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Super tough! The Chinese luxury SUV of the 2.0T+ motor has taken a new record.

gzwcjs @ 2019/10/09

Some things, it never exists to defeat all opponents. It looks at the whole era. Just like a PHEV model, it has entered the desert for an unprecedented time. It has opened the desert cross country era of hybrid SUV. Its name is VV7 PHEV.

On October 1st -5, every year, a grand gathering will be held in the hinterland of Tengger Desert in the far northwest, and a cross country enthusiast from all over the country will gather in Alashan, which is known as the "cross country sanctuary". Alashan has always been the forbidden place for many cities SUV dare not go over. At this year's Heroes' meeting, Alashan has ushered in a special event -- "WEY VV7 PHEV desert challenge," accompanied by a symbol that never appeared in the desert PHEV, the first VV7 PHEV.

It is admirable to drive the PHEV model into the desert and dare to eat crab. But why does a mixed urban orientation SUV have the courage to challenge the cross country holy land Alashan? How extraordinary is it to be so confident?

In this event, Wei Jianjun, the founder of WEY brand, came on the stage as a mysterious driver. With a forever young mentality and a spirit of never giving up, she was personally on the VV7 PHEV platform for the brand new plug-in hybrid vehicle that will soon be listed on the WEY brand. He competed fiercely with the four omnipotent champion Lu long lung, the Vietnam wild power fighter, aegigler, the new generation formula formula driver He Zijian, the China GT champion driver, and the 2017 Asian Reynolds formula runner up GUI Meng.

Under such a luxurious Title competition, Wei Jianjun, the founder of WEY brand, is the first to manage VV7 PHEV to challenge the "desert vehicle God" laurel. This is a close competition and a dream battle. As we all know, Wei Jianjun has been exposed in many fields to show enthusiasm for car racing. He has also admitted that he has a persistent dream of becoming a professional racing driver. He won the reputation of "Baoding car God" by 20 years old with his brilliant and amazing drift stunt. "Racing driver Wei Jianjun" became the first impression of the whole nation.

Wei Jianjun's dream of racing car has never been forgotten. The king will come back in another way. The impact of "Baoding car God" on "desert vehicle God" not only realizes Wei Jianjun's dream of competing with professional racing athletes in professional sports field, but also makes him the founder of China's first automobile brand to participate in cross-country rally, which confirms Wei Jianjun's young mentality as a racing driver.

The Wei Jianjun chase "desert vehicle God" is also the first automobile brand founder for his own brand platform platform. With his experience of racing car and the concept of car making, Wei Jianjun shows you VV7 PHEV's confidence and strength in person. The desert cross country challenge tests not only the driving skills and psychological qualities of racing drivers, but also extremely stringent requirements for the overall performance of cars, especially in terms of power, handling and passing. Professional off-road racing cars are usually diesel or gasoline versions, while plug-in hybrid VV7 PHEV is used as the off-road racing vehicle to become China's first PHEV model challenging the Alashan desert cross country. This also shows Wei Jianjun's confidence in the overall strength of VV7 PHEV.

A PHEV vehicle, under many people's conventional thinking, should be insulated from such things as "cross-country". But in VV7 PHEV, professors have seen many design considerations for complex use environments. The world of mixed SUV can only be confined to cities built of reinforced concrete walls. WEY wants to break this!

The key to fighting against the sand lies in seeking stability quickly and ensuring stability in the middle. The fastest way is to make the wheels free from the shackles of the sand. VV7 PHEV has made preparations. The efficient plug-in hybrid system is composed of a 2.0T turbocharged engine that is responsible for driving the front wheels and a permanent magnet synchronous motor driving the rear wheels. The former has the maximum power 167kW and the maximum torque 387Nm can output the maximum torque at 1800 turns, the latter has the maximum power 85kW and the maximum torque 195Nm. The BSG motor can also provide 15kW and 50Nm when the accelerator accelerates. The three complement each other, let VV7 PHEV conquer the Wanli yellow sand with a relaxed attitude.

Admittedly, the use scenario of a PHEV vehicle will be mostly in the city, thanks to the joining of motors, it can make up for the weakness of internal combustion engine under the condition of low torque and shorten the starting time. When there is demand for overtaking, the motor can also help the internal combustion engine. The overtaking process will definitely not give the driver a sense of guilty about "little horse drawn cart".

At the same time, VV7 PHEV is used as a hybrid vehicle, and the exclusive Sport+ mode can use every sub power to the limit. Under this mode, the same throttle opening can achieve higher torque demand, gearbox delay lifting gear, and early downshift. At the same time, starting from the motor, the output torque is fixed, the engine speed is increased, the starting is smoother, and the situation of heavy oil in the desert is effectively prevented.

The changing road conditions are the inherent characteristics of Alashan. Sometimes climbing, sometimes drift and bending, and speeding at a speed at the same time are the great test for the fast switching ability of multi scene vehicles. Fortunately, VV7 PHEV is equipped with China's first and globally advanced technology for "rear axle two gear drive." Compared with the fixed gear ratio reducer, the electric drive axle can give the driving mode of the vehicle a single choice. After using the two gearbox, it can adjust the shift to output a more reasonable dynamic curve according to different working conditions, thus having higher starting acceleration and better climbing performance, taking into account low speed acceleration, climbing and high speed assist, and the acceleration performance is increased by 25%. In addition, a wider and more efficient motor working area can be achieved through precise gear shifting, which can increase energy conversion efficiency and improve power consumption per hundred kilometers by 5%, so that drivers can have confidence in dealing with all kinds of complex road conditions in Alashan.

