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The SFC issued a new IPO approval for 4 enterprises, and the amount of financing will be Zhou Xingao within a year.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/10/27

This week, the A share market is in a pattern of bottom up. On Friday, the big indexes rose all over the world. Finally, the stock index rose 0.57%, Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.33%, the SME board index rose 1.97%, and the gem index rose 1.62%. And on Friday night, the SFC also completed its IPO issuance earlier this week.

The number of IPO approvals issued by 4 enterprises has been announced. The number is flat with last week. It is specifically related to China Postal Savings Bank Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as postal bank), Limited by Share Ltd of Chongqing new big Zheng property group, Beijing compass technology development Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai moment Zi Polytron Technologies Inc, and no disclosure of financing amount. But it is based on postal banks' four major domestic identities, and it is intended to make a public offering of no more than 5 billion 172 million shares (no more than 6% of the total share capital after the issuance of A shares) at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and its closing price of HK $4.98 per share on the 25 day of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing. It is also foreseeable that the IPO financing pattern of this batch is likely to exceed twenty billion yuan, which will set a new high of one week in the year.

Postal bank, looking back on its IPO trip, has been quite smooth, which is comparable to Unicorn enterprises and green channel enterprises in poor areas. In June 28th of this year, the bank was jointly underwritten by CICC and China Post securities, which made IPO pre disclosure, officially opened the trip to A, and then less than 4 months later, in October 15th, it was arranged by the SFC to make IPO pre disclosure updates. Then, after 9 days, it was scheduled to be audited on IPO in October 24th, and now it has got IPO approval on the 25 th.

It is also related to postal bank's strong strength and popularity that it can go through the IPO level quickly. Although postal bank was established in 2007 only after it was separated from the postal system, it relies on the accumulation of the postal system in the early years. It has already gained high popularity and good reputation in the hearts of the masses. In this half year report, the total assets of postal banks have reached 1 trillion and 10 billion yuan.

In 2015, Ma Huateng's Tencent, UBS, JP Morgan, Temasek and other super famous companies became strategic investors. In September 2016, when IPO landed on the Hongkong stock exchange, the Li Jiacheng family attracted more than HK $10 billion 800 million to subscribe.

Today, postal banks rush through customs A shares and get IPO approvals, which will help companies increase their valuations. Investors like Ma Huateng's Tencent, UBS and Li Jiacheng family will benefit from the above mentioned valuation.

However, for A share market investors, I am afraid there is not much interest in postal bank's landing at the moment. Although getting IPO approval is not immediately issued, it is not far away. Previously, the Zhejiang Merchants Bank, which was originally scheduled to purchase online and online in October 24th, has been shocked by the A share market factor and its fund-raising of more than ten billion. In October 23rd, it suddenly announced that the issue was postponed to mid November, and the market was relieved. What is unexpected now is that the last billion dollar financing giant is still on the arrow, and immediately ushering in a shock that can raise more than twenty billion of the artillery. This scene really disappointed investors.

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