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It is the tragedy of our age to scold Yuan Longping.

SouthReviews @ 2019/10/20

Ever since Mr. Yuan Longping was awarded the medal of the Republic of 90, the number of people who swore at him suddenly became less.

There are two kinds of people who criticize or even abuse the old man before. One is to play the banner of any faction, and consciously can act as "the interests of the masses". It is said that hybrid rice is actually genetically modified, so Yuan Longping is poisoning the Chinese; the other is not yet tall enough to have a pie, but a few mediocre people who are keen on right and wrong. Some of them are staring at people in leisure time, and scolding people whenever they get the chance. For example, Yuan Longping toured the luxury car many years ago and was "scolded to fly up".

All of a sudden, the lean old man Yuan Longping stood behind a strong man. "Righteous" people were all scattered, washed and slept.

A mediocre person is not worth refuting. Yuan Longping has been rumor that there are many luxury cars, many mansions, even if there are, then what? In some people's eyes, Yuan Longping can never move the idea of buying a luxury car, but it is also these people who change objects, and they will say that money is earned by others.

What really worries is those who say hybrid rice is genetically modified and Yuan Longping poisons Chinese.

Yuan Longping has repeatedly analyzed and responded that hybrid rice is not genetically modified. Without discussing scientific issues here, it is these people's favorite moral judgments that want to talk about: how can they poison Chinese people?

Chinese history without history

China has five thousand years history, but Hagel said China has no history. "The history of China has no history in essence, it is just the repeated repetition of the destruction of the sovereign. No progress can come from it. "

He did not know enough about China. He did not do enough homework as a foreign Sinologist such as the Kyoto School and Fei Zhengqing and Joseph Needham. Besides the simple dynasties, he found that culture, thought and system changed from time to time.

However, Hagel's words are not without reason. The political revolution merely overthrew the regime and did not completely transform the social base. From the Shang Dynasty to the 1911 Revolution, China's history is indeed the history of the political revolution cycle.

Malthus, a British economist, has analyzed briefly an important feature of the agricultural society: the grain has increased exponentially, while the population has increased exponentially. Population theory, published in 1798, said: "population growth exceeds food supply, which will lead to a reduction in food per capita, and the weakest will starve to death."

Even in ancient times, hunger had not been completely resolved. Political stability, agricultural technological progress, and new farmland being reclaimed will increase food supply. Because there is no modern industry, the surplus grain can neither be stored for a long time nor be transformed into other value carriers. The only way to make use of it is to produce more people to consume it. As a result, the rapid growth of the population has finally surpassed the carrying capacity of the land.

When there is a problem of political governance, excessive exploration of the people, or a large area of disasters, the problem of food shortage will be highlighted. In other words, it is overpopulation. In any way, we must eliminate part of the population, which is determined by material conditions. The political revolution is the result of the most violent way of war.

In addition to the intrigue within the ruling class, almost every success and unsuccessful violent political revolution are related to hunger.

At the turn of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the late Han Dynasty, the late Tang Dynasty, the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, it was called the four little ice age in history. The little ice age means that the climate is too cold for crops to grow and people have no food to eat. So these four little ice ages correspond to the tragic political revolution. In the first three times, the population decreased by 80%, and the last time, that is, in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, the population was halved. The proportion of the population was reduced slightly, because the cold resistant crops such as corn, sweet potatoes and potatoes were imported into China before that.

In addition to these four little ice ages, peasant wars and dynastic changes are going on in large and small scale. Every time they add a sentence to the history books: "the land is full of desolation, starvation everywhere, people eat." There are altogether 113 such records from the Yao and Shun dynasties to the Qing Dynasty. We pride ourselves on the most concentrated Han and Tang Dynasties, 15 times in the Han Dynasty and 20 in the Tang Dynasty.

The Tang Dynasty in the glass wine is not the "smell of wine and meat, but the road is frozen to death."

Because of hunger, at the end of the Tang Dynasty peasant uprising, Huang Chao's military grain was once mainly human flesh. Before the attack, they slaughtered everywhere, pickling the bodies of men and women in salt, and setting out in cars. They also invented a huge stone mill, grinding human flesh into meat and making dry food for soldiers to carry and preserve. Such a history can not be read, but the history books can not be avoided.

Two more recent examples. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement lasted for 14 years, and the population decreased from 430 million to 230 million. In the Republic of China, there was a total of 38 years, and 200 million people died unusually, most of them died of hunger. Leighton Stuart, the US ambassador to China in the Republic of China, said that before 1949, 300 to 7 million people died of hunger every year in China.

This is not just an idiom. It is witnessed by the common people in China in the past.

China's vegetation is the world's most fated and the greatest vegetation, because grass roots and bark are often eaten up. A tree without bark, a rootless grass, a weak man.

Advise Yuan Longping to scold him

Chinese people emphasize history, so disasters and wars that have occurred since their writing have been vividly reflected in numbers.

A famous scholar has combed the death figures brought about by wars and disturbances in history. But in the end, when exploring the revelation of these historical records, the reason is attributed to "what hatred is there?"

This is ignorance of the phenomenon.

The slaughter in history is not because of hatred, but because of hunger. No food to eat, the uprising uprising, get up to grab food for others. In short, in those years, people will be eliminated by food shortage, rather than being eliminated. When hunger is plaguing tens of millions or even billions of people, all cultural and moral dogmas will become invalid. Human society will soon become an animal world, even worse than it, and become a hell on earth.

In ancient times, Jiangshan was also known as the "community", the society is the land, and the grain is the grain. This word directly tells us that the governance of the past dynasties is, in the final analysis, how to solve the problem of human eating.

According to Hagel's methodology, China has "had a history" since the revolution of 1911. After 54, the social revolution beyond the political revolution has become the consensus of the whole nation. The establishment of a state power which is completely different from the past state is the common pursuit of people of lofty ideals. Such a state power is ultimately represented by People's Republic of China.

With "history", the problem of eating is still a top priority. It continues to perplex the Chinese people. Hunger is not far away from social change. The shadow of starvation is still hanging over the Chinese.

When the founding of new China was founded in 1949, then US Secretary of state Acheson predicted that China had a large population, and the governments of all dynasties, including the Kuomintang government, did not solve the Chinese eating problem, which was the reason for their failure. Similarly, the Communist regime will not solve the problem of Chinese eating, and it will surely collapse. This is probably the originator of China's collapse theory under the new conditions.

Decades later, the Chinese declared that 21% of the world's population would be raised by less than 9% of the world's land. From the big line, this is mainly due to the transformation of production relations brought about by social changes, which has promoted the development of productive forces, and behind this highly general description is the self strengthening struggle of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and one of the most important factors is the research and practice that scientists like Yuan Longping devoted all their lives to. Of course, the agricultural scientist who made outstanding contributions is not only one of Yuan Longping, but only one field of breeding has countless people working hard, and the continuous improvement of pesticide, fertilizer and machinery.

It is these scientists who helped China get rid of the Malthus trap completely. When Yuan Longping accepted CCTV interview, he confidently said that the situation of starving many people in the past would never happen.

The problem of starvation has been solved, and the surplus support for industrialization has been provided, and the state can be strong enough to be beaten again, and the people will have more chances to survive. Fate will no longer be dominated by the land.

It is sad to say nothing about "a hero without knowing what to cherish." at least he can't take a bowl of white rice and put down his chopsticks and scold Yuan Longping. Today is easy to live, social pluralistic, free and abundant, many people have enough time to criticise and complain everything, but don't forget, some people can easily live, willful curse, and Yuan Longping related.


Li Shaowei, deputy editor in chief of Nan Feng window, author.

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