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Monitoring data to save distress topics can cloud storage become "good medicine for treatment"?

AFzhan @ 2019/08/23

With the advent of the era of big data, millions of people in the world are producing huge amounts of data. IDC and Seagate, a data storage company, show the digital world from edge to core. By 2025, the total number of new data from the world will increase from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB, and video surveillance video will become the main target. One of the driving forces of growth.

Video Surveillance Storage faces three challenges

With the gradual popularization of large-scale video surveillance network and high-definition surveillance, the monitoring data show blowout growth. According to the current technical regulations and standards, the video surveillance system in general fields needs to be improved. 7 x 24 Hours of data collection, data retention time No less than 30 days. If it involves case clues or other special purposes, the data will last longer.
The huge amount of data is not the only challenge for video surveillance storage. With the continuous development of the national video surveillance system, we need to support multi-channel concurrent storage and meet the needs of data acquisition with higher resolution and more acquisition points on the basis of massive data that needs to be stored. this Storage systems are required to have scalability and high performance.
In addition, these data need to be carried out. Centralized management analysis In order to meet the needs of big data technology in the security industry. And the reality is much more complicated: in the process of phased construction, the city video surveillance system has various brands and models, and the data collection standards have caused great obstacles to storage and invocation.

Cloud storage provides a solution for video surveillance data storage.

Starting from digital storage, the security industry has been paying special attention to storage technology, then, with the rapid growth of video surveillance data, How to reduce storage cost and how to use these data safely and conveniently? Perhaps the answer lies in cloud storage.
Unlike traditional storage devices, cloud storage is a system consisting of network devices, storage devices, application software, servers, access interfaces and so on. With storage devices as the core, it provides customers with data storage and business access through application software. Cloud storage makes enterprises do not need to develop, manage and maintain their infrastructure, significantly reducing the initial cost, and has been gradually applied to security video surveillance business.
data security It is also a problem that the security industry needs to face directly. Cloud storage also has a good performance in this respect. Video surveillance data are distributed on multiple node devices, and important data can also be backups from multiple computer rooms. Even if there are earthquakes, fires or equipment failures, data security can be ensured.
and Extensibility It is also a "masterpiece" of cloud storage, and Kevin Liebl, vice president of marketing at Zadara Storage, once said: "you can get virtually unlimited capacity and generally scalable performance in public clouds."

Insufficient bandwidth: Main problems facing cloud storage

Cloud storage is not perfect, either. The main obstacle is the bandwidth problem. 。 If you choose the cloud as part of the storage strategy, you need to understand the initial large number of data backup and restore the bandwidth limitations of a large number of data storage.
Bandwidth and transmission speed determine the expected time for data migration. This problem is not so important in the case of small amount of data, but bandwidth and time cost are the problems to be considered for massive data generated by video surveillance.

Chinese:监控数据保存遇难题 云存储能否成“治病良药”?