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Do you know any strange little knowledge that is useless?

douban @ 2020/06/26

Asimov said: "human beings are animals with more useless knowledge and more happiness."
Today, I would like to recommend a small knowledge distribution center for you???
As long as you feel strange, interesting knowledge can be in [ Strange knowledge increases. Let's share it with you.
Cold knowledge Chinese style Thermal knowledge Chinese style Come and go.
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Welcome to join together to find a source of happiness and see which stamp is in your knowledge blind spot.

So is the crab's eyelash real??????

Floor owner: Grl

I'm his meow?

There was such a big rabbit!

Landlord: don't want to be lonely, just want to cool.

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Jesus feel like a leg coming and I will be knocked out.

Let's guess what this is!

Landlord: order
I first thought it was a little Daisy... And I never thought of it!

Are you still the potato on the Daming Lake?!

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Grape flavor

There is a folk saying on our side: potato blossom and peony.

Why is "kitchen down" and "toilet"?

Landlord: I am beautiful.
Because there are five lines in ancient China, the five rows correspond to five directions, and the ancient architecture is very particular. The general toilets should be built in the east of the north, and the kitchen is built to the south.

The ancients believed that the northern water, the East, and the toilets were built in the northeast, which was good for farming. The south is prosperous, so southeast is the place to build kitchens.

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@ dog egg

Why buy things instead of buying north and south?

It's a word!

Floor owner: ah Zhu
It turned out to be a word! I mean, why do they always send this symbol?

Cats sweat.

Floor owner: Tosto
I only know that cats dissipate heat through meat mats, but I never expected cats to sweat.
I play cat games with cats every day. Usually the cat's meat cushion is light pink, but after the exercise, the color of the cat pad will be deeper and redder, and you will feel a bit damp when you touch it.

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@ bear boy

At the thought of its sweat, the meat pad had some flavor at once.

This is the effective way to test the feet.

Landlord: a silly white
Your feet are as long as your arms.
It's really that long.

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@ mash glutinous rice dumplings without sugar

I tried, really, amazing

@ administrator

And arm length is height.


It seems that half of the waistline is around the neck.

The landlords still have so many words.

Floor owner: Sonya
I say why the other side always sends some boring things.

To pour tea is to bomb, MMGG must be opposite, do not quarrel, do not quarrel, do not quarrel, do not explode, make friends, be Shun Zi, do not go to a decisive battle until dawn, do not go first, I still have bombs. Goodbye, I will miss you all, I will finish the cards!

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@ the quack

Looking at the landlord, I seem to have fought for more than 20 years.

There really is a word "Jiao".

Floor owner: chirp and chirp
And it reads four! 123!

Mt Fuji, Japan is private.

Landlord: Double milk cover thanks

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@ melon

Who can make Mt Fuji private by love?

Do you know cats only mew with humans?

Goubuli: assile
Cats usually call their cats meow, but they are not. Cats only mew when they communicate with humans.

Meow meow is invented by cats to communicate with humans. Cats do not meow. I have two cats in my house. I find that they use a bird like sound to communicate with each other.

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@ swindler

Yes, when my cat came to my house, she wouldn't shout at all. She would just open her mouth and utter a hardly heard voice. I thought she was a dumb, especially loving her, and she was meowing with her every day. Then one day, she found that she was also mew. When she was vaccinated, the doctor said she could not speak out at that time because she could not hear the voice of the milk cat and cat mother, and later she could not hear it. Meow is just a response to you, giving you a sense of accomplishment.

Animals actually reproduce by sex.

Floor owner: Miss_S
The grouper's sex can be changed. A grouper usually judges its sex by the ratio of male to female in the sea area. If the females become more males, the females become females. It can also take turns to spawn... It shocked me?????????
It is said that the blue grouper living in the Florida sea can even change 5 times a day!!!

The commentaries said that many fish were like this, and then I went to check it. That's true.
Monopterus albus can also be denatured. The Monopterus albus begins with a female. It will gradually become male after laying eggs, because the Monopterus albus has two reproductive systems at birth, but only the ovary develops at the early age, after the oviposition, the ovary begins to develop and then degenerate. Unlike grouper, the degeneration of Monopterus albus is irreversible.
Red snapper and red snapper are generally gregarious and polygamous. A red snapper "family" usually consists of a male fish and more than ten twenty female fish. If the male fish dies, then one of the strongest females becomes a male fish. Is it probably the operation that the emperor has lost the Queen's denaturation and sits on the harem???

