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Eat 2 Cucumis, eat 1 flowers in mid volts, and drink 3 soup at the end! Clearing away heat, dispelling heat and removing dampness, and easiest to fall ill.

FDHealth @ 2019/07/12

In the midsummer of July, it was hard to endure. From today on, it has entered the hottest dog days of the year.

The terrible thing about dog days is not only hot but also stuffy and wet. More frightening is that this year is still extended version, there are 40 days!

First fall: July 12th ~7 21, 10 days.

Mid Fu: July 22nd ~8 10, 20 days.

Last stage: August 11th ~8 20, 10 days.

Prevention of disease and health in dog days Dispelling heat and dampness It's the two major theme. Then, how should we eat in dog days to get rid of the heat and moisture in the body?

Eat 2 melon in early days

Just entering the dog days, heat and humidity attack, the body can not adapt to climate change at any time, will have no appetite, spleen and stomach discomfort. Therefore, the best way to eat these two kinds of melon is to increase appetite and promote digestion.

1. bitter gourd - clearing away heat and reducing fire

It's easy for people to get heatstroke and get angry at high temperatures. Bitter melon taste bitter cold, clearing away heat and detoxification and lowering fire, this time should eat.

Momordica charantia and bitter taste contained in bitter melon can enhance appetite and promote digestion. Moreover, it contains more lipoproteins and rich vitamin C, which can enhance immunity and protect the cardiovascular system.

Cold balsam pear

Practice: Remove bitter gourd into pulp, cut into silk or flake, scald it with boiling water, use cold boiled water again, drain water, and mix with various flavors of cold dishes according to your preference.

Bitter gourd kelp lean meat soup

Material Science: Bitter gourd 500 grams, kelp 100 grams, lean meat 250 grams, salt, MSG the right amount.


First, cut two bitter gourd, cut out the kernel and cut it into pieces. Let the seaweed soak for 1 hours, wash and shred, and cut the lean meat into small pieces.

Put all ingredients in casserole, add proper amount of water, cook until lean meat is thoroughly cooked, seasoning.

Bitter gourd kelp lean meat soup

Material Science: Bitter gourd 500 grams, kelp 100 grams, lean meat 250 grams, salt, MSG the right amount.


First, cut two bitter gourd, cut out the kernel and cut it into pieces. Let the seaweed soak for 1 hours, wash and shred, and cut the lean meat into small pieces.

Put all ingredients in casserole, add proper amount of water, cook until lean meat is thoroughly cooked, seasoning.

2. wax gourd: dispelling heat and eliminating dampness

Wax gourd water content is as high as 96%, extremely low heat, light and easy to digest, is a good product for relieving summer heat and quench thirst.

Moreover, wax gourd is good at clearing away heat and detoxicating, promoting edema and swelling, and it is better to eat it in hot dog days.

Wax gourd cup

Material Science: Coix seed (fried), wax gourd, tangerine peel, lentils, lean meat and Yao Zhu

Practice: Wax gourd dug out the pulp and spare. Wash the other ingredients in the wax gourd and fill it with water. Wrap it in a pot and cook it for 2~3 hours. When the melon is translucent, it can be seasoned and eaten.

White gourd is a good match for meat and meat.

  • Wax gourd + duck Nourishing and nourishing

  • Wax gourd + lean meat Nourishing Yin to supplement deficiency

  • Wax gourd and spareribs Nourishing kidney and nourishing blood, clearing away heat and beautifying face

  • Wax gourd + carp : tonifying spleen and stomach, promoting diuresis and swelling

Some people may say that when it comes to dog days, they want to eat watermelons. But one thing to remind you is:

Do not eat watermelon without restraint in dog days, especially those who are deficient in spleen and stomach. Because watermelon is cold food, eating too much is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.

Zhongfu eats 1 flowers.

