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A few days ago, the puppy was thrown on the roadside. It struggled and struggled in the puddle.

mczys001 @ 2019/12/20

In real life, we The most angry thing is to bully children. The children are still young. They do not have their own knowledge, especially those infants and young children who are not able to resist anything. The same is true for Those animals that were born soon, can you watch them hurt?

This dog in the photo is called Bu Bu. It was born just a few days ago, and it was relentlessly thrown at the roadside. 。 Look at the scene. It was thrown away with a container containing water. It was lying in a puddle. Instinctively desperately calling for help! Until a passer from here discovered it, and at first thought it was dead and approached. Find it still breathing!

If there is no photo, I I can't imagine anyone being so cruel. To throw such a small life on the roadside. Passers-by sent the dog who had been dying to the hospital because The puppy is so small that it has not even learned to suck the nipple while feeding.

In order to save it, it can only be used first. The syringe is forced to feed it. Gradually, the puppy began to drink milk, which is a good sign.

So little dog, because there is no mother around, so The owner needs to stay at his side and observe the situation. It will be fine if we wait for the dangerous period. Under the doctor's advice and instructions, passers-by brought the puppy home to take care of it slowly, and immediately returned to the hospital for questioning. For a week, the passers-by had not had a good rest. Thankfully, the puppy's body slowly returned to normal.

Passers-by shared their experience of feeding their puppies to social networks, though The puppy's experience is heartache, but its strong vitality has moved many netizens. 。 Many people have witnessed that it has grown from such a small point to a puppy, especially the owner, seeing such a change. I feel that everything is worth it.

So-called After the blessing I hope that the puppy will grow healthily in the future and become a beloved dog. also Condemn those who trample on weak life. People, the consequences of what you do is not not reported, but the time has not arrived!

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