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Wang Sicong's "four beauties of the capital" are too low key.

fashion_icon @ 2020/06/29

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In the absence of any hot search, the sister of the wind and waves broke up.

There is no way, who let the group of grandma's Cafe, one more than a bluffing.

In the face of 30 elder sisters' strong aura and their mouths, this program is more suitable for the "directing group of wind and waves".

Of course, since the women's group is chosen, the business ability of the sisters is also serious.

Especially when it's not seen for a long time. Bai Bing On the stage, the audience could not help exclaiming.

The youth of the Lord is coming back again!

In fact, the director said that so many sisters, Bai Bing really matches the original intention and theme of the program.

First of all, Bai Bing's face is the proper appearance of the women's group.

The face is small, the flesh and bones are clear, the mandible is soft, the eyes are charming, the sexy big waves are full of imperial sister fan.

Secondly, she is also the queen of stepping on the stage.

Whether it's the whole wheat live or the latter half of the solo dance, it's not like her "amateur" in her mouth.

Is it clear that slay is the audience?

Especially the amazing shot of the middle card point is almost opened to the hearts of the audience.

In addition to the impeccable hardware and business capabilities, the director wants to talk about her original intention of coming to the show.

Bai Bing once was the first of the four beauties of the city.

As long as these four people are mentioned, many people's first reaction is "ice snow Wei sweet, very rich".

You know, even Wang Sicong is down with them.

It was not until Bai Bing married men's model tertin that everyone still thought that she had gradually vanished from the audience's eyes and became a wealthy wife.

But what is unexpected is that this time Bai Bing explode directly in the program and has been separated from him for several years.

Today, she is not a mysterious and controversial "ice and snow sweet", nor is it the wife of model Ding, nor is it labelled "rich wife".

She is Bai Bing who is serious about her career.

Breaking the gender, age, status of the question, to be a witness of their own life, across the time, beyond the self.

Is that the original intention of this program?

Moreover, aside from controversial layers of filters, Bai Bing is still the moonlight of many viewers.

People are fascinated by her, mostly from the myth.

She played the jade gargle, gentle and dignified, considerate, but regrettably waiting for a thousand years, eventually she did not have a chance to stay with Ogawa.

At that time, jade gargling was really amazing.

For a product, this immortal face value.

In particular, jade wash is a famous scene of dancing in white.

It was just like pouring water into the country and startled by nature.

Jade gargle is really beautiful, and Xiao Wei is really beautiful.

In the "true love of the painted skin", Xiao Wei, who she created, played a completely different style with Xun Zhou.

Seeing her, get was completely happy until then.

Bai Bing was recognized as the most beautiful ancient costume goddess, and was the "little Kim Hee Sun" of the gentle atmosphere.

Such a wonderful creature of the world, even Hu Ge said, was embarrassed to see her for the first time.

However, the conflagration is often accompanied by controversy.

Ever since she joined "Dream China", Yang Shoucheng was seen by the king's boss and renamed Bai Bing.

Later, because she looked like Kim Hee Sun, Chan played her role in the mythology of her own producer.

Even if she responded in person, she had never encountered any unspoken rules.

But the public is still very imaginative to call her and the other three, "Beijing four beauties".

It was not until Bai Bing married her model, who was much younger than her.

Once the first of "ice and snow sweet", not only did it not even take pictures, but also married very ordinary.

But no matter how public opinion is, Bai Bing is still the gentle and jade, indifferent water, hibiscus from the inaccessible person, enjoying his slow pace of life.






Moreover, no matter how changeable the performing market is, how the old and new traffic flows, but she has never left the audience's sight.

Over the years, Bai Bing remained focused on his own career.

In the original sin, she completely broke through herself, playing a tough girl who was raped by her stepfather and finally blackened.

When you kill someone, your eyes don't blink. It's still scary.

In the Pentium era, the modern female Liao Yimei, who played the role of a modern woman, caught the audience's attention.

In that completely dark era, she was dressed in a red suit and stepped on high-heeled shoes with exquisite makeup.

And this year's "temples are not Begonia red", she is the white moonlight of Shang Rui's life.

The first time she tried opera modeling, though she just flashes back for a few seconds, she also devoted herself to studying the figure.

It can be said that she has been the Bai Bing who devoted herself to her career and has always been the brave Bai Bing.

But because of the inherent labels that the public imposed on her, it would make her complain in the program.

Why do audiences always fail to see it in these years?

Of course, a lot of people know Bai Bing again in the elder sister in the wind and waves.

No paparazzi filming, No gossip, she had the courage to explode divorce.

Standing on the stage, standing in the spotlight, claiming to be "amateur" but the explosion of the dance stunning the audience.

As she said on micro-blog:

Her "Chivalry" has never disappeared.

Beautiful sister Bing Bing, not only became the first pick of many Yan dogs, but also let everyone know.

Instead of being a princess, you should be your own knight.

Spare no effort, all the way clang, win their own medal.


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