As the saying goes, "cold in 39, heat in the middle", the middle is the hottest time, this time is suitable for eating some herbal medicine that solves heat toxin, for example. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is always a "herbal star". It tastes good and cold, and it can clear away heat and detoxify. It is generally suitable for brewing tea.

Honeysuckle tea

Practice: 20 grams of honeysuckle, add a little sugar after boiling water, or directly with boiling water brewing, add honey to adjust.

Adding one thing is very different.

  • Glycyrrhiza uralensis: can be used for summer heat thirst, dry mouth, pharynx, oral ulcers and other diseases.

  • Add chrysanthemum: suitable for liver fire upward attack of swelling and pain, dizziness.

  • Add Hawthorn: it can regulate blood fat and blood pressure.

Five scented tea

Practice: Honeysuckle, kapok, chrysanthemum, Sophora japonica and pueraria lobata, take equal ingredients and decoct water.

Cantonese often drink five scented tea, because the south is humid and hot in summer, while five scented tea can clear away heat and detoxify, relieve summer heat and dampness, cool blood and diuresis, and protect the stomach and intestines. It has a certain effect on preventing wind heat and catching cold, and it can also improve summer mild diarrhea, indigestion, stool and other diseases.

Be careful: Five scented tea is cold and cold. It is not suitable for people with physical deficiency and cold.

Besides eating, honeysuckle can also be used externally.

Rinsing with honeysuckle can improve halitosis caused by chronic oral inflammation. Washing with water can play a certain role in treating eczema, infantile heat furuncle and prickly heat.

Drink 3 soup at last

Throughout the summer, the spleen and stomach have suffered too many fruit and cold drinks for us. Therefore, the last part is to dispel heat and dispel dampness, and to protect the spleen and stomach. These 3 kinds of soup are more suitable.

1. three bean soup -- dispelling heat and dispelling dampness and not damaging spleen

Many people will drink mung bean soup to relieve heat, but mung bean soup is cold and cold. Drinking too much is easy to cause spleen and stomach discomfort, so the last part may be changed to drink three bean soup.

Three bean soup, mung bean heat clearing summer heat, red bean wet, black beans are invigorating the spleen and kidney.

Mung beans and red beans are cold and cool. The addition of black beans plays a coordinating role. Thus, It can clear heat and relieve heat, and it is not easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Material Science: Mung beans, red beans, black beans each 20 grams, sugar amount.


Wash beans and soak in water for half a day.

2. Add three beans into the pot, add 600 ml of water, boil 150~200 ml into small heat, add proper amount of sugar or sugar candy, and eat with bean soup.

2. plum soup - relieving summer heat and promoting digestion

The sour taste of plum can stimulate saliva secretion, produce saliva and quench thirst. Northerners like to drink plum juice in summer to quench thirst and relieve heat.

In addition to promoting body fluid to quench thirst and relieve heat, it is also very effective to promote gastric digestion.

Material Science: Dried black plum, dried Hawthorn each 150 grams, osmanthus, licorice each 50 grams, sugar amount.


(1) dried plum and hawthorn dried with water.

2. Put the boiled plum and dried Hawthorn in the teapot, add osmanthus and licorice. Pour sugar into the boiling water.

3. four spirits soup -- suitable for most people

Many people know that it is necessary to remove dampness in the long summer. No matter 37 or twenty-one, it can be eaten in a single pot. But they are not suitable for themselves. They do not eat dampness or hurt themselves.

  • Hot and humid people, dry mouth bitter, stool sticky, unable to lift the spirit, such people are suitable for eating cool cool coix seed, dandelion, chicken bone grass and so on;

  • Cold wet people, love diarrhea, poor appetite, suitable for eating warm ginger, pepper, orange peel and so on.

But many people can't distinguish themselves from their own constitution, so Xiaobian can give you a choice: choose a more gentle damp food. For example, the four spirits soup. It's not cold or hot. Most people can drink it.

Practice: Poria, Huai Shan, lotus seed and Gorgon fruit each 20 grams or so, cook together.

Let me give you a little summary.

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