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520, to the person I care most about.

znljdyl @ 2020/05/21

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520 the day of the whole nation.

No need for flowery rhetoric.

Three simple words.

I love you!

It's not just a confession.

It is also a responsibility.

Confession of parents, confession of love, and confession of a close friend.

Here is the right thing to do.

All companionship and love

Growing up together,

Speak loudly.

"I love you, thank you for your company."

The happiest feeling of life

It is a warm person who lives in his heart.

Life is the most real moving.

Someone is deeply thinking about you.

The most beautiful words in life

It's not that I love you.

But a person, a heart.

I'll wear you all my life.

Thank you for having one in your life.

When you are wronged, you will be comforted in time.

When you feel lonely, you have to be patient.

When you are strong, you can see through exhaustion.

You can read your heart when you are full of worries.

Because there is love, so there is understanding;

Because there is understanding, so there is pain.

To my parents,

Thank you for raising me.

Gave me life and gave me a whole home.

No matter how beautiful and beautiful I am outside.

Home is always my concern.

Because there are parents in the family.

More strong local accent, homesickness.

To my beloved,

Thank you for your understanding and tolerance.

There is a place where emotions can only be released.

Wind and rain go all the way.

Accompany is the longest confession of love,

Go around for more than ten years.

The only thing left in your heart is still you.

To my friends,

Thank you for coming with me.

Experience the four seasons together and face the wind and rain together.

When I am sad, I will have company with you.

When you are confused, you are enlightened.

My life was suddenly enlightened.

There are more people around me than one who knows me.

To my children,

Thank you for coming.

To my life, it has added endless fun.

Just because of you.

The road ahead is hard. I will persist.

The dream in my heart is far away, I will try my best.

Watching you grow up day by day, I am filled with joy.

To my parents,

Thank you for appearing in my life.

Accompany me one way and another.

Gave me the most real moving, the most beautiful expectations.

In the future, anyway,

Borrow 520 wonderful days.

I hope you will stay together forever.

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