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Super villa is one with nature.

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/22

MK27 Brazil St Paul Brazil Planar Villa

In St Paul, Brazil, MK27 studio completed the design of a villa, which is described as "a radical activity in the horizontal direction". The villa was properly named as "flat house" and was carefully inserted into the highest point by the designer. The roof was designed to be the same lawn as the surrounding buildings. The architect used the roof as the fifth facade of the building and skillfully integrated the solar panels and skylights on the roof.

"From a structural point of view, the flat plate is a rigid platform, not supported by beams, but directly supported by three axis modular distributed pillars," explains MK27 studio. "The cruciform metal column is a tribute to the graceful proportion of mass architecture." There are two programmed blocks under the roof: the first includes the service area, the gym, the TV and the game room, while the second includes five suite bedrooms.

The living room is located at both ends of the bedroom and can be completely opened or closed through sliding glass doors. The door opened and the house turned into a spacious terrace surrounded by nature. The interior includes low solid wood furniture, while the layout of the house has enough room for free circulation. On the terrace, the hanging color hoisting chair has become the focus of attention, which is in sharp contrast to the level of housing.

Another visual collocation is provided by a vertical curved wall, which is made up of solid bricks and voids. The architect said: "in this project, the walls of the signs which are usually separated and isolated are sometimes concave, but in other places they are bulging, embracing the entrance garden and creating a sense of transparency, and providing protection for the streets." "Its brick texture helps create a comfortable atmosphere, and produces a dynamic light and shade as the day passes."

Demo diagram of delta structure

Delta plan

Delta facade & section map

Project information

Construction company: Studio MK27

Architect: Marcio Kogan

Project Leader: Lair Reis

Interior design: Diana Radomysler

Project team: Carlos Costa, Castroviejo, Laura Guedes, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano, Pedro Ribeiro, Pessano, Oswaldo, Guedes,

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