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From heaven to hell: the death of Deng Lejia, engineer of Changan Ford 90

eeo-com-cn @ 2019/12/23

Economic Observer network reporter Zhang Xiaohui

Changan Ford's response

On the twentieth day of the death of Deng Roca, his owner, Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changan Ford") finally issued an explanation through official micro-blog. The full text is as follows:

In December 1, 2019, an employee of Ford, Changan, who was born in the apartment building he rented in his residence, unfortunately died.

In 2012, the employee recruited Changan Ford from the University. He successively worked as a manufacturing process engineer and a senior engineer. He was diagnosed with depression during his lifetime.

After hearing the incident, we were very shocked and grieved. The first time the staff members were sent from Chongqing to the scene of the accident to deal with their affairs together and respect their families' wishes. The whole family was assisted to deal with the return of the remains to Chongqing.

At present, the follow-up arrangements are still in continuous communication with family members.

We feel very sad and heavy hearted about the unhappiness of our staff, the grief of their families and the great trauma to their families. We feel very guilty about not knowing the mental illness of employees in time and making timely counseling. Over the past more than 20 days, we have been maintaining communication with our family members, but we are very sorry that we have not fully understood each other and reached agreement. However, we are sincere about the concerns and actions taken by employees and their families. We have been doing our best to accompany the family members through the most difficult time.

What we have been doing since the incident and what we will continue to do is:

We will continue to actively cooperate with our families in handling the aftermath and accompany their families to tide over difficulties.

We are willing to provide the employees' families with the support and help on the basis of laws and regulations.

We will fully implement the staff's psychological care and grasp the details from work, so as to avoid any similar misfortune.

As colleagues and friends of our staff, we are deeply grieved and reluctant to give our sincere condolences to our families again, hoping to keep a reasonable agreement with our families.

We will maintain the greatest sincerity and maintain transparent communication with friends and family members and with friends who care about Changan Ford.

Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd.

December 21, 2019

In Changan Ford issued the commentary area of this note, a netizen commented "renamed in a year later": "No. 1 died, No. 21 issued a statement. No matter what happens, the official will not bird you at all. Another netizen named y Qi used two questions: "20 days after the accident, the result of communication is waiting until the public opinion ferment to start serious communication."

24 hours before jumping off the building

One day before the Changan Ford issued the instructions, in December 20th, Deng's wife, Mrs. Tan, registered a WeChat public number, "Roca house 1", and published a long article written by her own about the death of Deng, Roca. The death of engineer AE in Changan: graduation from Jida, 8 years after entering the office, and 30 years old, who died of depression. What did he experience in the company? "

The article surpassed 100 thousand plus reading in 24 hours, and Mrs. Tan described the details of Deng Roca's accident in December 1st in this long article.

"Sorry, I have depression. I have too many problems. I'm sorry everyone and the world."

At 7:41 on December 1, 2019, Deng Roca issued the last circle of friends and left a last word, jumping from the 16 floor of the apartment building shared with his colleagues.

"It won't come back." At 8 in the morning, Mrs. Tan and her one year old baby were still awakened by the phone call of Deng Lejia's colleague in their sleep.

"In December 1st, this day is the beginning for me." "I can't believe this news," he said in a long article, calling him crazy, but no one answered. My heart sank down a little. It was only last week when he returned to Chongqing to give the baby a full year dinner that no one could say that it was gone.

"One day before the incident, when we talked on the phone, he (Deng Lejia) told me next week that the project had passed through the node. He needed to get rid of a high standard summary report and report it, which made him very stressed. He had been sleepless for two nights and felt that his depression had been committed again.

We have video chat every day. I know that it's not just a summary report. He also mentioned to me many times that there are many problems in the sense of work. Everyone in the team works overtime every day, but the problem is still endless. To debug, to carry out quality investigation, to write reports, on-site safety is also very important, worried about safety accidents, robot collision, and so on, the most fear is to stop production, every day work is done under high pressure.

So I hurriedly asked him to inform the supervisor about his illness and resigned immediately to return to Chongqing.

I heard from him again at 12 a.m. on November 30th that he called the director at 11:40 PM to indicate that he had depression and resigned, but when he knew it, he did not take any protective measures, such as psychological counseling, so that he could live together with his colleagues, but let him persuade Deng Roca to carry on.

