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Gou Ma was chained to the railings in the field, but he was still feeding 6 puppies.

mczys001 @ 2019/12/07

Motherly love is perhaps the greatest love in the world. No matter human or animal. A dog in Ireland recently touched many netizens. There was a passer-by who heard strange noises on the grass when he passed through a field. Passerby Listening to the voice and finding it all along, it was a shock to see the scene in front of us.

In front of passers-by is A dog was tied to a railing by a chain. Because the chain is too short, it can hardly move. While in In the arms of the dog, 6 puppies are drinking milk. There's no food next to the dog. I don't know how long it has been tied up here. It was thin and skinny, but still insisted on feeding the baby.

The passers-by immediately called the local homeless animal rescue organization and then waited. Soon the staff rushed over because it was still raining. The mother of a dog keeps shaking. It is afraid of mankind. The staff had to shelter the rain before feeding it.

Then? Smoothly untied the chain, the mother and 6 puppies were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Encounter such a thing, All the rescuers and the hospital feel angry. The people who abuse them are also not human beings. But luckily, In addition to malnutrition, dog mothers have no other diseases. And The 6 puppies had been drinking milk and had no health problems. The staff gave the dog mother and puppy a lovely name respectively.

Then 7 dogs. They were sent to the hospice where they would be better taken care of. 。 The mother of the dog was not so frightened at first, but became very fond of sticking people. Now the staff will The information of all 7 dogs was registered on the Internet, waiting for the relatives to become their owners. 。 At the same time, I warn people again that even if you do not want to raise a dog, you will also have to Please do not abandon them. They are also one or even several lives. Arranging them at least, such as sending them to shelters, is better than killing them.

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