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Consumer recognition is the kingly way. 66 thousand Haff M6 will carry out the super value household.

cheshihongdian @ 2019/09/19

"A pot of old wine can be loaded with muddy things. All kinds of people, on the field, to unload the makeup, are all a big man. " Recently, the director of the hall class director Gao man Tang, Chen Baoguo and Hailu Qin starring the old pub fire!

This is a Shandong old pub for the stage, from 1928 to 1949 more than 20 years of Chinese social changes and cultural landscape condensed into a small pub in the TV series, since the beginning of the broadcast, 35 nights, 59 cities, double nets, the first achievement of the city, the local ratings of Beijing 8, and even scored a high score of 8.4 in the harsh watercut bean, and continued to live in the top of the hot bean sauce, the word-of-mouth continues to ferment unstoppable.

Solid story telling, no perfunctory, and impetuous and sophisticated production make the ratings of "old pubs" high and high, reflecting the desire of contemporary consumers for quality products.

As the saying goes, the gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the word of mouth of the common people. In the current fierce market competition, if we want to occupy more market share, we must start from the users and really think about the users. In this regard, Haff M6, the SUV leader of China, is definitely worth seeing.

Redefine performance price ratio

Haff M6 "upgrade without price increase"

Since listing, the M6, the flagship "super value household", has attracted much attention. It has been designed by international design team, taking into account both young fashion and versatile versatile nature. It has been sought after by consumers, and even in some areas there is a difficult situation for cars.

In last year's car market downturn, its sales volume has been stable over ten thousand vehicles for six consecutive months, while sales growth has been increasing. At the same time, it has won the first place in user satisfaction of class a SUV below 70 thousand by virtue of its strength. It has achieved a double harvest of sales and reputation and has become an indispensable growth point of Haff brand.

Behind the good results, hav motor has not stopped at the moment. Based on the comprehensive understanding of consumer demand at this stage, it launched 2019 Haversian M6 this year. The new car, officially known as the "upgrade not to pay" model, is rated by many of the industry as a new definition of price performance.

From its 66 thousand -8.2 million price range, the price can be described as very close to the people. But whether its product strength really has done "add quantity", whether we can redefine the three characters of price performance ratio, then we will come to a detailed understanding together.

In appearance, the 2019 Haversian M6 adopts a completely new design language. The past honeycomb inlet grille is replaced by the star ornament type middle net. Through the lower grille modeling, the tension is further improved, the overall modeling is young and dynamic, and it can meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.

As for interior decoration, Haff M6 still walks on the texture route. The inside wing of the car body is in touch with the central console technology, and the 8 inch large screen and leather seats are all equipped with leapfrog configuration.

In addition, Haff M6 is also fully equipped with ESP body stabilization system, keyless entry + one button start, dual temperature zone automatic air conditioning + rear air conditioning outlet and so on. Compared with competing models, Bao Jun 530 and geely vision SUV, many configurations are rarely seen or selected for good match.

In terms of space, as a family SUV that satisfies family travel, there must be enough space to meet various scenarios. The 2019 Haff M6's body size is 4649mm * 1830mm * 1705mm, belonging to a compact SUV, but its internal space has achieved leapfrog experience. With the super long wheelbase of 2680mm, the interior space is larger than the visual effect, and the rear row of the vehicle can accommodate three adults and there is still margin.

For families with travel demand, the capacity of the 2019 Havel M6 trunk can also meet the demand, and support the backseat support 6/4 ratio to drop, to maximize the extension of the trunk space, whether it is family travel or daily loading, have far more than the same class car experience, comparable to the family MPV.

For most consumers, configuration is the most intuitive way to understand the cost performance of a vehicle. Havel M6 itself has leapfrog configuration, and this upgrade has increased a lot of configuration.

In terms of active safety configuration, Haff M6 is equipped with ESP body stabilization system, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, reversing image, TCS traction control system, HHC, HDC, RMI anti rollover system and so on. In terms of passive safety, the five star safety standard car made by laser tailor welded technology is far more rigid than the same level, giving drivers a powerful and comprehensive protection, allowing users to travel without worries and enjoy the extraordinary driving interest.

In terms of power, hav M6 has also been readjusted. 1.5T+7DCT's gold power combination has improved the dynamic performance significantly. Coupled with haif's professional SUV chassis training and the same class of rare Mcpherson's front and rear double wishbone four wheel independent suspension, Haff M6 has far more than the same level of comfort and stability.

"1+5" warm heart financial benefits

Opening a better car life

I have to admit that in terms of product strength, the 2019 Havel M6 really has achieved "super value", plus 66 thousand super low prices, and absolutely no second can be found in the same category. But if you think this is the end, you are mistaken.

In order to make more consumers who can not afford to buy cars can enjoy the beautiful life brought by the 2019 M6, Haff M6 has also launched a "1+5" warm financial policy on the basis of its own cost-effective. Consumers can buy 15 thousand Haversian M6 and enjoy 15 thousand full packages to go home. It only takes 1290 yuan for the month.

Such a financial policy is rare in the market, but the Haff brand also takes into account the diversified demands of consumers. Not only Haff M6, the Harvard brand launched the 5 year super long loan, covering almost 10W of the category. Its Haff H2, Haff H4, Haff H6 sports version and Haff H6 coupe smart League models can enjoy 5 years of long loan financial policy, which can greatly relieve the pressure on consumers to buy cars, and interpret the word "super value" two.

Red comment vehicle

In the household SUV segment market, Haff M6 always takes the lead. Leading the market is the high recognition of consumers' Haff brand. The arrival of the 2019 Haff M6, the price is still good, but the product force has been fully revamped, leapfrog to meet the needs of consumers, coupled with the huge benefits of "1+5" financial policy, is undoubtedly the value of two words to the end, such a well received masterpiece, I believe that the future is bound to play the role of the main brand models.


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