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[science and technology morning 7 o'clock] Fortune magazine praised millet as a great company. Trump called Cook "a great executive".

yidumedingyue @ 2019/08/23

Good morning, technology circle.

[honeytech morning post] Five hundred and sixty-nine stage

One The Ministry of industry and Commerce interviewed three operators, asking for self checking whether 4G slowed down.

In view of Internet rumors, "in order to build 5G limit 4G network", the Ministry of communications, director of the communications department, Wen Ku said that the three operators will be interviewed, requiring operators to conduct self-examination, and whether such orders have been followed. At the same time, it will also guide operators to actively expand and upgrade the network.

Once honey comment

This is just like infertility. Who is so glad to admit it? Compare the current speed with the speed of publicity when 4G was launched.

2. three operators earn 400 million a day, and 5G will be commercially available in September 1st.

As of 22 days, three major operators in the first half of 2019 financial reports and operational data released. By calculation, the three operators in the first half made a net profit of 72 billion 988 million yuan, earning an average of about 403 million yuan per day. In addition, there is news that there are news that the three operators will be commercially available to 5G in September 1st. Mobile, Unicom and Telecom said there was no subsidy plan for 5G phones for the time being.

Once honey comment

Making money is a good thing, but word of mouth is not eaten.

3. the mailbox is intended to be included in the statutory personal information, and personal information is also under consideration.

The 22 draft of the civil rights code was submitted to the Standing Committee of the thirteen National People's Congress for the three instance. Considering that the e-mail address and trace information of individuals also have the function of identifying specific natural persons, draft three reviewers incorporate the two into the scope of personal information.

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The skirt is a good skirt, that is, sometimes the wind is not serious.

4.2019 China's top 500 private enterprises released: HUAWEI Hainan Suning top three

2019 China's top 500 private enterprises released. HUAWEI ranked first in revenue of 721 billion 200 million, and HNA and Suning were two or three respectively, with revenues of 618 billion 300 million and 602 billion 500 million respectively. Jingdong, Lenovo and Gome entered the top ten. The threshold for the top 500 is 18 billion 585 million.

Once honey comment

Ali, Tencent behind the hair cool: always feel that some ignorant people pretend to be behind me.

5. nuts mobile WeChat account changed to byte beating company.

A few days ago, the mobile phone WeChat public account was moved. The name of the new account is still the nut cell phone. The main body of the account is changed from Beijing hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to Beijing special Creative Technology Limited. Data from the sky eye show that the Beijing Creative Technology Limited investment partners are byte beating.

Once honey comment

Hammer technology and small blue bike tell us that things are good, that is, business problems, some people are willing to accept the probability of disk will be relatively large.

6. Fortune magazine praised millet as a great company.

Lei Jun said he received the fortune magazine and said he wanted to collect it. It is reported that fortune magazine published an article recently. In the article, Fortune magazine gives a detailed account of the situation and vision of Xiaomi company, and quotes a remark from Lei Jun micro-blog, saying: "good companies make profits and great companies win hearts and minds."

Once honey comment

Millet stock is very puzzled: Are you ok? Why am I still so low?

7. Trump: Cook is a "great executive" because he finds me when he has problems.

Trump, President of the United States, said Apple Corp CEO Cook was "a great executive". This is not because Cook runs a successful big company. Trump says it is because he will call him whenever he has problems.

Once honey comment

Cook, who just wanted to drill under the table, cried: I am not, I am not.

8.iPhone uses old parts to build new phones to solve e-waste problems.

According to fortune, apple is trying to solve the e-waste problem with a recycling robot: the new iPhone that will be used in the future may be made up of old iPhone parts. The robot can separate pure plastic, metal and glass fragments from unusable iPhone, and is currently handling about 1 million mobile phones in Apple's "old change" project.

Once honey comment

Samsung cried: apple is environmentally friendly, so I do it by digging money and shameless.

9. Apple responded to iPhone radiation exceeding standards: compliance and restrictions

The Chicago Tribune has tested the radiofrequency radiation level of 11 smart phones. Some of the iPhone radiation exceeds the safety limit, and the worst performance is iPhone 7. Apple declared that all iPhone models were certified by the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. After careful evaluation of the test models and subsequent validation, it was confirmed that they met the requirements.

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They all blame the bad phone signal. Intel, come back to the pot.

10. congressional review panel launches electronic cigarette company

Four leading electronic cigarette manufacturers in the United States will face an investigation into the health effects of their products. It is reported that the energy and Commerce Committee of the house of Representatives challenged the research and marketing practice of the four electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Once honey comment

If we draw lessons from such a posture that we can't bear to go to the dead, we will not be in a state of being interviewed every day.

11. research shows that more self timer will be considered worse.

Chris Barry, a professor of psychology at Washington State University, said that compared with photographs taken by others, self photographing will get more negative evaluations, such as loneliness and losers. He explained that the pictures taken by others seemed more natural and closer to life, and self acting was sometimes more strange.

Once honey comment

I think this research offends a lot of people.

12. Qualcomm responded to 5G chip scrap OPPO, millet: fake news

Samsung has caused all the discards of Qualcomm 5G chips to be uploaded on the network, claiming that the 5G chip is out of order, resulting in all scrapping, which has an impact on 5G phones such as millet, OPPO and vivo. In this regard, the Qualcomm side said that this is a false news, the official response is in the collaborative communication.

Once honey comment

Samsung is very tired: is it easy for me to launch a conference? Why do people always do things?

13. HUAWEI female executives: if the United States prohibits HUAWEI 5G, GDP will shrink by 240 billion US dollars in 6 years.

Recently, RCR wireless news released an exclusive interview with Joy Tan, senior vice president of public affairs of HUAWEI. For the entity list, Joy said that the US government affected American enterprises, not just Intel, Qualcomm, but also many small and medium enterprises. She also quoted U.S. consulting firm estimates that if the United States banned HUAWEI 5G, it would lead to a reduction of US $241 billion in the US GDP in the next six years.

Once honey comment

Should we not support the bad things in the United States?

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