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U.S. media published the latest global rankings: 2018 years of military can not shake the top three

weiren-kc @ 2018/11/28

Video: the large tonnage warships list (1865-2018), see the rapid rise of Chinese Navy

In naval ships, China ahead of Russia, has a total of 714 ships, including 1 active aircraft carriers, 29 destroyers, 50 frigates, 73 submarines and hundreds of ship small ships. Chinese military budget of more than $151 billion. In oil production, Chinese is heavily dependent on imports, production of 3 million 981 thousand barrels / day, consumption of 10 million 120 thousand barrels / day.

Ground weapon, Chinese is also inferior to the United States and Russia, have Chinese 7716 tanks, armored vehicles 9000.

This list of reference factors comprehensively, but did not disclose the formula, also did not refer to nuclear weapons capability. But overall relatively true, because even in nuclear weapons, Russia and other countries can only expand the advantage.

For Chinese, the list reflects the China rapid increase of military strength, but slightly lack of details. In addition, there are indeed in the petroleum strategic resource shortage.

It is worth mentioning that, in the world's most powerful military "list of the biggest" dark horse ", is undoubtedly ranked seventh in South korea. You know, released at the site of 2017 belong to years and 2016 years of the "world's strongest military power list, South Korea is always hovering in the 11-12 position.

In this year, both in scale and active duty military equipment modernization level and military spending is less prominent in South Korea, even surpassed many countries including Japan, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, directly into the top seven position is really surprising.

As in South Korea after entering the top ten, Turkey, Germany and Japan, the three countries. After wandering in the top ten over the Italy South Korea A new force suddenly rises. squeezed out.

In addition, the Taiwan area China also entered the top 25 in Algeria, Canada, before after, ranked 24. China Taiwan had 2005 tanks, 843 aircraft, including 286 fighters, the budget is $10 billion 700 million.

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