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Foreign media: the Fed formally surrenders and the United States concession. The Americans can't do without China's manufacturing and feel grateful.

bwchinesewx @ 2019/12/14

According to Reuters reported on December 12th, the United States made relevant concessions in exchange for more market share of agricultural products. The observer group of BWC noted that this is another concession of the US economy after the Fed's "soft" approach at the US dollar level.

Since the three quarter of this year, the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates three times, a total of 75 basis points, and has expanded its balance sheet. The Federal Reserve decided in December 11th that the interest rate remained unchanged, indicating that there was no change in 2020. This is the rapid change of the Fed's degree of tightness in the US dollar. Zerohedge said the Fed formally surrendered. This will play a certain role in promoting the participation of the US economy in the global commodity and consumption level.

In fact, in the world economy, you and I have you today, the global consumer's choice of commodities is constantly refined. This is also the inevitable result of global commodity survival. At the same time, the global market has become an unprecedented importance for producers and businesses. This is an indication of the signs of American consumers and American farmers.

At the consumer level, more and more American consumers believe that they are highly dependent on Chinese manufacturing, and many of the products made in China have been competing in the global market to become the best quality names. For example, Bloomberg quoted Daniela Wei as a reporter a few weeks ago, saying that from sushi to ski gloves, American consumers need more Chinese manufacturing than you think. Including the daily consumer goods in the American garage to the fridge. For some of the products, more than 9 of the products purchased by every 10 American shoppers are made in China.

The foreign media said that made in China has become tough. We have also mentioned many times that, because many of the goods made in China are irreplaceable in the world, the global consumers, including the United States, are inseparable from China's manufacturing.

For example, a few weeks ago, more than 250000 people in the United States hoarded all kinds of goods made in China at that time. These include microwave ovens, vacuum filters, swimsuits, furniture and so on.

Some businesses hoarding goods are stacked in the storehouse to the height of the ceiling. This further illustrates the increasing popularity of Americans for Chinese made products.

A few months ago, Asian American Guo Hong told American consumers that they could not do without Chinese made products. Almost all the stationery, tacks, glue and stickers in children's schoolbags... There is no exception. At a hearing in the United States a few weeks ago, American consumers were asked by reporters, "do you need products that can be produced in other countries?" Answer: "no, only China has a complete production chain." "Do you have any other substitutes for this imported Chinese product?" A: No, American consumers like this Chinese product. "

Look at the US farmers' level. Over the past few months, the number of American farmers has gone bankrupt due to the loss of global market share. Also, as the popular American ballad "old Macdonald is bankrupt", he sang, "old Macdonald has a farm... However, the situation has changed recently, and old Macdonald has gone bankrupt. " Data released recently by the US court showed that in the 12 months ended September, the total number of bankruptcy applications in the twelfth chapter was 580, an increase of 24% over the previous year.

Against this background, it is precious for us farmers to gain more market share. A new development of the matter is that according to Reuters's December 12th report, US farmers' $50 billion agricultural products will be patronized by large customers in 2020. For this reason, Monte Peterson, a farmer of North Dakota, broke the expectations of American farmers a few weeks ago. He said we are grateful for any possible cooperation and business. (end)