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A man has a bad idea. He will always hide himself in the circle of friends.

vtaiciv @ 2020/06/28

When a man has other ideas about women, his unusual performance is very obvious. Women can only easily remember the following points by remembering the following points.

1, often send some emotional pieces.

As we all know, men are creatures who are not good at expressing themselves. Their love for women is often not expressed in words, but more in action. So when they begin to send some feelings about the language in their circle of friends, women should pay attention to it. You think that what he wrote may be related to you. Actually, he wants to hint his thoughts to other women through a circle of friends.

2, some friends circle is restricting your visit.

Sometimes or often you can't see the update of his circle of friends, but his cell phone often has the ringing of news. At this time women should be careful to observe. Because this time may mean that he has something to hide from you. He has blocked some friends circles for you or more people, not because he doesn't make friends, and because there are some things you can't tell! What is the specific thing, I believe your heart is very clear.

3, do not issue a circle of friends about you.

Before you went out to play with him or eat delicious food together, he would take pictures and show up in his circle of friends. But now the photo is taken, that is, there is no update on your circle of friends. You suspect that he may be tired or forgotten, but the opposite is true. He just didn't want to give it up because he had a bad mind. He doesn't want others to know your relationship with him. He may even have sent out friends circles elsewhere, but you don't know yet.

4, secretly use your mobile phone to carry you.

After returning home, he always puts his cell phone carefully on his side. Moreover, whether it is incoming call or short message, he will take the first time and check it alone, and the reply message will be silent. Sometimes the phone rings, not to be heard in front of a woman's face, but to a place where you can't see it, to hold your voice and answer the phone. This shows that his heart is full of concealment to you. At this time, his careful thought was revealed very clearly.

Therefore, men should not have such a careful thought, because women's sensitivity is very high. Once a woman finds out your careful thoughts, she will lose both sides.