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What kind of ass do girls like to play?

IHOTMEN @ 2019/10/09

When the book came back, the secret elder sister and everyone talked to men. Lower body size It is quite unsatisfactory. So today I want to further deepen this field and talk about the next topic.


In my aesthetic system, there is a kind of sexy man, called jeans.

If a man in the street is wearing a good pair of trousers, I will always stare at it for a long time.

In the heart, he felt his unrestrained, wild, and hormonal emanating from the inside. He jumped up on his motorcycle backseat and followed him to Tokyo, Paris, and romantic Turkey.

Let's get our consciousness back to the real world.

The jeans of the butt are very rare. Most people are uncomfortable because they can't pick size and hate pants.

For this problem, we hope that the relevant personnel will pay attention to it.

Jeans are always just men's needs. They are the first choice for you to not dress up in the morning, and they are also the basic products to wear.

If you dress well, you will also have the unexpected joy of letting girls keep playing.

So, if you want to get your lower body reborn, start wearing jeans.

Here is your knowledge of your soul's pants.

Size wrong = everything is wrong.

The most commonly used jeans size on the market can be divided into two types: "Levi's" and "Uniqlo".

Let's start with the first kind of "Levi's" jeans, which are marked with "W30L32".

W refers to the "Waist waistline".

It should be noted that different styles correspond to different waist circumference of human body.

If you really don't want to try it on, you should at least put your trousers up on your body to judge its waist line position and avoid the embarrassing situation of buying low waist pants with a high waistline size.

L representative " Length - length "

However, it is not the distance from waist to trouser leg, but the length of the inside of trousers, that is the distance between the crotch and the trouser leg.

The number behind the letter is inches, and 1 inches equals 2.54cm.

So the corresponding size of W30L32 is waistline 76cm/ trousers 81cm.
As we all know, even waist circumference, different people also have short legs.

So jeans 1 waist circumference often has several trousers length sizes to choose from, such as W30L32, W30L33, W30L34 and so on.

Another size of trousers is "175/76A", which is typically represented by "Uniqlo".

This is relatively simple and easy to understand than the size of inches in inches just now.

175 stands for height cm, 76 for waist circumference cm, and A is a normal body code for not fat nor thin.

In addition, there are "B - fat body", "C fat body" and "Y - lean body".

Basically, the sizes of each size mark have a certain range of fluctuation. For example, people with waist 75-77cm can wear trousers with a size of 76.

Even if the upper part of the body is slightly thrown away, it does not matter. The fabric has a certain degree of ductility. It will loose in about one or two weeks.

Low waist = non mainstream

After knowing how to measure the size, the next step is the waist of the trousers.

Here, the secret elder sister wants to speak on behalf of the vast majority of girls.

No one wants to see your underwear style. If it's not for Justin Bieber, don't wear low jeans.

As a decent person, "waist pants" is definitely the most sensible choice, and no matter how big the belly is, it will be more comfortable and comfortable to wear.

After the waist is fastened, it must be done. " It is just fine " In short,
  • It's not too tight. It's better to increase the size of the waist, or let the waist get rid of the fat. Otherwise, the effort to tie a shoelace may break the button.
  • It's not too loose to lift trousers in public places. It's very bad. Don't think about wearing a leather belt.

Be aware that whether you measure waist size or buy pants, you must not do it when you just have enough food or put your chest on your back, otherwise the data error will be at least 2 to 3cm.

Trousers are too long = short +

Most of the straight men seem to have no idea about trousers, so I often find extremely worn pants on the streets as if they were stacked with a bunch of fat Intestines on their shoes.

Not only does it look very eyesore, but also the height is lowered to 1 meters 68.

according to The secret elder's observation of men's lower body for many years shows that the ideal length of jeans should be:

Just touching the vamp and not seeing socks from the front, in order to stretch the legs and make the whole shape look slovenly and handsome.

The above standard applies to ordinary jeans, but if you like the feeling of "retro tannins" in American retro style, you must choose longer trousers to wear that strength.

The so-called red ear tannin is characterized by a red line on both sides of the trouser leg.

Don't roll up your trousers, how do you show your taste?

Of course, the volume should not be curled up. The volume is wide and the rolls are several layers.

If only one layer is rolled, the curling width will be controlled around 5 to 6cm.

If the volume is two levels, the width is narrower and some better, 2 to 3cm.

Note that there are too many layers in the volume. After all, we do not want to transplant rice seedlings under the ground.

Tight = visual harassment

The weight of jeans is also a major sin affecting the upper body. Too fat, like rapper without beauty, too thin, will be Tucao like a non mainstream mother gun.
First of all, never try to wear a "Skinny Fit - Super choke" to go out. That is the youth rebellion that only the "Scotland guessing train" man can master.

The upper body effect of these trousers is basically the same as that of stockings.

Every line of your buttocks, the size of the Triangle pants and the crooked legs of the bowlegged legs will be shown naked in front of the girls.

"Straight Fit straight cylinder" is not absolutely safe.

If you are a big muscle bully with thick thighs, it will turn you into a very strong hobbit.

The trouser legs of these trousers are almost as wide as the thigh of the thigh, so they can't play the role of modified leg type.

If you want to dress properly, choose "Slim Fit -" and "Taper Fit".

Only this type of "coarse and thin" version can successfully save frog legs, elephant legs, Luo Quantui and other bug.

After the upper body can see the outline of the legs, but also retained a certain gap, so that people can not see.

Is there any clue? The essence of the modified leg type is the size of the gap. If you don't know how to handle this degree, you can refer to the following 4 criteria:
After you put on your pants, try to squeeze the pants on your thighs and put them on your legs.

If the surplus is between 2 and 3cm, it will be appropriate; if it is greater than 3cm, it will be too loose.

Pack your cell phone into your front pocket.

If someone can distinguish HUAWEI P30 from one second, not iPhone 11, it means the trousers are too thin.

When squatting down or carrying a 90 degree leg lift, if you can't finish or work hard, the jeans will be one more size.

If you can't move your card in your knees during your pants trip, you'll know that if you lose your strength, you will know that the pants are in the wrong direction.

To sum up, the key to choosing jeans is:

Understand the size, find the correct edition, and grasp the tightness.

Only by mastering these, can you wear your pants and make a fresh start.

Learn quickly and let the girl praise you for your lower body.

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