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"Time" awarded hundreds of best inventions in 2019: multi task oven.

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/23

Reference News Network December 19th Report In the first issue of the December 2nd issue of the times, 100 best inventions were identified in 2019, including the multi task oven, the smart oven + Smart (Oven+).

Reported that the intelligent oven has a socket for attachment accessories, so that the home chef can make pizza on the fast heating baking stone, for a four person steamed dishes, do not need to go outside to roast the perfect barbecue. Like many smart home products, this oven allows users to monitor food processing and remote control attachments via smart phone applications or virtual assistants. The touch screen on the oven also provides a variety of recipes. The single and double deck versions of the oven were launched in the spring of 2019, starting at $3199, and the combined version (including microwave oven) will be released in 2020.