A good horse also needs a saddle. The electronic gearbox of VV7 PHEV uses monostable design. After each operation, the electronic shifter will return to its original state. The maximum operating angle of the electronic shifter is about ten degrees, and the stroke is shorter. The electronic shifter is divided into two levels of operation, and the shifting force increases with the increase of the angle of operation. The short shift schedule can give full play to the potential of a powerful power system.

All pleasure and pleasure must be built on the premise of full safety, and stability is for safety. The rear suspension newly adjusted aluminum alloy lower arm, through lightweight material application and structure optimization and other measures, realizes the weight reduction of the vehicle over 65kg. It also adjusts the spiral spring stiffness adjustment, the stabilizer bar detail adjustment, and the suspension bushing performance and so on, so that VV7 PHEV is moving steadily, and it is also the bottom of the car that can wantonly ride under harsh road conditions.

Traveling in the desert, where the car is going, it will surely raise the yellow sand and dust. The sight is blocked and the safety is not guaranteed. At this point, VV7 PHEV has millimeter wave radar, forward looking camera, ADAS map, 360 panoramic view, and a passive passive safety configuration that can be used in the industry. It can act as a driver's eye to clear up the obstacles ahead and provide timely and clear road feedback. If the scene is switched to the urban pavement, a variety of safety configurations will enable each journey to be safely surrounded.

There is no difference between you and me. We must pay attention to our driving safety and take into account the safety of other vehicle drivers. The WEY VV7 PHEV configuration of ADB adaptive remote sensing function can realize the intelligent control of high light. The 18 zones can be controlled in real time. The vehicle in front of the vehicle is automatically controlled by the forward looking camera to control the brightness of the beam in the corresponding area, so as to avoid blinding effect on the front vehicle, while ensuring the best view of the driver, and ensuring the safety of the driving of the other side. This function will be a sharp weapon for the night race in the suburbs of cities, especially those with no isolation zones. First, according to the position and distance of the front vehicle, the lighting area should be adjusted accordingly to avoid glare and protect others. Secondly, combined with ALS's matrix LED headlamp, it can automatically adjust the lighting angle by perceiving the information of driver's operation, vehicle running state and road surface change, so as to provide the driver with the best illumination height / illumination distance and protect his own safety. And compared to the 650 VV7 distance of BMW's latest laser headlights, the PHEV has exceeded 700 meters.

Thrilling and thrilling races inspire the driver's adrenaline, and his heart can't calm for a long time. Extinguishing the engine, pushing the door open, and the beautiful sunset glow are very attractive under the magnificent Gobi. The VV7 PHEV, who is still advancing forward in the battle field, stands quietly beside the driver, gracefully streamlined body, sports textured tail, and beautiful scenery. Hand in hand with those who fight side by side, enjoy the magnificent picture of VV7 PHEV and Alashan. The ingenious leather seats, exquisite stitching design, excellent surface lap, and excellent NVH mute system can reduce the fatigue of drivers in the extreme driving and minimize their fatigue and give them more energy to feel the beauty and enjoyment brought by VV7 PHEV and Alashan.

Behind the strength of powerful products, there are always strong enterprises' R & D strength and ideas to support them. It is easy to see through VV7 PHEV's courage to rush into a hot blood in Alashan. In the auto industry constantly changing and developing, Wei Jianjun has chosen to integrate with the times and go forward side by side. The development direction of openness, tolerance and internationalization has trained WEY's "unchanged" car making philosophy in the "change".

Based on the present and looking into the future. When the volume exceeds 300 thousand, the WEY brand is already a model for luxury brands in China, but we should also be prepared to plan for the future and plan for the future. To smooth the 5G trend, WEY has pioneered the strategic cooperation with China Mobile in the field of 5G intelligent driving, and has made some progress in V2X vehicle road coordination technology. The intelligent cockpit developed by ourselves has completed the long distance driving test in June this year.

With strength and sentiment, landing research centers have been established in Japan, the United States, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea, and the eight global R & D centers covering Europe, Asia and North America have been constructed with Baoding headquarters as the core. Over the past 4 years, more than 1600 people have invested more than 1600 people, and up to about 10000000000 of their funds have been used for R & D, so that WEY has the largest R & D center in China and the largest test drive site.

In the next few years, there will be more than 10 billion scale investment in R & D, the establishment of world-class engine laboratory, vehicle research and development center and fuel cell research and development center. These will undoubtedly boost WEY's position towards the status of luxury brand leaders step by step.

The deepest feeling from VV7 PHEV is: the determination and attitude of WEY brand in making cars and entering the luxury market. Perhaps the young man, once known as "Baoding car God", has created WEY with his own name after having honor and accumulation. The idea may be very simple: do not do it or do it.

"A little progress every day" is the slogan of enterprises, and Wei Jianjun's motto is to surpass himself yesterday. For progress and transcendence, Wei Jianjun dares to face difficulties and challenges. This led Wei Jianjun and VV7 PHEV to become the first Chinese car brand founder and the first Chinese electric vehicle hybrid vehicle to compete in Alashan's cross-country challenge.

Faced with the aspiration of middle age, Wei Jianjun was not lost in front of wealth and achievements, and did not live steadily in the comfort zone. The young car dream drove him on, and the hot heart of the car incited him to challenge himself and his car again and again, trying to make WEY the leader of the world's luxury SUV.
The world is changing and its original intention has not changed.
Only if we don't forget our original mind, will we always have to.