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In order to save money for the old lady, the dog is too sensible to go out and eat enough.

mczys001 @ 2019/11/14

There is a saying in common saying, called A bad dog doesn't want a poor family. A dog can be rich or poor if it is good. It can be loyal to its owner forever. Dogs are also very human. They will take every action of their owners in their eyes and do their best to lighten their burden.

There are Such a dog, its name is Mr. Shen. It often stays. In a grass by the roadside From time to time, passers-by bring food to it. You may guess that this is a stray dog. In fact, the dog has a master. Its owner is an old woman living in the countryside.

Grandma discovered a few years ago in the garbage dump. Although he was living in a tight corner, he saw it very pitiful at that time. He was taken to the veterinarian station in the village. 。 After careful treatment and care by grandma, Shen's body gradually recovered. And then he lived in his grandmother's house.

The old woman is childless and old, and has no job.

You can get some living allowance from the government every month. I usually earn money by picking up some paper boxes and bottles. Ever since she was born, grandma has been in a much better mood and has fun every day. But the reality is, Mori Morichi grows up every day, and all kinds of demands become bigger. Because of economic problems, grandma's care for it is not too thoughtful.

And that's all he sees. It did not dislike grandma. After all, her life was saved by grandma. What a bitter life! So when she went out, she would go to a lot of places. Many passers-by saw that she was very cute, so she would buy something to eat. In this way, he fills his stomach with his own skills.

That's it. She can save her grandmother's food for the next day. Go home and have some water. The money saved is for grandma to use by herself. Lighten the burden on grandma. The most joyful thing in the whole day is that when he is full enough to go home to see his grandmother, no matter how good the stranger is to him, he will not go away with anyone else. In her heart, grandma is the only owner.

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