OS still Including a complete localization framework based on Latin alphabet, more users in the future will be able to join. Magic Leap Community.


Two MagicScript : By introducing new Direct Rendering API , Magic Leap Already realized WebXR Application's multi application scenario. this API It can improve the rendering quality of immersive application and allow users to pass through. WebGL Rendering 3D Content. about MagicScript , Magic Leap The pair has been added. UDP , TCP Network protocol support, and for MagicScript The project is included. IntelliSense Support.



Three Multiplayer game : Magic Leap Open to everyone through the beta version Cloud Map Merge Function. This will allow Lumin adopt PCF API Support for multiplayer scenarios. And already Local time Seven month Twenty-four The whole day is spreading. This function supports In a medium sized space. One hundred and forty Square meters in multiplayer games. Developers can build support. 5-10 Human applications.


Four Hand tracking : Lumin OS 0.97 In hand Complete skeleton tracking On the basis of this, added hand network tracking.


Besides, Magic Leap They are constantly optimizing their services. Include App and AFW level 。 For example, Magic Leap For equipment AR Browser added Night mode, and allows browsers to create landscapes. Landscape mode What's more, Magic Leap still Redesigned Lumin OS and 6 DoF Control's interaction model. Choice , Place , Pick up all Yes? adopt 6 DoF Operation is carried out.

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