Ms. Tan continued to disclose details of the night before Deng Roca jumped.

"As a wife, I could only console him on the phone far away in Chongqing, until he was repeatedly confirmed that he was in a stable mood before he went to sleep. At 3 I woke up to take care of my child. I asked him whether he had slept or not, and I think he was asleep. And 4 hours later, it was a farewell.

Ms. Tan posted a WeChat screenshot chat record. At three a.m., she got up to milking, and asked Deng Roca to ask him whether he was asleep or not, but did not get Deng Roca's response.

Five hours later, tragedy happened.

From heaven to hell

In the above article, I also talk about Deng's graduation from Roca.

Deng Roca, male, was born in 1990, grew up in Chongqing, returned to Chongqing in 2012, and joined more than 30 gida alumni to join Changan Ford in the school enrollment. He served as a production engineer (the description of Changan Ford said that Deng Lejia had been engaged in manufacturing process engineer and advanced engineer). Among the more than 30 employees in the school, more than 8 of them had changed jobs or switched careers. Only Deng Roca was sticking to it. In 2012, as soon as he entered Ford in Changan, Deng Lejia began a shift of more than a year. He took turns seven days a week (day shift was 8:00-18:40), and the six day night shift (night work time was 18:00- at 5:20 the next day), and worked for more than 10 hours a day.

In the long article, working pressure, irregular work schedules and long hours of overtime led to Deng Roca's symptoms of insomnia, slow thinking and memory loss. At that time, Ms. Tan and micro-blog became the only emotional outlet for Deng Roca.

Deng Roca's micro-blog record:

September 1, 2012: two months without Saturday

November 5, 2012: night shift can't sleep. The stomach is not comfortable.

December 3, 2012: it's going to be miserable today.

April 18, 2013: really tired of shift work, do not like the dizziness of the head, like an empty space.

July 2, 2013: when choosing a mistake, you shouldn't have chosen this body. This way of working is too unhealthy.

August 19, 2013: I think, now I am getting unhappy, working hours are numerous, mediocre, and no spare time life, I will become more and more melancholy, more and more eccentric. Over time, fewer and fewer friends are in contact with each other, and do not like to meet strangers or make new friends. Even those who are introduced by friends are too lazy to talk about them. (remarks: QQ). Over time, what will I become? In the next six months that I can see, at least the reality can not be changed.

October 17, 2013: in my mind, I have always been eager to end the shift work and lead a normal life. However, if I say straight to the point, shift work is actually good. What will happen?

In June 2015, Ms. Tan accompanied Deng Roca to the hospital attached to Chongqing Medical College, and the diagnosis was depression.

Subsequently, Deng Roca applied for the transfer from the workshop to the previous welding project team. The intensity and pressure of work were not great. Deng Lejia could commute to work on time, and the symptoms of depression gradually disappeared.

In 2016, Deng and Mrs. Tan married a doctor. In 2017, the patient returned to stable condition. The two began to stop taking drugs and prepare for pregnancy. In 2018, when his wife was pregnant for 5 months, Deng Lejia was stationed in Hangzhou by Changan Ford, and completed the project for two years as a project leader in Hangzhou.

In the long article, Deng Roca's cell phone punch record shows that in the short term of 5 months, it has worked overtime for more than 350 hours. In June 2019, the total worked overtime for 64 hours; in August 2019, the total worked overtime for 91.5 hours; in September 2019, the total worked overtime for 99 hours; in October 2019, the total worked overtime for 73 hours. According to the above overtime time calculation, the average daily (30 days per month), Deng Roca need to work overtime for at least two hours.

The recording released by Ms. Tan showed that in December 15th, when Deng's family members were in the first consultation with the senior manager of Ford HR (Human Resources Department) in Changan, HR manager in Chongqing dialect said, "college students come in, from the students to the office of the lucky ones." (this process) we have a saying: "the lucky son has fallen from the sky, and where has she gone?" Falling to hell... "

Mrs. Tan wrote at the end of mourning for the death of Deng Roca.

"If I could choose again, I hope my husband did not go to Hangzhou on business.

If I can choose again, I hope my husband did not join Ford in Changan.

But nothing.

I wish you all well and wish my husband to sleep in heaven. "