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Tell me about the embarrassing experience on the bus.

hahabzc @ 2020/05/17


Sitting in the last row, a roll of brakes on the first row flew to the first row of aunt's feet. Aunt looked calm and asked, "whose flower roll?"

When I was riding with my classmates, many people had no hands. I grabbed my classmates' pants all the way, chatting, talking about excitement, returning her thighs, passing a few stops, patting the men next to me, loosened my hands, and I was going to get off.

On the top of the bus, a pair of lovers held a nice and quiet place. Then the car began to turn around. The girl was next to me. Later, the boy was next to me. I had two people on a big bend, and RNM finally ended up kissing them.

After a brakes, I was subconsciously trying to catch a thing, but suddenly lost the gravitational force. The next side of my sister screamed at the same time. When I saw it, I grabbed the wig.

The driver of the bus stopped brakes. I stood in front of the row, and stood without pulling the handrail. As a result, I rushed forward and pushed my hand into the mouth of the opposite brother. I really felt that I wanted to get into the ground.

The bus suddenly flashed, and the boy pushed the girlfriend out. Then the boy held me tightly.

It's still hard to brake. I'm shorter than my two hands. I almost pull a knob on the hanging hand. A brakes I haven't kept steady. I cling to my hands and I don't care about standing firmly in front of my sitting mother.

With my hands in my pocket, I kept twisting my buttocks.

Sitting in the middle of the last row, brakes the brakes, and stops to the top. In particular, I have no words to say, "to dissolve the embarrassment and tell the driver," hello

Getting off the schoolbag was caught in the door, and I smashed all the instant noodles inside me.

I sat there, and my uncle stood at my side, holding his head on the top of his head, and gave him his seat. A brakes, he pulled his hand down and sat on me.

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