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Dreaming of raising golden hair? Please come in and wake up!

rcw2888 @ 2020/05/19

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Want to raise big golden hair? First, let's feel the experience of raising a golden dung and being a weeping official.

A shoveling shit official came out of the restaurant with the big golden hair. The goods lay directly on the ground.

The shit officer was not used to it. He threw the rope and turned away.

The dog side is up here, but you think it's over?

The gas shit officer again threw the rope away, but the dog didn't keep up this time. Instead, he was pretending to die.

"Ben Wang is dead, burning paper!"

The shit officials had no choice but to pretend to go back to the restaurant first.

The dog who discovered that he had been fooled immediately opened the stubborn pattern until it saw a similar kind.

Little VIP: what are you doing, big brother?

Big golden hair: hide your skin and go back to the restaurant to eat meat.

After the little VIP left, the goods continued to die, and at this time, the flow of people was too large.

I pretend to die, you're free, anyway, it's not me!

The shit officer had to pretend to go back to the restaurant again.

Don't waste it. I'll just go to the restaurant!

This is really the intention to go back to the restaurant, but the big Jin doesn't believe it, and continues to lie in the middle.

It was not until he saw the shit officer returning to the restaurant to call himself that he hurried up and went into the restaurant.

Big golden hair: what do you mess with? What can you do to compromise?

The video is 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

No one who has raised any golden hair may think this is just an example, but those who raised the golden hair understood that what a big warm Wang was, that's what they said.

"I suddenly don't want to leave. Please start your performance!"

If you are just playing a shameless game, then you have experienced it. Is it embarrassing to eat a dog to rob the street and die?

Innocent passerby brother: if you want to eat, please let go. I'll get you one.

Awkward shit Officer: don't let go. You must not give it. It will spoil it.

Big Jin Mao: hum, the bread in my mouth, do not want to go back again!

Tut, too thin skinned people really don't want to be a shit!

There is also this big golden hair, because I like playing with water too much, I see my neighbor's little sister washing clothes.

No matter how to call a shit officer, he will not go back.

Ben Wang will not bathe, roar what roar?

It's nice to hear that it's a social butterfly. It's not an awkward machine.

Besides being good at making embarrassments and embarrassments,

You may also be crying by big gold.

Why is a dog so fond of water?

Especially fond of fermented ditches.

Think this goods IQ ranking really fourth.

The original smart people are home.

It doesn't have any special skills.

Eat a sock and swallow a stone!

So don't think that raising gold can only warm you.

Most of the time, people are still very good at crying.

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