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The "reliable maker" in the "new power making car", AI Chi U5 listing

motivo_mag @ 2019/12/23

"Users do not pay for entrepreneurs' feelings, they only choose for their own product experience. "


The new term "new power building" has swept the Chinese consumer market a few years ago. It has become a synonym for the "very cool, gorgeous" automobile industry. New kinds of new car manufacturers have sprung up like mushrooms. According to incomplete statistics, there are even hundreds of new car manufacturers. However, over the past few years, when the boom began to recede, the cold wave came unconsciously. Many of them faced difficulties or even entered vital nodes, and only a few of them remained normal.



AI Chi car is one of the more unusual members, not so many colorful gimmicks, there is no incomparable shouting feelings, but relying on a group of deep and solid car hardworking, from 2016, step by step steadily developed to today, and finally launched the first model U5. In the so-called chest, there are mountains and hills, and horses are vibrating mountains. This intelligent electric vehicle, which is affectionately called "the first child" by AI Chi people, condenses the details accumulated by these entrepreneurs in traditional car companies, and is keen to explore the trend of automobile development.



U5 launched

Hainan, Wanning. The first A+ high-end and pure electric SUV, U5, is officially launched and launched on a global scale. A total of 4 new models have been launched, and the price will be 19.79-29.21 yuan after subsidy. As the quality work made by AI Chi car in the past three years, AI Chi U5 has deep knowledge of car manufacturing and excellent virtue, and enables users to participate in the creation of a better experience to create a better life.


U5 price after full subsidy:

U5 PRO+ 292 thousand and 100 yuan

U5 PRO 247 thousand and 900 yuan

U5 ING+ 222 thousand and 100 yuan

U5 ING 197 thousand and 900 yuan


Super user night

Fu Qiang, co founder and President of the car, co founder and CEO Gu Feng, as well as legendary engineer "father of Audi Quattro", Mr. Roland Gumpert, chief product officer of the car company, presented a story of "30 years, 3 cities and 3 people" about the time and space of car making.


Since its birth, it has inherited the Chengde line gene, has a German lineage of R & D and manufacturing, a rigorous verification standard for the standard German car, and built the German industrial 4 smart factory manufacturing system, combined with the global top supply chain, and built a high end quality comparable to the German standard.


If the German gene is the true color of AI Chi, then internationalization is the inevitable result of the German gene. U5, which is built in accordance with German quality, is also in line with the requirements of European users. On the issue of internationalization, the global R & D system of AI Chi has built solid foundation and technical quality for U5. Accumulative test of 4 million kilometers and 10000 working conditions lasted for 53 days, running across 12 countries in Asia and Europe, driving 15022 kilometers, setting up the Guinness world record for driving distance of electric vehicles (prototype vehicles). The European Union vehicle type certification issued by T V group of Rhine, Germany, has given the reliable quality assurance of U5. Fu Qiang said: "In this storm caused by the Internet, China is well deserved to become a storm eye with its world's largest user scale and application scale. The "new four modernizations" of automobiles have taken the lead in China. The vision of AI Chi is not only in Europe, but also in China. It is the dream of AI Chi car to take the world's quality products to the world. "At present, in Munich, St. Gallen, Germany, Ingolstadt, and Aalborg, Denmark have completed their U5 cards.


In the past 30 years, Mr. Roland Gumpert has witnessed the important moment of China's automobile industry from closed to open, from weak to strong, to intelligent development. As one of the soul members of the core team of AI Chi, he brought his 50 years of car experience and the ultimate pursuit of German quality to China to inject a better car building concept into the development of AI Chi car. In addition, AI Chi automobile has inherited the vehicle genes from the German department. It has brought together a large number of professional engineers and core technical teams from the global automotive field. The realization of AI Chi U5 from the supply chain end, modeling design, technology research and development, to manufacturing processes has the creative support of the German engineering team.


The 4 super intelligence factory of German industry, built jointly by SIEMENS and Germany, adopts a set of German standard system, which runs through product R & D, production and life cycle quality control. It has the system standard that integrates the mainstream quality of the global automotive industry. AI Chi will always use the most reliable hard core strength to give users the most steadfast U5 accompany.


Good trip

AI Chi motor is an intelligent travel service company deeply involved in the transformation of the automotive industry and the transformation of the new four modernizations. As its first mass production vehicle, U5 is a collection of love core technology. It combines sports and practicality perfectly. It creates excellent quality with deep foundation. It brings you a new generation of quality SUV.


Entrepreneurship requires passion and feelings, and what is needed is the ability and action to transform feelings into reality. Looking up at the starry sky, it looks very beautiful, and down-to-earth needs to move forward one step at a time. Gu Feng said at the press conference: "We understand the pain of traditional fuel vehicles from products to services, and we know that traditional fuel cars can not provide users with experience. Based on a deep understanding of user needs, we can redefine products, rapid iterative technology, continuous upgrading services, and innovative business models, so as to truly solve problems from the user perspective. This is the underlying logic of the existence of the car. "


Safety is the lowest demand of users, and it is also the most important and eternal topic in the automotive industry. At the beginning of the design of the product, AI Chi runs the design of user safety throughout, and carries out the sandwich structure patent battery pack, which is the first in the field of battery safety. The information security and the letter are together to build a three-dimensional integrated security system, and form a global security protection system with the main / passive safety, so that users can feel the safety of U5 when they feel it.



Long endurance and convenient charging are the most important concerns and concerns of EV users. AI Chi U5's battery energy density 181Wh/kg, on the base of NEDC 503 km long mileage, and then provide a pre installed, also rented vehicle mobile charging treasure can extend 120 km of life demand.


In addition, AI Chi built the smart energy ecosystem with "5AI", and put forward different solutions for different charging scenarios. Apart from private piles, it has covered 100 thousand + effective public charging pile resources nationwide, and the first fully automated intelligent charging robot technology has been called "pile searching for cars" through a key call. To achieve the demand, set up, provide on demand, change space with space, and change time with space, so as to achieve a truly low-cost and efficient charging scenario solution.


AI Chi also created a deep customization of intelligent cockpit and software and hardware creation space for U5. In the cockpit space, there are several open interface platforms, which are designed by users to choose their own personal quality components, and the personality space of users is DIY.

Car life

Adhering to the brand new heart that does not give users any trouble, AI Chi motor has released the "Nuo road" service brand during the Guangzhou motor show this year, providing users with a series of vehicle protection and services. With "intelligent and full scene" as the driving force, the service penetrates into every scene in the process of user's car.



AI Chi has rebuilt the automotive industry chain with intelligence and digitalization. AI Chi has built the new 1-1-4-0 intelligent operation system through the big data platform and offline channels, and achieved 0 distance contacts with users. Through all inclusive activities, ubiquitous services, all the time reveals, providing meticulous travel service.


In the exploration of new retail channels, AI Chi adopts the channel mode of marketing service separation, online and offline integration, and stock resource integration. On-line: Using APP platform and third party business platform, a multi touch and multi-channel network matrix is established. Below the line: AI chi through the factory direct camp and channel partners join together, effectively revitalize the social stock resources. With the help of online and offline dual channel car buying experience, AI Chi turned the past "people looking for shop" into "shop for people". Let users travel life, always have me (love chi) in!


"Ai Chi U5, I am here" is not only a slogan, but also a brand promise that "I am at your ease" conveyed to consumers through reliable products and intimate service. Facing the future, AI Chi motor will continue to deepen the field of electrodynamics and intellectualization in two major areas, deeply understand the needs of users, and strive to become the most trusted and deeply involved intelligent travel service providers in the new era.