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600 years of history: This is the right way to open up the great the Imperial Palace.

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/01

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Comment topic What do you think of the 600 year history of the Imperial Palace?

In the past two years, the Imperial Palace suddenly became the pronoun of "exploding money". From Kangxi Yong Zheng's facial expression bag to the sold out lipstick of the Imperial Palace, and the round cat.

The Imperial Palace is going to be 600 next year, but it looks like a perfect one. "New net red" Let many netizens exclaim: it can still have this kind of operation.

It is undeniable that the Imperial Palace is entering the lives of Chinese people. More and more people are yearning for and curious about this mysterious royal palace. But apart from these, how many people know about the real the Imperial Palace?

You only see Meng Meng's Yong Zheng's "I know", "I am such a man", but do not know that he strengthened the "secret system", strengthened the centralization of power and run through the whole Qing Dynasty.

You are chasing the Qing palace drama excitedly. Guan Qianlong called "big pig hoof" and "stamped devil" but did not know that although Qian Long was "exaggerated" in his aesthetics, he had severely punished many serious cases of corruption in his position. Even the descendants of the royal family and senior officials would never be soft.

You buy all kinds of the Imperial Palace explosions. Using stickers and lipsticks to decorate your facade, you do not know which imperial kiln porcelain comes from these patterns, and why the firing technology has become a historical masterpiece.

Yes, the Imperial Palace is very popular. But its popularity has made too many Chinese read it superficiality. There is a saying: "a forbidden city, half Chinese history". The two dynasties in Ming and Qing Dynasties are the most influential historical periods in China today.

It can be said that through reading the history of Ming and Qing Dynasties, you have read the modern Chinese history. And all important historical events in Ming and Qing Dynasties almost all happened in the Imperial Palace. The decisions made by the emperors of the 600 dynasties in the forbidden city changed the whole land of China and also affected our life today.

The Imperial Palace is also China's largest cultural scene:

It is the largest existing wooden structure complex in the world. It represents the highest level of architectural skills in ancient China.

It has over 186 thousands of valuable cultural relics. Each is a rare treasure that embodies the highest aesthetic realm of Chinese civilization.

From historical experience to prosperity and decline, from cultural relics to the true, the good and the beautiful. From the feeling of Li Li, from the etiquette of daily experience.

To see the Imperial Palace in such a depth, your experience is no longer just a matter of fact. "Visit here".

Therefore, it is really a pity that we do not understand history and miss 90% of the Imperial Palace. That's not how much I studied the Imperial Palace, but what I learned from an old man. He said, "treasures, architecture, people, most people are concerned about these three things, but everything in the Imperial Palace is related. Only by fully understanding the Imperial Palace can we better understand history."

He is Yan Chongnian. As a historian of Ming and Qing Dynasties, he has visited the Imperial Palace less than 1000 times in his 85 year old life. Every time he listened to the historical materials and interesting stories of the Imperial Palace, I knew how deep I was about the Imperial Palace.

If you want to find someone to take you to understand the Imperial Palace, I am afraid no one in China is more suitable than Yan Chongnian.

1 "big the Imperial Palace", the first person and the 100 lecture room, is the best the Imperial Palace history narrator.

Yi Zhongtian once said to him, "Yan Chongnian is the" top gun "launched by the" 100 lecture room ". I am just crossing the river.

More than a decade ago, he taught TV lectures for the first time, and with one's own power, let the hundred rostrum break from a program that nobody had been interested in for three consecutive years, breaking the ratings record of historical programs.

He was the first person to put forward the concept of "big the Imperial Palace". He continued to lecture on the three quarter of the great the Imperial Palace, which was full of word of mouth.

In his less than a year's publication, the great the Imperial Palace has sold about 1000000 copies, even pirated books are out of stock. Yan Chongnian has created one miracle after another in the history of Chinese television. Because, apart from him, no one can make history as fascinating as stories, easy to understand, innovative and subversive.

