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In summer season, these plants grow more and more beautiful. ~

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After Xiaoman, the footsteps of midsummer became more frequent. Everything tests the endurance of plants in the sun. When the temperature exceeds 35, even the drought resistant and good growing rose can't move. Therefore, during the summer season, we have to grow some plants that are not afraid of heat, such as sunflower, marshmallow, lotus and so on. Now, let's take a look at the pet series. ~

million bells

Pet flowers

Million small bell, also known as the spring flower, Petunia Petunia, is a small flower leaf, rich color, like the full day environment of the ornamental flowers, very easy to open the pot. It is resistant to rain and sunlight, and needs timely replenishment and water spray in summer. It can be opened from April to around October.


Pet flowers

Alum, also known as "red floral", "big Shu", "clod flower" and "straw flower", is a summer and autumn flower with a height of up to two meters and rich in color. In the 5-9 month of the most vigorous days, the rosewood is bright and warm, and it is open to dusk.


Pet flowers

Canna is a tropical flower with tall plants, long leaves, very fond of bright sunshine, no fear of heat, no fear of cold and strong wind. Whether it is potted or ground grown, it can grow well in warm, humid, well ventilated all or half shade environments.


Pet flowers

All the aquatic lotus, including lotus, all like hot, humid and well ventilated whole day environment. The stronger the sunshine, the more beautiful the lotus is. It is worth noting that the lotus is fond of water and is afraid of flooding. The water is thick and rotten leaves. When we are short of water, we must pay attention to replenishment in time, but we should pay attention to the water level.

Sun flower

Pet flowers

Sunflowers are another name for sunflowers and they can not die. They like the big sun very much, and they shine brightly in the summer sun. Once the sun is lacking, the sunflowers will become wilting, as if they have lost enthusiasm and direction.

Chinese trumpet creeper

Pet flowers

"Tiao Hua, it is expensive." Trumpet creeper, also known as violet, claw, and Wisteria flower, is a kind of liana, which is warm, moist and sunny. It is not afraid of sun, nor is it afraid of high temperature. It still shines brightly under the scorching sun.

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