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Newest! 56! Haining 37 units open recruitment business development! It should be noted that...

dachaohn @ 2019/10/09

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Career development Recruitment!

Haining 37 families Government-affiliated institutions

A total of Posts launched 52

Planning staffing staff 56 place

Various posts

Many unlimited household registration!

Let's see if you need it.

What jobs are there?

Haining Talent Network

Latest release

Haining public institutions in 2019

Announcement of open recruitment staff

In order to meet the needs of the staff of Haining public institutions, according to the Provisional Regulations on the recruitment of personnel in Zhejiang public institutions (Zhejiang talent [2007] 184) and the Provisional Regulations on the recruitment of personnel in Haining public institutions (No. 4 of the Haihe Office [2007]) and the implementation opinions of the classified recruitment of public institutions (Haizheng office issued [2014] 124), the government decided to open up the staff of public institutions for the public.

What jobs are there?

What are the requirements?

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A kind of

Look at the time, place and precautions.

Basic conditions for recruitment

(1) having the nationality of People's Republic of China, having good political and ideological qualities, and supporting the party's line, principles and policies.

(two) with good moral character, law-abiding, diligent and eager to learn, love their work.

(three) physical conditions with post requirements; Age requirements range from 18 to 35 years of age (from October 13, 1983 to October 13, 2001). Among those who have a master's degree, the age can be relaxed to 40 years of age and below (born after October 13, 1978), with doctoral degree or higher professional qualification, and the age can be relaxed to 45 years of age and below (born after October 13, 1973).

(four) qualifications and degree requirements required for recruitment. And obtained a diploma and degree certificate before October 13, 2019. (overseas students obtained the overseas education degree certificate from overseas education service center of the Ministry of Education).

(five) other requirements for recruitment.

Recruitment unit, post and requirement

(1) The public recruitment of a total of 37 institutions launched 52 jobs, plans to recruit 56 staffing staff. Specific recruitment units, recruitment posts, numbers and qualification conditions are detailed in the 2019 Haining public employment recruitment plan and post requirements form (hereinafter referred to as the recruitment plan).

(two) setting up the proportion of recruitment examination. In the same post, the number of confirmation fees is 3 times lower than that of the recruitment plan, and the recruitment plan will be reduced or cancelled accordingly.

(three) persons with permanent resident accounts in Haining (with the location of their residence in October 13, 2019 as the criterion), and some posts facing Jiaxing, Zhejiang and nationwide recruitment (see recruitment plan). Those who have a master's degree or above or who have secondary and senior professional qualifications are not subject to household registration restrictions.

(four) education and academic degrees shall be subject to the corresponding documents issued by the state educational administration. The position needed for recruitment is set up and examined by the recruitment office and its superior department in the light of the professional catalogue of the national educational administration department.

(five) the time required for the recruitment of jobs to be qualified (with the time of issuing the document or the time of issuing the certificate), and the job experience required by the recruitment post. Unified until October 13, 2019.

(six) through the self-taught examination, adult education, TV University and other non full-time full-time college education examination personnel. You can apply for a diploma before October 13, 2019.

(seven) The entry object for college student village official "post 1" refers to:

In the administrative area of Haining, the staff who participated in the University village official service for 2 years, the annual assessment is competent and above, and are still in the service position. In the administrative area of Haining, the staff who participated in the project of the university student village official service were full of 2 jobs, and the annual assessment was over 3 years.

The entry object for college student village official "post 2" refers to:

In the administrative area of Haining, the staff who participated in the project of the university student village official service were full of 2 jobs, and the annual examinations were all qualified for the year.

(eight) one of the following situations is not included in the scope of this recruitment:

1. active servicemen and persons with a civil servant status of less than 5 years (including probationary period);

2. in full-time full-time colleges and universities that are out of production, they can not apply for academic degrees or certificates.

