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The CDC has discovered 4 kinds of "flavour", so that mosquitoes can't go to your mouth.

LT0385 @ 2020/05/22

In the season of mosquitoes, when I go out for a stroll, there are many red and itchy bags. I can't sleep well in the evening. Some people use all kinds of mosquito repellent methods, or they can't escape the fate of being bitten.

Life times (WeChat's internal search "LT0385" can be concerned) In combination with the 4 experts on mosquito repellent ingredients recommended by CDC, we will give you an anti mosquito strategy to protect you from biting.

Experts interviewed

Liu Pengcheng, assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry, Virginia Tech

Professor Zhu Xuejun, Department of Dermatology, No.1 Hospital of Peking University

Mosquitoes most hate 4 kinds of "taste"

First, let's start with how mosquitoes detect "prey". Mosquitoes have many receptors, mainly carbon dioxide receptors, taste receptors and heat receptors.

Carbon dioxide receptor It can sense the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air, and the human body usually releases 4%, which can be detected by mosquitoes.

Gustatory receptor It is because there are amino acids, lactic acid, etc. in human secretion, forming amines with sweat. It will produce a certain odor, which is just like "rice fragrance" to mosquitoes, and naturally follows.

Heat receptor It is because the human body radiates heat, like emitting infrared signals, which can be identified by mosquitoes.

We know how mosquitoes lock their targets. We can "interfere" their receptors and make it impossible to determine the location of people. For example, the CDC recommends 4 mosquito repellent ingredients.

DEET Mosquito repellent effect is good, duration is long, can be directly applied to the skin.

Attention: there is a risk of clothing damage; infants under 2 months of age should not be used; children should not exceed 30% of their concentration.

Picaridin: It's mild, with little skin irritation and no damage to clothing.

Note: infants under 2 months of age should not be used; children should not exceed 20% of their concentration.

Mosquito repellent (IR3535 / E): Mild, less irritating to skin.

Note: there is a risk of damage to clothing; infants under 2 months of age should not be used.

Lemon eucalyptus oil (Oil of lemon Eucalyptu): Natural mosquito repellent.

Note: there is a risk of skin allergy; children under 3 years of age are not recommended.

Mosquitoes favor seven kinds of people.

Many people have this feeling: a group of people sitting together, there are mosquitoes in the room, one night down, the most of their own bags.

What kind of people are they trying to pick up? Scientists have found that there are several kinds of people most favored by mosquitoes.

One   People with fast metabolism, such as pregnant women, children, athletes or young men, etc.

Two   People who breathe fast have more carbon dioxide.

Three   People who sweat more, such as those who have done vigorous exercises, and the heavier ones.

Four   For those who love make-up, the smell of cosmetics will attract mosquitoes.

Five   People who love to drink and eat meat, they emit more amine, smell heavier, and exhale more carbon dioxide.

Six   People who go out to wear dark clothes in summer are related to the habits of mosquitoes. Anopheles and Culex are fond of activities at night. When they see black clothes, they will be habitually attracted to the past.

Seven   People with low frequency of Bathing will attract more mosquitoes with more bacteria and more odors.

Be alert to symptoms other than itching.

Mosquitoes release saliva when biting their prey. The main ingredient of its saliva is anticoagulant, which prevents blood clotting and is easy to suck. Anticoagulant is mainly a protein complex. After injection into the body, it induces immune reaction, produces histamine, dilatation of blood vessels, redness of the skin, increase of blood vessel ventilation, local long bag and itching.

However, some people are bitten by red packets, but some people are not obvious, and soon disappear. In fact, this is mainly related to the concentration of anticoagulants and human physique. Different types of mosquitoes have different concentrations of anticoagulants in saliva; the longer they bite, the more saliva they release; the more sensitive people are more sensitive to mosquito bites.

The bites that are bitten by the mosquito become more and more reddish and swollen. This is because scratching spreads the infection of the skin (mosquito saliva), triggering a larger area of inflammation and immune response. If infection occurs, the consequences will be even more serious.

If you can't tolerate itching, you can use soap water, brine, toilet water, and essence to relieve itching. Ice compress can also effectively relieve itching.

Mosquitoes carry many kinds of bacteria and viruses. If they are bitten, they should be treated in time if symptoms of red itching occur. Some symptoms appear only after two days or even two weeks, such as drowsiness may be infected with Japanese encephalitis virus, joint pain may be basal chengkenya fever, cold war may have malaria.

Standing mosquito repellent "four piece"

Both indoors and outdoors, mosquitoes are not allowed to be harassed. Different mosquito repellent tools can be prepared according to different environments.

Daytime indoor

Electrical mosquito repeller

The efficacy of electric mosquito repellent incense and electric mosquito repellent incense liquid can generally last 6~8 hours. The smoke is small, the irritation is low, and the use is more convenient.

When the mosquito repellent incense is too high, it will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and so on.

If there are people indoors, mosquito repellent incense should be placed in the ventilation area to let fresh air come through the screen.

If you want to use it in the evening, at least half an hour before bedtime, you can take a few minutes to go to bed before going to bed.

Daytime outgoing

Mosquito repellent stick

Mosquito repellent stickers can be used for outdoor activities during the day. Its principle is to use essential oil volatilization to repellent. Mosquito repellent patch is not suitable for direct contact with the skin, just put it on clothes. It is not suitable for people with allergic constitution and pregnant women. The daily use time of ordinary people should not be too long.

Go out at night

Mosquito repellent toilet water

Toilet water containing mosquito repellent can not be directly contacted with damaged skin.

The toilet water containing mosquito repellent ester has lower toxicity, less irritation and longer mosquito repellent time.


Mosquito trap lamp

The lamp is relatively harmless to the human body and can be used at night. It is best to choose a strong photometric mosquito catching lamp, place it above the knees, and do not exceed 180 centimeters from the ground. This is the area where mosquitoes often exercise.

Mosquito repellent stickers Scholar

Anti mosquito measures at home:

1. regularly clean the drainage pipes at home and remove unnecessary containers such as water tanks and pots.  
2. close the screen window and screen door with your hands.
3. take a shower after sweating, keep the skin fresh.
4. use bednets when sleeping, or use mosquito repellent products.

Outdoor anti mosquito measures:  

1. generally, 8~10 a.m. and 4~6 in the evening are the peak hours of Aedes mosquitoes.
2. in the field of grass and trees, it is advised to wear light colored long trousers to avoid wearing shoes with bare feet.
3. try to avoid staying in outdoor areas such as arbors, green belts, and away from places where water is easy to breed mosquitoes.   A kind of



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