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INthingS / street corner, PALACE Skateboards

chaowanyi2007 @ 2019/10/09


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Tips / PALACE Skateboards

PALACE Skateboards, a skateboard brand from the United Kingdom, was formerly known as a skateboard. Slam City Skates The skateboard shop Lev Tanju Founded, their skateboard house is called Palace, and their early skateboard team is also known as the "capricious palace teen Choir". It was first known that their skateboarding videos were mostly filmed by VHS and used in a low fidelity way to create a retro style. Most of the early costumes are based on Vaporwave elements. Besides skateboards, there are often single products related to football and leaf. Tri-freg logo is one of the memory points that the brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This logo is based on the Penrose triangle, popularized by Roger Penrose, and then created by the designer Fergus Purcell on this basis, with today's PALACE logo.

In recent years, PALACE has increased a lot of complex patterns, with richer clothing categories to deal with the disadvantages of logo itself being easily dissipated. But when it comes to the skateboard brand, the triangle logo is still one of the most striking imprints, and the peripheral products are usually more interesting than Supreme.

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Base / D21-9, Eastern Gaobeidian village, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chinese:INthingS / 街头三角,PALACE Skateboards