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"Super value household SUV" Haff M6, using 66 thousand to speak for a better life.

cheshihongdian @ 2019/10/09

Not long ago, the 2019 Haversian M6 was put on the market.

Upgrade does not increase price, still 60 thousand and 6!

Let the original cost value go up to another level.

The selling price is 66 thousand yuan.

Over the past 5 years, the loan amount has been as low as 43 yuan.

At the same level, the more affordable 15 thousand full package will go home.

Cool exterior and super comfortable space

Simple, practical interior and configuration.

The combination of security system and efficient gold power combination.

Haff M6 once came to the store, which triggered a fever test drive.

Follow the video of red sister and Tao Ge and Haff M6.

Let's take a look.


Chinese:“超值家用SUV” 哈弗M6,用6.6万为美好生活代言