3. the violation of discipline and law is being examined by the discipline inspection organs or judicial organs, and no conclusion has yet been reached. Be punished by Party discipline or disciplinary action.

4. the notifications issued by the State Civil Service Bureau on the inspection of civil servants recruitment (No. 2 [No. 2013] of the public administration bureau) shall not be designated as one of the candidates for employment.

5. candidates may not apply for registration and recruitment units have "Zhejiang provincial institutions open recruitment personnel Interim Provisions" thirtieth of the list of evasive positions.

6. persons who are not permitted to be employed as staff of public institutions in accordance with laws and regulations.

Recruitment procedures and methods

The recruitment should be carried out in accordance with the principles of openness, equality, competition and merit, and adhere to the standard of employing personnel with both ability and integrity. According to the procedures of issuing recruitment notices, registration, written examination, qualification review and interview, physical examination, investigation, publicity and employment, etc.

(1) enrolment. The open recruitment of Haining public institutions adopts the form of online registration.

1. register online.

Time: October 13, 2019 9: October 17th October 17th. Candidates register on the Zhejiang personnel examination network online registration system ( and register personal information, then select units and posts to register, and each applicant will limit one job. Registration is not registered. It is considered invalid.

Candidates should carefully read the letter of commitment, according to the job requirements and online registration system prompts, truthfully, accurately and completely fill in the relevant information, upload the use of official website to provide "photo audit tools" processing of my recent photos.

2. qualification examination.

Time: October 13, 2019 - October 18. Applicants can check the results online and fail to pass the first instance. Through the initial examination, they can no longer register for other posts; if they fail to pass the initial qualification examination, but still apply for the online registration period, they can re register and accept the qualification examination.

3. confirmation of payment.

Time: October 19, 2019 9: 22 October 12, 00. The applicants who have passed the qualification examination will pay the confirmation of the online payment at the same website. The examination fee is 100 yuan per person. Failure to complete payment confirmation within specified time is regarded as waiver of qualification. Applicants for special posts for disabled persons are exempt from examination fees.

The posts that have been abolished through the qualification examination and the completion of the confirmation of the fees have not been completed. The candidates can apply for the posts in the recruitment plan of Jiaxing (including five counties and two districts) in the prescribed time. Those that have not been changed over time shall be regarded as waiver of registration and refund of examination fees.

4. download and print the admission ticket.

The payment confirmation staff has been completed. November 6, 2019 - 8 November Login Zhejiang provincial personnel examination online registration system ( Download and print the ticket.

(two) written examination. Written examination is organized by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and the examination time is November 9, 2019. The written examination subjects are:

9:00 to 11:30 a.m. "comprehensive application ability"

The occupational aptitude test at 14:00 p.m.

Among them, the occupational aptitude test is an objective question. 2B pencil is used to fill in the answer card. "Comprehensive application ability" is the main theme, written in black ink pen in the designated position of the answer card (paper), answer invalid in the title or other positions, the full score is 100 points.

Candidates must carry the admission ticket and the second generation ID card or valid identity card at the same time, and take the examination according to the time and place specified in the ticket. The place of examination is based on the quasi textual research.

(three) qualification review and interview.

Interview candidates according to the position, according to the written examination results from high score to low 1: The proportion of 3 is determined, and the written examination is absent from the exam. After the qualification review, if there is a deficiency of the prescribed proportion, the interview object shall be determined according to the actual number.

Before the interview, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security uniformly organized the recruitment departments in charge of recruitment departments, together with recruitment units, and conducted on-site qualification review at the prescribed time and place. At the time of qualification review, the interviewee must provide the original and photocopy of his valid identity card and other related certificates. The original and photocopy of the relevant certificates (certificates) and certificates, such as diploma, degree certificate, professional technical qualification certificate, etc., required for registration. Overseas students are required to provide overseas (Overseas) academic degree certificates issued by the China Education Service Center of the Ministry of education. The authorized student should submit a written confirmation of the application submitted by the entrusted training unit. Applicants must be provided with relevant supporting materials for registration.

