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God rewards the diligence, rewards the good, rewards the humanity, and rewards the business.

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"Heaven rewards diligence, honest reward, business road reward letter, industry road reward essence". It is the most classical expression of Chinese traditional philosophy. He who gains his marrow can not only be alone but also help the world.

Heaven rewards men

"Heaven's reward for diligence" is quoted in the book "Zhouyi", "heaven is strong, gentlemen strive for self-improvement" and "Shang Shu" "Heaven rewards diligence", which shows that diligence reverses the true meaning of life.

Zeng Guofan was a famous minister in the Qing Dynasty. His thought and cultivation were also good for the future generations, but his talent was not high. When he was young, he studied at home. A gentleman on the bridge lurked his family, hoping that Zeng Guofan would get some benefits after he went to bed. But wait and wait. I read the article over and over again. The thief was furious. He jumped out and said, "what kind of book do you read at this level?" Recite the article immediately and go away.

Zeng Guofan did not have a glass heart. He was still diligent and eager to learn. And the clever gentleman on the beam was lost in the long history.

Genuine reward

"Authentic reward is good" comes from the book of changes in the Zhouyi, "the land is Kun, and the gentleman carries the virtues".

In the spring and Autumn period, Zhao Dun saw a man starving to death in yam sang and gave him food. The hungry man only ate half of it. Zhao Dun asked him why. The hungry man said he wanted to leave the food to his mother. Zhao Dun pity his filial piety, let him eat freely, and prepare a basket of rice and meat for him.

Later, Jin Ling Gong attacked Zhao Dun. In the struggle, a Jinling Gong warrior suddenly struck a blow and rescued Zhao Dun. Zhao Dun asked why he did this. He replied, "I am the hungry man in Yosun." When Zhao Dun asked his name again, the samurai would not retreat. The name of the hungry warrior. It is one of the famous chivalrous men in the spring and Autumn period.

Commercial road reward letter

"Business road reward letter" comes from the Analects of Confucius, "people do not believe in no faith", which reflects integrity and business.

Hu Xueyan, a merchant of red roof, was promoted by officials and was promoted by officials. Even after the devastating blow of his business empire, his pharmacy has been standing still until today.

The reason lies in the fact that at the beginning of his store, he established the foundation of "honesty" and sold the drugs to the real price. For example, there is a kind of medicine called "Jin Lu pill", which produces more than 30 kinds of deer. In order to ensure the quality of raw materials, Hu opened up a deer farm to ensure the quality of raw materials.

Industry reward

"The industry pays attention to the essence", Han Yu's "Jin Xue Jie" is "diligence in diligence and waste in play". It reveals that diligent study and hard work, and advanced skills.

When Wang Xianzhi was seven or eight years old, he studied calligraphy with his father, Wang Xizhi. Once I asked my father for his calligraphy tips. Wang Xizhi pointed to the 18 large water tanks in the yard and solemnly said, "the secret of writing is in these water tanks. After you finish writing the 18 cylinders of water, you will know."

Wang Xianzhi persevered in his diligent study and hard work, and finally wrote 18 cylinders of water. His calligraphy accomplishments not only inherited his father's practice, but also created a new generation of weather.

To sum up, "Heaven rewards diligence, authentic reward, commercial reward, and industry reward" is the most classical expression of Chinese traditional philosophy. He who gains his marrow can not only be alone but also help the world.

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