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6 kinds of toast, fancy eating, quick hand and simple breakfast.

xfhongbei @ 2019/10/09

There are many kinds of toast that you can't eat. You can make simple versions of pizza, toast and so on, but the most popular way to make it is to make yogurt pudding toast. So once you follow suit, you find that this method is not only simple and quick, but also very delicious. Toast with eggs and yogurt, to meet a day's nutrition, and rich in taste, outside coke, tender, breakfast is the best choice!


I had a good breakfast and had a spirit all morning. Today, I'll introduce a convenient and delicious breakfast - fast sausage and toast pizza. This pizza does not need to be prepared beforehand, nor does it need to make the bottom of the cake with noodles and fermenting. The slices are spiced directly for five minutes and bake for ten minutes.


Toast can't be stored for too long, so I think of various ways to consume it. This garlic sauce is really amazing after eating. It's delicious!


Fancy toast bread

Ten minutes to get it done.

Fragrance overflowing

A hundred times better than before.


When I have endless toast at home, I always change my way to make other foods, toast pizza and toast. Today, I'll introduce a special way to make a toast. The stuffing is made up of cheese slices, ham sausage, dried meat floss, seaweed and so on. The taste is more abundant. The key point is that it is super simple and can be done in only 10 minutes.


I love toast, but sometimes I don't care too much. Then make the toast pudding. It's simple and delicious. If your toast fails, don't throw it away, just like making toast pudding and turning waste into treasure.


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