There are about three hundred or four hundred species of hermaphroditism found in nature. Such as red bream, grouper, herring, clown fish, clean fish, sea bass, Monopterus albus and so on.

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@ unknown (o).

So grouper is the real right?

Countries that can rent

Landlord: BTS busy inside - Cui Zhixiu
Liechtenstein, the only country to rent in the world
Liechtenstein made a strange decision in April 2011: anyone willing to pay is able to rent the whole country at 70 thousand dollars per night for two nights to become the "temporary king" of the country.
The temporary king will receive a symbolic key at the ceremony to enjoy the red wine from the prince's private cellar in Liechtenstein, take part in skiing activities, and overlook the ancient castle of Vaduz Castle standing on the hillside. Other optional activities include sledding, watching fireworks and touring Vaduz, capital, and carriages.
What the king can do, as long as you have money, can be achieved here. Of course, remember to make an appointment ahead of time.

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@ @

What needs to be done after getting rich? +1

Polar bear's hair is not white!!! Skin is not!!

Landlord: nuts
Polar bear's hair is not white!!!
It's transparent!!!
The skin is black!!!

The skin is black.

The hair is transparent.

About flowers?? - Clivia is fond of oil.

Landlord: Doppler effect
If your Clivia leaves are glossy, not blooming or emaciated... In fact, you only need to give it a spoon. The old oil of your range hood.
Lard is also very suitable for Clivia. The effect of vegetable oil is not good without lard and fume exhauster. The principle flower grower didn't tell me, nor did I understand.
Very serious! Very serious! Very serious! Pro test effective! Pro test effective! Pro test effective! I know you must be very wonderful. I was shocked when I heard the flower growers tell me the first time. After that, he really fiddled for a year. Clivia did not fade.
The specific operation is to dig a spoonful of oil into its soil and not concentrate on one root, evenly dispersed and slightly watered. If the frequency is taken, it will be enough for her to absorb the oil once a year.
The next step is to witness miracles.

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Thank you! Then tell my mother!

The king of sheep and sheep

I will! Crab can also be!!!! The old oil in the lampblack machine is very good for the suitable plants. However, we must go to search and find out whether it is suitable to put it again, otherwise plants will die easily.

Pineapple can not be eaten with milk.

Landlord: old Panda
I woke up hungry and thirsty at 3:09. I got up and chewed a pineapple and drank a bag of milk.
Then I had a hard mouth. I went to search and knew that the two could not eat together, they would have diarrhea. At present, I am suffering from a tummy in my bed.

It's best to have an hour's interval when eating.

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@ solo hugged

Yesterday, I ate pineapple and drank milk. Now I sit on the toilet and look at this article. My heart is five flavours.

@ a cat

Every time I drink milk and fruit, I will think about whether there is such a taste of milk products, such as banana milk, but no pineapple milk, so pineapple and milk can not be eaten together, can bananas??

Follow the law

Persimmon can't be with milk! I didn't know what to lose before.

@ swindler

Papaya doesn't seem to be able to. Papain can decompose proteins and produce bitter peptides. So if papaya and high protein foods are to be eaten together, I will cook papaya.

The glue of chicken soup is actually...

The beautiful girl is beautiful.
It's a fish bubble!!!

I always thought of what Chinese herbal medicine is for beauty.

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@ Mocha, Mocha

Do you know that donkey hide gelatin is donkey skin?????????


Then add a point of knowledge. The glue has been used as an adhesive before, especially the bow piece. The traditional process is to glue horns and chips with glue.

@ cancelled.

Yes, Bi (o) is the place where fish breathe and exchange air. Common fish swim bladder is often seen in the vegetable market, and its taste is tough and tough.

There's no cantaloupe, but what do you want to eat?

Floor owner: Aspirin

Eat an apple and eat a cucumber. Chew it together to see if it tastes cantaloupe.

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@ energy Picacho

We used to have a cold dish, that is, the mixture of cucumber and apple wire, which is the taste of Hami melon. If you like sweet, you can add some sugar.

Soybeans and soybeans are the same thing. Who knows?

Landlord: apricot blossom Gardenia

I only recently learned that the green green soya beans become soybeans when they are old. They are the same thing. I can't believe it! The beans are so tender and the soybeans are so tough.