In the eyes of most people, the historical materials and tributaries of the Imperial Palace are too numerous to know where to start. Even if we turn to all kinds of historical books, it is not the erroneous erroneous history, that is, the endless chronological table, the unclear relations of characters, and the boring.

But after listening to Yan Chongnian's the Imperial Palace, your eyes are just like a huge picture with a vivid outline. After studying the Imperial Palace for a lifetime, Yan Chongnian has been able to excavate new historical materials and ideas in the dust of history.

For example, what the audience asked most was: did the queen mother get married with dowang? Did emperor Shunzhi really become a monk? He repeatedly contrasted different historical data, and finally came to the conclusion that Xiaozhuang did not remarry.

For example, as the longest lived emperor in China, what kind of longevity secret does the 89 year old Qianlong have? He found his regimen from Qianlong's three menu, that is, recipes.

For example, why did Yong Zheng work in Yangxin hall instead of the palace of Qing Dynasty? He himself measured the distance between the palaces and found that Yong Zheng set out from the front door of the palace and walked to the back door of the hall of Yangxin hall, which only needed 1.8 meters. Therefore, he thought Yong Zheng moved to Yangxin hall just for efficiency, wind and rain did not delay work; it was not the popular "Yong Zheng in the palace of Qing Dynasty poisoned Kangxi, he was afraid to live".

He can't find any historical data that people can't find. He dares to say the point that most people dare not say. Behind this test is Yan Chongnian's profound academic foundation.

In fact, before boarding the stage of "100 rostrums", Yan Chongnian has long been famous in the academic circles. He graduated from the History Department of Beijing Normal University and studied from Bai Shouyi. Mr. Bai is one of the founders of Guangming Daily, a famous historian in China.

Mr. Yan Chongnian's profound academic spirit has deeply influenced him. After graduation, he plunged into the research work of Qing history, laughing with American Sinologist Kong Feili, and texting Xuan Tongdi's family about the details of Qing Dynasty palace. This study lasted for more than 60 years.

He wrote more than twenty works, such as Nur Ha Che's biography, Qing Dynasty's national history and imperial kiln millennium. Over 100 articles have been published in the history of learning and Qing Dynasty. Works have been translated into Chinese, English, French, German and many other languages, and the founding of the Beijing Manchu society and the Forbidden City Society of China have had great academic influence both at home and abroad.

Therefore, from a historical point of view, the Imperial Palace is a well deserved first-class expert in Yan Chongnian. He used his whole life to prove his words: "If you want to talk about a bowl of water, you must have a bucket of water."

2, read the the Imperial Palace, you read the life.

You may say, I am just an ordinary person. Is it necessary to know the history of the Imperial Palace so well? What's the use?

Of course!

The Imperial Palace's 600 years of heavy history are all inclusive and extensive. Dynasty changing, fate sinking, gathering, sorrows and joys... Whether you are experiencing a pleasant or bumpy situation, We can find archetype from its history.

From this, you will read human nature, read good and evil, beauty and ugliness, and read what is worth pursuing for life.

You will also find the roots of your culture in the Imperial Palace, and harvest more advanced aesthetics and sentiments. This feeling of beauty is enough to help you resist the ugly and gloomy reality of most of the time.

It can be said that all the questions you will encounter in your life can be found in the Imperial Palace. Do not believe it? Many listens to Yan Chongnian's the Imperial Palace audience have already gained a better life.

Gao Ye is 27 years old and works in the advertising media industry. Changing customers' needs, writing programs, thinking creativity, staying up late... Many of my colleagues can not stand such a fast pace, and have changed careers. But he can always balance his family and life while he completes his work efficiently. Working for 3 years and upgrading two ranks is the mainstay of the team. At a party, those who left the job and heard the latest situation of Gao ye, full of envy, asked him how he persevered. Gao Ye smiled and waved his hand. He did not answer directly, but he mentioned a past.

When he was still in primary school, Gao Ao was fascinated by Yan Chongnian's visit to the lecture room.

