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This summer, the hottest skinny pants are 100 times thinner than the broad leg pants. Whose legs are long?

fuzhuangdapei99 @ 2020/05/22

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Ding Dong

Your matching sauce is on line!

These two days have given you a lot of skirts for Amway, and also the fairy said: "I wear more pants everyday, summer is coming soon. I would like to recommend pants with thin spots.

Ins blogger, star icon wearing tight jeans or leggings is really beautiful.

But a lot of fairies get the clothes on and the whole man is forced. Big ass, wide hip, little legs. It is a true picture of the reality buyer's show.

There is another wave of net red boom - wide leg pants, though wide legged pants can cover most of the body defects. Choose the wrong style The effect is even less than tight pants.

The pants are not chosen. As long as you are slightly fat and have some meat, then the flesh of the waist and abdomen after you put it on is almost nowhere to hide, and the next half of the body is seen out of the barrel.

If it is pear-shaped body It is really not recommended that you start with net red loose wide leg pants.

To tell you the truth, it is too hard to find a thin and tall "thin pants".

Today, we should choose the conditions according to the sauce. As long as we start, the basic rules are "thin trousers".

  • Pear shape avoid Barrel shaped leg pants

  • Trousers length 9 points Or put on Wu Dalang.

  • Whole With lines You can't go up and down.

The traditional wide leg pants are fat because they are fat. Waist and abdomen version No widening.

  • Tapered pants

Many people wonder what the tapered pants are. In fact, the so-called tapered pants are the version. Trousers gradually narrowing from top to bottom.

The design is wide and narrow. Good at hiding dissatisfied legs. Showing a slim ankle. Cover meat and thin.

Tonya Smith is a typical pear shaped fat body. She wears white broad legged trousers actually very fat, but replaced. Tapered pants After that, the legs are decorated very well.

The small pear shaped sisters are even thinner in tapered trousers, matching the large V collar shirts. Visual thin ten jin is so simple.

  • Grandma's pants

Lately "Grandma pants" It is also mentioned repeatedly that this is also a single product frequently appeared in street shots after wide leg pants.

Compared with tapered pants, the pants are not very different, but Grandma's pants are much bigger than those of tapered trousers. Pleated details It adds to the charm of elegant women.

High waist version of grandma pants upper body can also optimize the proportion of body, easy. Raise waist line

Women in the workplace should be partial to this kind of dry pants. Waist up It also adds details to the highlights, while highlighting the waist.

Love French style retro girl, try a sleeveless knit. Same color grandmother pants

Conclusion: Tapered Pants / grandma pants, wide and narrow, covering the meat while avoiding the same width, pear shaped sister get!

Many fairies are deeply addicted to lazy wind and often indulge in it. Too loose legged trousers But This kind of cover is too simple. Fat & short Now!

  • 9 points trousers

Short sleeved T-shirt + nine cent pants is a very easy way for us to wear pick everyday. It's about the thin and high wear skills, and the sauce has always stressed the right skin.

A kind of Li and his legs are thin and long.

There seems to be no difference in vision.

It seems that legs are longer. )

But for our ordinary figure, there are nine pairs of trousers. Visually lengthen the leg ratio. The effect.

A kind of For small people,

Nine pairs of trousers are thinner than trousers.

The contrast effect will be more obvious if it is a broad legged trousers.

  • Leg pants

In addition to exposing the ankle with 9 pairs of trousers, we can also try the necessary shorts this year.

The use of tightness design highlights the ankle position, and the wearing style is more than the 9 pants. Sports Street

The use of tightness design highlights the ankle position, and the wearing style is more than the 9 pants. Sports Street

The upper part of the body is specially covered with meat, and it can also pinch lines out of the ankle and match the summer wind T-shirt. Youthful and energetic

Wearing this kind of look, it is more rebellious and unruly to wear canvas shoes and pull heels.

Conclusion: Nine pairs of trousers are cropped out to expose the ankles, and the leg pants are tightened out of the ankle by pinching out the thin part of the leg, showing a thin double.

  • Straight pants

It looks like leg line. Capable and concise Daily work or to school can easily hold live.

Straight pants It can still Modified leg type The XO leg can be covered by it very well and its legs are long and straight.

  • Flared trousers

French sense full of micro pants!

Vivid is directly talking about it, showing it to us. Wide leg pants vs micro pants The latter is much more thorough in being thin and prominent.

The micro pants are improved from the bell bottoms, and the whole pants are more like an hourglass. They will be more self-contained in the waist, abdomen and thighs, and will relax on the lower legs.

The upper and lower triangular plates with a knee center are especially prominent. The beauty of women's curves The indentation style in the middle is even more thin and full of strength.

I particularly like this. Big tail of trouser legs It can easily cover small thick legs, and Hin is suitable for sisters with asymmetrical legs.

Conclusion: Straight pants are thin, and micro pants can increase the sense of lines. Modified leg type But it doesn't look heavy.

After seeing today's thin trousers and grass, fairies know how to pick trousers.

I want to see more fashionable fashions. collocation Remember " Looking at " A kind of Leave me a message and arrange for you!

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