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Lecturer introduces the eighteenth Symposium of Xun Xun: application of Jun Heng Technology Peng Kai Sheng -AOC in data center

iccsz-Group @ 2019/08/23

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On the 2-3 day of September, the eighteenth symposium will be held at the banquet hall of the six floor of the Greater China Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen. This article will introduce you to Mr. Peng Kaisheng, general manager of Wuhan Jun Heng Technology Co., Ltd., the keynote speech. The keynote speech is "the use of AOC in data centers".

ICCSZ, September, 2-3, September, the eighteenth optical fiber communication market and Technology Symposium will be held at the banquet hall of the six floor of the Greater China Sheraton Hotel. The new and old friends of the optical communication industry are invited to the scene to explore the most advanced technology trends brought by industry experts and scholars, and to see the most comprehensive market data brought by authoritative personages and analysts. Listen to the opinions of famous communications leading enterprises at home and abroad on the market environment, and explore the future development trend of the communications market with everyone.
This seminar focuses on the construction and application of 5G, the development of 5G and data center, and the development of China's core. The conference will gather lots of coffee, speed 5G, scale DC, and create core era. This article will introduce you to Mr. Peng Kaisheng, general manager of Wuhan Jun Heng Technology Co., Ltd. Application of AOC in data center
Mr. Peng Kaisheng is currently the general manager of Jun Heng technology, graduated from the telecommunications specialty of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He has served as the world's leading chip company Maxim Integrated, China optical communication product promotion leader and central China Manager. He has worked in the field of optical communications for 20 years, and is familiar with the optical communication market. He has rich experience in production and team management.
In 2012, Mr. Peng Kaisheng founded Wuhan Jun Heng Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on multi-mode optical communications COB production technology research and development and production. Since its inception, the company has adhered to the goal of "making the product the best" and adhered to the clear positioning of the road of "white card". Under the leadership of Mr. Peng Kaisheng, Jun Heng technology has developed rapidly. Now it has grown into the largest private enterprise supplier and data center of the domestic military embedded optical module, and the largest white card manufacturer of AOC.

About Jun Heng Technology
Since 2012, Jun Jun technology has focused on the customized service of parallel multi-channel photoelectric modules based on COB technology. It has accumulated solid COB design and development capabilities, high reliable COB batch production capability, efficient automatic parallel active optical coupling capability, and high efficiency parallel engine / module photoelectric performance automatic test capability. On this basis, support the product's solid performance, quality, delivery and cost advantages.
In addition to providing small and high-density customized modules for optoelectronic modules, the company mainly promotes multi-mode products, customized products and AOC Series in the field of optical communications. In addition to the traditional 10G to 100G data center products and HDMI active optical cable, Jun Heng has also launched 200G QSFP-DD/ MiniSAS/ armored AOC and various customized products. According to the requirements of customers, Jun Heng's customized products are at the front end of the industry.
The company has strong financial strength, attaches importance to the development of technology and technology, and has many patents for inventions and utility models. The team of senior and senior technical engineers who are experienced in love and work is more than half of the total number of companies. The professional production management team has many years of experience in the field of optical communication products manufacturing.
Wuhan Jun Heng Technology Co., Ltd. takes "quality excellence, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement" as the quality policy, persists in scientific and technological innovation, strives for perfection, and persists in win-win cooperation with customers. Persisting in the people-oriented management system, it is committed to providing high reliability and cost-effective products to the market and exceeding customer expectations.
About the eighteenth Symposium

[conference information]

Meeting time: 2-3 September 2019

Venue: Banquet hall, six floor, Shenzhen Greater China Sheraton Hotel

Meeting size: 650 persons

Sponsor: Shenzhen Xun Shi Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

The nature of the meeting: 2 free places for members and advertisers, 1600 yuan / person for the registration fee, and 2500 yuan for the non stone members.

[negotiate cooperation and booth consultation welcome to contact]

Southern China District: Ms Yang 13425186001 / Ms Chen 15919593430 (WeChat number)

East China: Mr. Zeng 13699887208 & Mr. Lei 18588287357 (WeChat number)

Central China north: Mr. Ling 18664318242 / MS Feng 15989420950 (WeChat number)

Participants please scan the two-dimensional code.

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