He said that he has benefited greatly from the philosophy of harmony between heaven, earth and man, which has been permeated by the old people for so many years. It's the most important thing to do well in a person's work.

"Besides, those pressures and troubles we have now, who have not experienced the kings and kings in the Imperial Palace?"

A great man must have a great realm. If you look at the Imperial Palace from a historical perspective, your life will naturally reach different heights. I also know a friend, Wu Yan, who is also a fan of the Imperial Palace. He began to catch up with Yan Chongnian's "great the Imperial Palace" from high school, and watched it three times from beginning to end. Under Yan's explanation, he was deeply impressed by the charm of the Forbidden City and determined to see the Imperial Palace with his own eyes. Later, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University with high score. He came to Beijing with his wish and won the opportunity to explain volunteers in the Imperial Palace Museum.

I saw Wu Yan recently, and he showed me his reading notes about Ming Shi in his spare time. He said that whenever I had something wrong, I would turn over the history books and go to the Imperial Palace, and all my troubles would disappear.

"My greatest wish is to go to work in the Forbidden City, a the Imperial Palace, enough for me to spend all my life to get close to."

You see, reading the Imperial Palace can not only add a lot of pleasure to your leisure time, but also find a true love for you. Therefore, do not doubt that history and the Imperial Palace are useless. If you listen to Yan Chongnian's the Imperial Palace, you deserve a higher level of life.

85 years old, the best birthday gift of the Imperial Palace in 600 years. In 2012, after lecture on "the great the Imperial Palace" in the lecture room, Yan Chongnian seemed to be somewhat out of public view. In fact, he is still active in the front line of historical research, but he has left more time in his study. He writes all the time and publishes a historical monograph almost every year. The research plan for the next ten years is also full. But this year, at the age of 85, he once again made an exception for the Imperial Palace.

In 2020, the Imperial Palace will celebrate its 600 birthday. He has prepared a birthday gift for the Imperial Palace. It took a year to launch the 100 audio course in Himalaya. Yan Chongnian: 600 years of great the Imperial Palace.

In the past year, Yan Chongnian got up at 4 o'clock every day, closed the door and thank-you, and absorbed in the creation. He made the 100 stage manuscript from conception to finalization and 8 times. He flew to Shanghai to record for more than 2000 minutes, and finally finished the work of sincerity.

This is his first audio program. It may also be a mountain closure. Whether the old audience or the first time you want to understand the new listeners of the Imperial Palace, it will give you new content experience.

First, Mr. Yan tried to make himself understood clearly, and the audience could understand clearly. From teenagers to middle and old age, this course is suitable for every ordinary person of all ages.

Secondly, Unlike Yan Chongnian, who used to talk about the the Imperial Palace any time before, it took time as a clue to bring the history of Ming and Qing dynasties over 600 years, and read it from many angles, such as history, heritage, architecture and art. From the perspective of the Imperial Palace, we can see the world history from the history of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Xuan de stove, sweet white glaze, filigree enamel, chicken cup, three autumn cup, Yong Zheng year kiln... He will teach you more than ten kinds of works of art in the Imperial Palace, so that you can not only join in the bustle, but also watch the doorway and have an aesthetic taste of superior.

Why does Jiajing not want to live in the palace and live in Xiyuan?

After the apocalypse, what kind of screening should we pass before we become "Queen of heaven"?

Which batches of porcelain of the Ming Dynasty were best?

Why does Qian Longdi like to stamp on calligraphy and paintings?

All these interesting questions will be answered in the course one by one. If you have missed the last 600 years of the Imperial Palace, then don't leave her regrets for the next 600 years. Listen to Yan Chongnian's 600 year history of the great the Imperial Palace, and understand the real the Imperial Palace!

"Big the Imperial Palace" is the first person and the 100 lecture room.

Yan Chongnian is 85 years old.

Take you to understand the 600 years of the Imperial Palace's joys and sorrows.

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