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Husky suddenly pounced on three children, and her mother was hurt by her body. The dog owner stood by.

zhejiangzhisheng @ 2020/06/27

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She lives in a district of Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong.

Suddenly I received a call from my neighbor.

Her son was bitten by a dog in the plot.

This thrilling episode took place around 11:20 in the morning in May 15th. At that time, the old man took the son of Qu Yuan in the District, playing with two other children in the same district. The children rode the scooter to a main road in the neighborhood.

At that moment, a husky pet dog without a cord and no mouth cover suddenly rushed out and rushed to the three child. One of the children's mother, Mrs Du, used her body to protect three children.

When the incident happened, Ms. Du wanted to hug husky, but because of the bigger dog, Ms. Du was pulled down to the ground. Miss Qu's son's buttocks were also bitten by dogs, and there were many abrasions on her body. According to Ms. Du, she was bitten by a dog.

"When I threw it away, my clothes were bitten and rotted. At the beginning, the dog owner didn't come over. I don't know why. "

Do not the owner of the dog know that his dog has been in trouble? You can see from the monitoring screen of the district that an old man tried to cling to the rush of husky before the dog bit him, but was freed from it. When husky hit the children, the old man stood by.

Reporters later learned that the old lady was the owner of husky. Why did husky go crazy in the district without a rope or a mouth? Ms. Su said, On the same day, she changed batteries for her car in the District, forgot to lock the dog cage, and husky ran out of the door herself.

After a panic, Three children and Ms. Du were bitten. Hidden in the district property office. And the sudden outbreak of husky has gradually regained calm after wandering around.

It was not until husky was quiet that Ms Du and three children were able to leave the scene for treatment. Although it has been over a month ago, it still brings a deep psychological shadow to Ms. Qu's son.

"For example, when he saw this dog during the day, he was particularly unpractical when he slept at night. When he saw the dog sweating all over, he was very nervous."

After the pet dog bite, four people bitten were injected with rabies vaccine, tetanus needle, immunoglobulin and other injections, which cost from several hundred yuan to 2000 yuan. Miss Qu also intends to carry out psychological intervention for children. For the injured, Miss husky, the owner, said she was very sorry and promised that she would pay for the medical expenses.

After the incident, Ms. Qu suggested that a pet dog should not be in the neighborhood.

"Because children often play in the neighborhood, after all, you can't guarantee that one day it comes out and bites people's children. Our children have been injured, but we don't want more children to get hurt. "

The dog owner, Ms Su said. She is 68 years old, living alone, and this pet dog is her companion on weekdays. I'm afraid I disturb my neighbors. I usually walk dogs only in the early hours of the morning and late at night. Moreover, she takes her pet dog to vaccinate regularly, with complete procedures.

"This dog and I depend on each other, my old man has been dead for 20 years, and a dog is my companion, because I fear on the first floor."

Because the two sides have different opinions, things have not been solved. The staff member of the community committee of Olin garden told reporters that the matter has attracted the attention of the public security and urban management departments in Laoshan district.

The reporter inquired about the regulations on dog management in Qingdao promulgated by Qingdao in 2016, and husky, who was raised by Mrs Su, was not in the list of banned dog breeds. According to the regulations, residents should keep dog information registration and pay for dog management service fees, that is, to "pet hukou". However, Miss Su failed to present Husky's dog card to reporters.

Netizens do not agree with dog owners.

After the incident was revealed, netizens did not agree with Ms. Su's "dog dependence". The dog owners should at least do not let dogs hurt people.

Pet dog without rope

Injuries happen frequently.

3 year old boy was hit by a big dog crazily and 3 stitches.

Recently, a three year old boy in Dongguan, Guangdong was playing by a passing dog when he was playing at the shop door. The owner of the dog came to pick up the child and the child's feet were bitten by the big dog.

After receiving the medical examination, the child was bitten by the waist, thigh and head, and sewed 3 needles. The dog owner said that the dog usually had a rope and did not pull it when it happened. She also said that the dog had been vaccinated and had relevant documents but did not produce it.

Owner's elevator was scratched by pet dog

Recently, Ms. Bai, who was in Liuzhou, Guangxi, was caught by a pet dog when she took the elevator. She immediately went to the hospital to inject rabies vaccine, which cost over 500 yuan.

In the process of claiming damages to the dog owner, Ms. Bai was asked to sign a letter of undertaking. It was stated in the clause that "after the rabies vaccine was launched, all consequences were borne by herself", and Ms. Bai could not accept it. The dog owner thinks that this is out of fear that it has never been able to finish.

Community rushed out of rhubarb dog to tear 4 year old girl

On the evening of April 26th, a 4 year old girl and grandmother in Nanning, Guangxi, were attacked by a rhubarb dog when playing in a community stadium. Grandmother beat the head of the dog with her hand, and then rescued the child as soon as it relaxed. The dog went to bite the old man again. The old man sat down on the floor with crushing fractures of the lumbar spine.

Residential property staff said, the district management is strict, there will be no stray dogs to enter. At present, they have handed over the rhubarb dogs to the police. But a few days later, the owners of the dogs never showed up, and they did not know the origin of the dog.

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