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These love stars are looking at you. Integral love is the best thing for you!

xzhome_com @ 2019/07/11

Have you ever heard of scores in examinations? Have you ever heard of scores in love? Yes, integral love has become a good idea for many people nowadays. The other party is angry with 10 points, the other side is aloof and 5 points, the other side gives small gifts plus 5 points... All lovers' performance can be clearly seen in scores. Although many young people have begun to use this method to measure love, they may need this method of love calculation more.


Cancer sensitive and easy to lose sense of security is always a circle of love. On the surface, they seem to be in the clouds. What does he mean? Does he still love me? Did he not love me? In fact, cancer is so entangled with it that it is better to use integral love to clarify the performance record of the other person. Whenever there is doubt, look at this score, add and subtract points, and calculate whether the love is going to continue.


The Virgo with logic and thinking is always entangled in love and perfectionism. It is even more difficult for love to be illusory. It is easy to miss the right person when it comes to the capricious and capricious force. And the performance of each other's score is recorded in the score system, which is well founded and has rules to follow. It can help Virgo better comb emotions. Even if this relationship is not successful, you can also play the introspective characteristics of Virgo, rearrange your scores, deepen your understanding of your love tendency and choices, and help you perform better in the next relationship.


Are you going to talk to work Scorpio for a lingering love affair? The estimate is not over yet. Scorpio focuses on efficiency and practicality, and also focuses on its work and value. In their view, love is important, but we are all adults. What we want to talk about is love with high efficiency. So this way of job performance management is in Scorpio's love affair, and it's just appropriate to manage love directly. When the lover's score approaches the bottom line, I'm sorry, the lover is about to be expelled from the Scorpio's love college. When your lover's score rises steadily, congratulations are infinitely close to being promoted by Scorpio love college. With such a way of love, Scorpio is perfectly committed to achieving two jobs.