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"Without millions of betrothal gifts, I can only pretend that my daughter does not have children, which is for her good".

ark567 @ 2019/10/09

Wen Jie

I saw a reader's message on the Internet: "my daughter has not contacted us recently, which makes us very worried. What will she do if she doesn't give us support in the future? This is the case. My daughter was very cute from childhood. When I was doing business with his father, I stayed in my hometown. Later, with his son, he could not afford it economically, and he never received it. When my daughter went to college, I and her father asked her to report to the school here, so that she would come back to see us every week. She was very obedient and did it.

"But when I was in my junior year, I suddenly told me that I was pregnant and wanted to get married. The boy came, we let him kneel outside the door, only millions of bride price to do, for the sake of his daughter's future life. But my daughter turned her elbow out and asked me how much I wanted to marry. Later, the boy bought a car at home, willing to give two hundred thousand betrothal gifts, pay the house down payment. We naturally do not agree that daughters marry so far, who will give us pension? "

So later, the mother lied about her serious illness and let her daughter destroy her child. When the daughter knew the truth, she treated them coldly and did not go home very often. For the time being, I would not comment on whether the parents did the right thing.

Hidden men behind the economic reasons

Nowadays few people are more patriarchal than men, and they can treat their children equally. At least, they can treat children equally. But this reader obviously did not do it. In the early days when he was doing business, he was busy and had no time to take care of his daughter, so he stayed in his hometown. By the end of the economic foundation, I had a son, but I couldn't get my daughter to my side because of the expense.

Obviously, there are many opportunities to take care of her daughter, but because she puts her daughter at the back of all things, she has no opportunity and no financial support. And because she was with her grandparents, she learned to look at others and make people happy, and became a good child in her parents' eyes.

But she lacks love and care, and is a child without sense of security. So in the face of her boyfriend's careful care, in order to seize this warmth, involuntary fall into the trap. In the final analysis, it is because the parents are more patriarchal and let the children lack love and care, so they blindly face love.

Consider only that you do not stand in the perspective of your daughter.

When I was in college, I was very relaxed because I could go shopping or play with 32 friends on weekends. However, readers are not in need of their daughters when their daughters do not need to have their own friends. But the child is asked to come back to see her every week, without leaving her to play with her friends.

Moreover, when the daughter is pregnant, what the readers think is not the other party's character, but whether it is good for the daughter, but the consideration of the bride price, considering whether the daughter is providing for herself. After the daughter knocked the child off, she was not thinking about her body's eating, but worried about her daughter's bad behavior.

"Without millions of betrothal gifts, I can only pretend to be sick and let my daughter destroy the children, which is for her good". I can only say that the mother thinks only of herself from the beginning to the end. If she thinks half of her daughter, it will not cause such a situation. As parents, we should try our best to take care of our children, teach our daughters to love themselves and protect ourselves. If in the event of something like this, consider the problem comprehensively and see if the man has any sense of responsibility, whether he is good or not, and loves his daughter.

If the other person is good in everything, and the daughter is willing, it may be a good marriage. If not, respect your daughter's advice and provide her daughter with reference. Now that it has happened, it is necessary to minimize the harm to the daughter.

Netizens, what do you think of it?