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Apartment master Isay Weinfeld's new work is completed. Low-key luxury should be designed like this.

insidehome @ 2019/12/23

Apartment design

Jardim Apartment

be familiar with Isa Wernfeld (Isay Weinfeld) The designer knows that though his works are always very simple, they are actually full of surprises.

he It is one of the top architects in Brazil. Known as an apartment master, what kind of elegance does his house have? (previous articles)

He has designed quite a lot of residential buildings with ingenious and elegant style. It is also full of drama and abstraction. But at the same time there is a quiet and low-key elegance.

Recently, his project "Jardim" was first completed in New York's first apartment building project. Jardim is from Spanish, meaning "garden". The seemingly plain and simple building is located in the center of New York.

"Sul" renderings

The Jardim project has 2 11 storey buildings, namely "Norte" and "Sul". There are 36 houses in total.


Jardim Sul the facade of the building, the gray concrete slab has grain texture on the top, each floor has a large area of glass floor windows, the edges and corners are concise and modern.

"Sul" Real picture

There are only 5 residential units in the building, including two living rooms and top duplex.

"Sul" Design sketch


The other building is "Jardim Norte". The building has a unique architectural language. The 11 storey building has a well-balanced and well-organized composition through careful arrangement.

"Norte" effect fruit chart

The building consists of 29 houses, from one bedroom to four bedroom, including four bedroom apartment. Though it is Irregular rectangular grid windows, each All of them are large scale French windows. A kind of

On the first floor of the project, there is a garden space. Integrating natural landscapes into the entire development project is also the source of the project.

"Norte" Real picture

The entrance to the Jardim apartment project. Grey concrete leads to a poetic space with a dramatic drama.

Garage entrance effect map

Vehicular access arch Red brick extends from the wall to the top. Such a design can withstand the test of time. The walls and ceilings are imbedded with irregular lights to create a sense of age and speed.

The apartment hall and vehicle passageway are separated by translucent wooden grille. The texture and texture match well with the red brick. A kind of

Wooden pedestrian entry doors can see its exquisite technology. A kind of 

The floor and roof of the hall are all made of wooden floor. Warm tones It brings people a kind of family warmth. A kind of

A large clear glass in the lobby connects the landscape of the park visually, and clearly feels the seasonal changes in the interior. A kind of

Inside the building, there is also this exquisite newspaper and newspaper room. The irregular wooden boxes are stacked together, but on the contrary they have a unique sense of beauty. The lamps and lanterns are inlaid in the wooden boxes of smallpox, and the space is very complete and unified.

The natural and exquisite design style also extends into the interior.

Design sketch

The apartment is now completed. The interior design style of the model room is very "fresh". It has a natural feeling that the space seems to breathe.

Thanks to the large area of the French windows, the natural lighting of the whole space is very good. The bright and open space is very pleasant. The choice of furniture is based on the wooden mechanism to create a relaxed and natural home style.

The kitchen space is not completely open. Instead, it uses "box" design method to place it in the space, and it can also be connected with the guest restaurant.

The wooden kitchen wall and cabinet panel complement each other. The stainless steel mesa of the bar shows another delicate, light thickness. Suspending a certain scale. Such design requires high quality materials and technology.

The balcony can see clearly the concrete facade.

The stone in toilet wall is paved with large size. The wood color ceiling continues the whole natural and refreshing design style. The collision between materials causes a sense of breathing in the small space.

Real picture

Main effect diagram

The supporting facilities in the apartment are also available, and the design of the swimming pool has made a sense of superiority by using simple techniques.

Swimming pool renderings

Plan of public area

Landscape design Designed by Future Green, it is also the focus of the project.

Design sketch

There is also a rotary staircase leading to the basement in the garden.

Plan for some apartment buildings

A kind of

Norte - 10A
4 rooms, 3 guards
Indoor area: 289.4
Terrace area: 17.4
Price: 62 million 650 thousand RMB.

Norte - 4A
3 rooms, 3 guards
Indoor area: 203.6
Terrace area: 8.7
Price: 37 million 350 thousand RMB.

Norte - 2D
3 rooms, 3 guards
Indoor area: 180.8
Terrace area: 11.7
Price: 27 million RMB.

Picture source project Official website
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