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Become frenzied! Netizens tell us from their personal experience that they must not be able to work with great God skills online.

jianmeow @ 2019/09/27

B-box as a kind of
Imitate with mouth Various rhythms Skills
Because the performance is too cool.
Loved by young people today

Ran geese
Between ideal and reality
It's always separated by a galaxy.
Even the racial black.
Also can not escape the mystery of b-box learning black hole.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This video is my source of happiness today.
Meow, please be sure to see it!

Absolutely unexpected
Seriously study b-box's me
Finally, he lost to a bulldog.

The most humble meow in history

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A kind of

There are pieces, wine and the most interesting soul.

Only laugh, no cry.