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In the first place of history, today, the enterprise of breaking up and breaking the science and technology board has come again.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/11/07

Ke Chuang plate, which was built by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and vigorously anticipated by the market, has been praised as the domestic NASDAQ plate and the high tech listing Center since the beginning of the plan. In July this year, the first batch of 25 listed companies of the science and technology board came on the stage, displaying the crazy money making Xiao Yingguang ring, attracting many large investors and institutions to vote.

However, in the 3 months of the operation of the science and technology board, there are more and more enterprises listed by IPO, and the forests are getting bigger. There are also various problems. For example, the content of "hi tech", the quality of enterprises and the pricing of IPO are relatively high. In recent years, the company's share price performance of the new board of Lu Ke has no obvious strong money making effect of the first 25 companies. In November 6th, Chuang Ke board was born in the history of the stock market.

The first one is ho Haisheng, which opened a low price of 88.53 yuan / share today and broke its IPO issue price of 89.23 yuan / share (42.20 P / E). And this is just the sixth trading day of hahaisheng branch's landing board. Hahaishengke is a Shanghai pharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the research, production and sale of biomedical materials. Its products are mainly used in four core areas: Ophthalmology, plastic surgery and wound care, Department of orthopedics, anti adhesion and hemostasis.

It is worth noting that hahaisheng Ke is also a A+H listed company, the first "H+ science and Innovation Board" listed in the biopharmaceutical enterprise aura. , The listing of the company on the Hong Kong stock market is referred to as Hao Hai biotechnology, but as of today's afternoon, its quotation in the Hong Kong stock market is only HK $44.50 / share, which is less than half of its IPO issue price in the A share market. In addition, hahaisheng branch had a decline in net profit in the first three quarters of this year, achieving a net profit of 251 million yuan, down 10.04% from the same period last year.

The second one is the long day new material, which only officially landed on the Science Board yesterday. The first day's gain was only 6.4%. In today's sharp jump, it opened to the market and dropped to 66.01 yuan / share in the morning, breaking the IPO issue price of 66.68 yuan / share, breaking the market on the second th, which is the weakest stock in the stock market so far.

Long day new material, a chemical enterprise located in Tianjin, is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sale of series of photoinitiators. It can land on the scientific and Technological Innovation Board of high-tech enterprises listed on the market. There is little doubt about the market. After its confirmation that the IPO issue price is as high as 66.68 yuan / share and the issue price earnings ratio is 42.16 times, this scene is even more intense, which is finally reflected in the two level market.

After Hau Haisheng and long day new material break up, there are also many stock breaking companies that are currently in crisis. For example, African mobile phone Wang Chuang Yin holdings, BOLN Germany, Dept, Xinguang photoelectric, Rong Bai technology and Tian Jun technology have also broken their way, but at present, there are only 50 stocks of the science and technology board which has completed the listing and accepted investors' transactions. Under this scenario, the further reform of the Chuang Chuang board, especially the issue of the issue price of IPO, should also be reconsidered. Otherwise, it will only hurt investors' vision of the science and technology board and affect the construction of the domestic NASDAQ plate.

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