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The 4 sentence is to let you see the truth of the work.

hbfabu @ 2019/10/09

Anchor LAN Xu

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No hurry, no time to grow up.


Some people say: the process of work is not a good growth process?


That's true, but there are limitations. Why?


Each job involves a large proportion of repetitive and homogeneous work. If a person is only learning from the work process, this single learning mode will inevitably lead to its contribution to growth.


Make sure you have time to grow every day. Actually, it enables you to expand other forms of growth except work. The way you learn is diversified, the higher the marginal contribution to growth, the faster you grow.


A person's continuing rise in the workplace requires sustained incremental growth.


An employee who consumes the stock day after day must be an employee who can not provide surprises. If there is an increment, there will be surprises that will continue to rise.


In fact, those who really want to grow are doing everything possible to create conditions.


People who avoid growing up, busy work is his best protection.


This growth must be a whole life, even a lifetime.


At any time, you can't keep yourself busy until you grow up. You should have incremental thinking and keep incremental growth instead of consuming the stock.

Recognize the true level of yourself, and make sure that the platform is capable.


The greatest sorrow of people is to regard the influence of the platform as their own strength, but forget how to advance and grow.


Those who do not know who they are will not be able to go far in the future even if they can enjoy the scenery for a while.


Without the platform provided by others, it is hard for you to realize your ambitions.


Therefore, we should never overestimate our capabilities and influence, but ignore the importance of the platform.


A quality platform can bring us more dividends and opportunities, and also allow us to avoid many twists and turns.


When we encounter a good platform, we must cherish it and be good at transforming the resources and advantages of the platform into our own value.


The most important thing for a man is to recognize his true level and ability.


At any time, keep a clear mind, not to be covered by the light of the platform, and forget that you have a farther way to go.

Don't take shortcuts as creeds, but seemingly ordinary efforts are most important.


There is no shortcut in the workplace, and at what stage to do something, it is the fastest way to grow up when you are young.


There are no convenient tools such as escalators in life. We can only rely on ourselves and move forward step by step.


In this regard, many people do not think so. They think that one step at a time is too slow. At this rate, they can not achieve their dreams all their lives.


They do not understand the beauty of accumulation. Step by step accumulation will produce magical addition effect, and ultimately achieve a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.


"Hard work and hard work" sounds familiar, but it contains the truth of life. Only by crossing the road and stepping over a hole can we really know its value to itself.


There is no shortcut to success in the world. Shortcuts are often the biggest detours.


Those behind you seem to have been accumulated by countless sweat and efforts. Any attempt to cut corners will cost you more in the future.

In the end, all the work is about energy.


Brush knows how to see such a problem: Is it true that some great figures often go to bed late and get up early, but their energy is still strong? The answer below is very penetrating:


"People who do not have that kind of energy can't stand that position. "


Many times, it is not our time but our energy that restricts our growth and efficiency.


Some people have been obsessed with managing app at any time in order to work more efficiently. As a result, time management did not achieve much results. The mobile phone has more than half a screen of app, the more anxious it becomes.


In fact, time can not be managed, and everyone is 24 hours a day. But energy can be managed. Your physical ability, emotions and attention are controlled by yourself.

You must manage your energy, not your time.

How to manage your energy?


Learn to focus and reduce the frequency of task switching. You must learn to focus and put 80% of your energy on 20% things. A time period focuses only on one thing, reducing the frequency of task switching, greatly improving efficiency and reducing energy wastage.


Learn to really rest and find the best way to relax. Everyone has different ways of resting, but the purpose of rest is different. Better rest is for better work. Only by having a good rest and energetic can we better carry the pressure of work and life.


The workplace is a marathon, and all work till the end is energy.


You must be energetic enough to carry the hardships of the world.

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