Confucius's surname

Landlord: Lucky food

Confucius, surname, Zi Kong, named Qiu, Zhong Zhong Ni.

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Cold knowledge: Zi Si is Confucius's grandson.

Flies rub their hands because they want to keep their sense of taste.

Landlord: pray for rain

Flies eat with their hands and have residual food residue. Rub them off before eating.

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@ turn OK long winded powder

This is like what I will do.

@ chestnut seed

I always thought I was going to eat, rubbing my hands with excitement.

Jiang Xiaopang to cheer on

It was because I had to wash my hands after dinner. It was a clean child.

It turns out that when people fall asleep, they have no sense of smell.

Landlord: cilia Cecilia
Today I saw that people didn't smell when they were sleeping.
So there is often news that people are drowned in the fire when they are asleep, because even if the smoke is choking, people can not smell it.
So terrible! So remember to turn off the kitchen gas and power before going to bed.
Sleeping here is "deep sleep"!
Moreover, deep sleep deprived of "active olfaction".
If it is a familiar smell and has established some nerve connections / reactions, the brain may also react after sleep, which is a "passive olfactory sense".
When you sleep, you have the most sensitive sense of hearing, the second sense of touch, the vision again (so the bright morning light can wake us up) and the sense of smell is the most.

So a lot of the "wake up" of the smell may also be heard. For example, if you put a fart, if the voice is too loud, you may wake up.?

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@ Harry classmate

Therefore, the smell of food that I wrote in my primary school composition is waking up.


I think there are two possibilities: 1, during the light sleep period, there are still some olfactory reservations, so I can smell them. The 2 is actually "listening". Deep sleep is a completely closed smell, but hearing is more aroused, so listening is more sensitive.

The capital of the three provinces is almost in a straight line.

Landlord: new name deficiency

Bean friends review

@ @ @

Dalian is also on this line.

Name of beard in different parts

Now, listen to the rain.
The upper lip is moustache (Zi).
The lower lip is called Tiao (four tones).
The cheek is bearded (ran two tones).
The chin is called the fold (BI four).

Don't you know which one? Yam

Bean friends review

@ Lee DD

A beard is not called a moustache.

The nostrils work in shifts.

Landlord: Ice Latte
When nostrils breathe, they do not breathe in and out at the same time.
Instead, only one of them is working, and another 3 or 4 hours later.

Am I the last one to know? Ha ha ha.

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God knows, after all, the whole person is not feeling good. It will not breathe.

How old is the eye at birth, or how old it is, but the nose and ears are long.

Floor owner: $A0

So stop imagining that your eyes will grow bigger.

Bean friends review

@ and cats

If you gain weight, your eyes will become smaller and thinner.

@ really?

It's sad.

There were still difficult to comb hair syndrome.

Floor owner: Miss Bu's life

The original throw the express label with a fire!

Floor owner: Light breeze and light cloud

Family members pay more attention to personal information security. Every time they receive the courier, they tell me to destroy the address and name telephone.
I usually use the pen to blacken, but sometimes I can't help it. At this time, eighteen Wu Yi went to battle. What scissors were chopped and broken with wallpaper knives and torn into pieces and thrown into different bags.

Today, I just realized that when I used a little bit of fire to burn the label, I could not see the message clearly. Don't tell me that I was the last one to know.

Someone in the building suggested toilet water and alcohol. I tried it. It was really good. For non-smokers, lighters are not easy to get. (like me)
The toilet water is sauce purple, cool!
The alcohol was almost finished, but when I tried it, I had a small wound on my finger. So I didn't remember to take pictures.
To sum up, the method of destroying the order is destroyed. Personally, I am sure that the toilet water is safe and effective. Alcohol and lighter match side by side.
In addition, the effect of the garbled chapter in the building is pretty good. I haven't seen it at hand. I haven't tried it yet. It should feel good too.

Some people think about the hair dryer, ha ha ha ha ha, you are so outstanding?

Why do sea otters sleep hand in hand?

Floor owner: Loyal to the motherland and Ye Shuhua

Sea otters like to float on the water hand in hand when they sleep, because they may be washed away by water when they are sleeping. If they do not pull their hands, they will easily disperse, and they will not find a little buddy when they wake up.

Do you know any strange little knowledge?
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My mother enrolled in driving license, and after a operation, she became a driving instructor.

What gentle and lovely things have your father done?

In your youth, what have you done to remember your whole life?

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