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Tears collapse! Under the lens, the dog's touching deeds, you can endure the first few do not cry.

mon0896 @ 2019/12/21

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May I ask you if you have been touched by your dog?

Today, Xiao can show you the touching deeds of dogs under those scenes. You can endure the first few tears.


The Beagle was so sensible that it was very painful for people to sell their own three children, and the owner went to buy vegetables. He squatted beside him and went home to help his owner with his basket. Babe knew that he was going to sell the children. This was not the first time. On the way, 3 children dozing off in the basket. In the dog market, faced with numerous bargaining people, Beibei knew that he was going to be separated from the child again.


The faithful dog protects the cobra, and wakes its tail before death.

In foreign countries, there was a bull dog named Chief. When the cobra broke into the house, the dog ran into the house to fight with the cobra. In the end, the dog succeeded in cobra the cobra. But Chief was also killed because of a bite. He even shook his tail like a master in a few seconds before he died. He seemed to be saying, "master, you see, the cobra is subdued by me."


The day when the fireworks explode in the sky, I believe it must be the most glorious time in the whole life process.


If a man is poor, no car, no room, a woman may leave you, your friend may also leave you, but your dog will love you with you unconditionally, whether you are poor or rich or wandering the streets, is not it?


There was a Samoye in Shenyang. When he was one year old, he was stabbed into the motor nerve because of vaccination. He had all the paralysis below the pelvis. There was almost all the death of the dog in two years. But the owner did not give up. He found the only place in the province to make an animal wheelchair. Now Samoye has been able to run happily and let countless netizens be moved.


The netizen said, "03 years old dog has been raised from the palm of the hand and lost when walking the dog. Since then, no pets have been kept for seven years. Until today, I saw a stray dog on the roadside who missed my previous pet dog. When I blew a whistle which I used to like to whistle, when it was stupid, it stared. Then I went crazy like I ran, and I burst out crying.


In fact, dogs love us much more than we think. In their world, we are all. In fact, the world can be very warm, so long as we work hard together.

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