The interview for the graduates of village officials should be provided by the Organization Department of the CPC Haining Municipal Committee for 2 years. Or to provide the certificate issued by the Organization Department of the CPC Haining Municipal Committee for 2 full years of service, over 3 years of assessment and leaving the service post for less than 3 years (or staying in the village).

If the certificate (certificate) is incomplete or the certificate provided is not in conformity with the qualification criteria, it is not allowed to participate in the interview. If I fail to participate in the qualification review according to the prescribed time and place, I shall be regarded as giving up the interview.

48 hours before the start of qualification review, if the person who has obtained the interview qualification is confirmed not to be eligible for reexamination, the written examination result from the high score to the low score will be added. Failing to participate in qualification review or qualification reexamination according to the prescribed time and place shall no longer be filled.

The interview work is organized and implemented by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, and structured interview is adopted.

The interview score is 100 points, the qualification is divided into 60 points, and those who fail to pass the interview can not be included in the physical examination or investigation. The time and location of the interview will be announced.

(four) physical examination.

After the interview, the written examination results and interview scores will be combined to calculate the total score. If the total score is equal, the higher ranking of the written test is in the front and the other is equal. The formula of total score is: Total score = written test results * test subjects number x 40%+ interview result * 60%.

According to the total score, the city's Bureau of human resources and social security has 1 of the recruitment plan: The 1 ratio determines the physical examination, the object of investigation, the unqualified or voluntary abandonment of the physical examination, and the supplement in turn. The physical examination work is carried out by the Ministry of personnel and social affairs, the former Ministry of health and the State Civil Service Bureau on the notice of further examination of the recruitment of civil servants (No. 65, No. 2012 of the Ministry of personnel and Social Affairs). The physical examination was carried out by the Ministry of personnel and social affairs, the former State Health Planning Commission and the state civil service bureau. The notice on Revision of the general standards for civil service recruitment examination (Trial Implementation) and civil service recruitment examination manual (Trial Implementation) was carried out (No. 2016] 140.

Candidates do not attend physical examination according to the prescribed time and place. They are regarded as giving up physical examination. The cost of physical examination is self-care.

(five) investigation.

The investigation is organized and implemented by the competent departments of the recruitment units. The investigation was carried out in accordance with the notice of the National Civil Service Bureau on the inspection of the recruitment of civil servants (No. 2 [2013] of the National Public Administration Bureau). It mainly inspects the qualified personnel who have been qualified for physical examination during the specified time, examines the qualification conditions, and examines the situation of virtue, ability, diligence, achievement, honesty and avoidance. The results only serve as the basis for the employment, and examine the unqualified or voluntary abandonment in turn.

Before the implementation of the physical examination and inspection, the new regulations of the state and the province shall be implemented according to the new regulations.

(six) publicity.

According to physical examination, inspection results and so on, determine the list of persons to be recruited, and publicized 7 working days on the website of the city's Bureau of human social security. After the expiration of the public notice, they shall be employed if they do not reflect problems or reflect problems and do not affect hiring. Those who reflect the employment problems and find the evidence will not be employed. If the problems are difficult to verify, they will be postponed until they are cleared up before deciding whether to employ them.

Decide not to hire, no longer fill.

(seven) employment.

After determining the candidates, the regulations shall be implemented in accordance with the detailed rules for the implementation of the personnel appointment system of public institutions in Zhejiang province. If the intended employee fails to report within the specified time without proper reasons, he shall cancel the qualification. The recruited personnel must terminate the labor contract before the registration.

The primary and secondary school teachers are invited to report to the school where they have been selected. They are determined to be employed. After the negotiation is terminated with the school, the employment procedures will be processed within the prescribed time.

The employed personnel are included in the establishment management, and the employment contract is signed with the recruitment unit, and the probation period is stipulated according to the stipulations. After the probation expires, those who have passed the examination shall be formally employed. Unqualified, cancel employment.

Other matters

(1) Applicants must register and sign up between October 13, 2019 and September 9, 17 and 16:00. Registration is not valid. If there is a household registration requirement, as of October 13, 2019, those who are still in the process of relocation are not allowed to apply for registration. Please register your application and confirm that I have settled down.

(two) applicants must sign up with second generation ID cards in the validity period. The identity card number required for registration and examination must be the same. The valid ID cards required for written examination, qualification review, interview and physical examination all refer to the second generation of resident identity cards, passports, passports, temporary identity cards, and household registration certificates issued by public security departments with the seal of public security organs.

(three) the information and materials submitted by candidates for registration in the initial registration and qualification review should be true, accurate and effective. Those who provide false application materials for obtaining the qualification for examination shall be cancelled once they are verified. Those who cheat or take the examination qualification or maliciously sign up for forgery or alteration of relevant documents, materials or information shall be eligible for cancellation and shall be dealt with according to relevant regulations. The identification and handling of violations of discipline in examinations shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations on the handling of violation of discipline and regulations in public institutions (No. thirty-fifth of the Ministry of personnel and Social Affairs).

(four) applicants for difficult families should be in October 21, 2019: 17: 00, I will fax the personal identity card and the County Office of Civil Affairs (poverty alleviation) issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (poverty alleviation) to the personnel management and technical department of the Municipal Bureau of human social security. 0573-89232899, fax 0573-87226640), which is exempt from examination fee after examination.

(five) "working experience for 2 years or more" means: It has accumulated 2 years or more experience in various organs, enterprises, institutions and other economic organizations, social organizations, production front-line and rural areas, or in the army, self employment, and self employment. Participation in social practice, internship and part-time jobs during full-time schooling is not a working experience. When attending full-time universities, they can not work as a work experience even if they sign a labor contract.

(six) according to the notice issued by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security on the inclusion of candidates' information of violation of discipline and regulations in personnel examination into the credit system of personnel examination, personnel recruitment examination involves the following actions: Willingly destroy the examination paper, answer sheet, answer card, or bring the examination paper, answer sheet and answer card out of the examination room. Plagiarism, assistance in plagiarism, taking false certificates for examination, using prohibited self-contained communication equipment, computing or storing functional electronic devices, collusion with cheating or organizing cheating, taking examinations by others or impersonating others to take examinations, etc., will be published on the credit network of Zhejiang.

(seven) the public recruitment examination does not specify the reference books. The Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security does not hold or entrust any organization to conduct the guidance and training for this open recruitment examination.

(eight) if you have any objection to this open recruitment and related information, please report it to the personnel management and technical department of the Municipal Social Security Bureau within 5 days from the date of information release, so as to study and deal with it in time.

(nine) when consulting institutions, applicants, academic degrees, professional requirements and other requirements, please contact the recruitment unit directly, and the recruitment phone number of the recruitment unit has been listed on the recruitment plan.

(ten) the matters not covered by this announcement shall be implemented by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security in accordance with the relevant documents. Recruitment announcement, interview list, physical examination, investigation and publicity will be announced on the website of Haining human resources and Social Security Bureau ( Candidates will be able to inquire online. Written examination results can be found in the Zhejiang provincial personnel examination online registration system (

Emphasize! It should be noted that...

Emphasize again!

This recruitment is based on online registration form.

Online registration

October 13th: 9 October - October 17, 16:00

Qualification examination

October 13th - 18 October

Payment confirmation

October 19th 9: 22 October 12: 00

Download and print the admission ticket.

November 6th - 8 November

Written examination

November 9th

These must be remembered.

Don't make a mistake!

Contact number (policy advice)

0573 - 89232899

Service& Support Hotline

0573 - 89232865

56 career posts.

Opportunities are rare!

Don't miss it!

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