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Talking about the great breakthrough of China's diplomacy

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Original title: there is a major breakthrough in China's diplomacy. If foreign minister Wang Yi did not speak well at the press conference, I would like to speak for him.

Foreign minister Wang Yi at the previous press conference, A strategically and strategically clear interpretation of China's great power diplomacy. Wang foreign minister is one of my favorite foreign ministers, and the other two are Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi. The three common characteristics are firm stance, clear-cut views and vivid words. Their sense of supporting role as a political leader is very clear, neither offside nor creative. There are no professional diplomats who think diplomacy is a strange feeling of their own affairs. These are the three real diplomats.

Wang foreign minister said that the head of state diplomacy of China's top leaders is pro and pro. Fruitful results. The goal of human destiny and the idea of establishing a new international relationship have laid the foundation and direction for China's great power diplomacy. In addition, it is also a major feature of China's diplomacy that we should have a firm grasp of relations between big powers, and we must not be anxious and impetuous. We must remain committed and do not dance with others. Efforts to promote regional peace and development and the benefit of the whole region have injected new vitality into our diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Wang said humorously that China's excellent development led to the collapse of China's collapse theory. China is the main contributor to world economic growth, with an annual average contribution rate of 30%, which exceeds the total sum of the United States, Japan and the euro area countries. China is still the main contributor to the global poverty alleviation cause, contributing more than 70%, creating a miracle in human history. China is the main contributor to world peace and the largest number of UN peacekeepers in the United Nations. The peacekeeping fund is the second largest in the world.

Of course, because in such a press conference, Some words are not easy to say, some words can not be said, and some words will not be said. Therefore, Wang's interpretation of China's diplomacy still has some reservations. Actually, In the past five years, the chess game of diplomacy can be said to be tricky. In this regard, the official summary is more implicit. The interpretation of experts is more regular, and the commentary is superficial.

China's diplomacy in recent years has quietly launched a revolution. It has achieved a series of breakthroughs in the existing diplomatic pattern, and it should be said that it has indeed entered a new era. At present, we have not yet seen the interpretation of both strategic considerations and quick answers. Even after the authoritative publication of the political power films such as the great power diplomacy written by the news masters, I think there are still some difficulties in the evaluation of China's diplomacy. Inevitably, there is still some sense of scratch.


In my view, a series of revolutionary changes have taken place in China's diplomacy in terms of ideology, concept, pattern, strategy, method and attitude. However, no one paid attention to combing, analyzing and summarizing. It is a pity that no one can comment on such a brilliant power diplomacy like Lao Wu. The following is the brick I threw out two months ago. To date, we have not seen the appearance of jade except Wang Yi's foreign minister. So I decided to throw my brick once again.


One of the most significant breakthroughs in China's diplomacy is the establishment of a great diplomatic concept. The establishment of the new national security concept has fundamentally changed China's diplomacy. In today's China, national security is understood as political security, economic security, cultural security, financial security, social security, investment safety, overseas security, ecological security, national security, homeland security, territorial airspace safety, territorial sea safety, network security and nuclear safety. China has abandoned the idea of small diplomacy advocated by some professional diplomats.


China's diplomacy, therefore, presents a full range of changes. China's great diplomacy has been redefined as maintaining the overall comprehensive security of the country, safeguarding China's development interests, safeguarding China's overseas interests and safeguarding world peace and development. One of the most important breakthroughs in China's diplomacy is to change from passive response to dominant topic, from conciliatory to promising. Therefore, China's diplomacy has also made some concrete breakthroughs in recent years. I think the following eight breakthroughs are important.

One of the specific breakthroughs is to fight for the right to speak from the top level. The proposition of the community of human destiny is the most important new thought of China's diplomacy. This concept includes communism, socialism, Chinese Great Harmony Thought, and the beautiful vision of the common development of mankind. It expresses the ideology of oneself skillfully, but also speaks in Esperanto, stands in the position of the designer of the world dream, and occupies the high point of human morality.


This concept is hard to be negated and resisted, and it is hard to be surpassed. It is easy to arouse the sympathy of the whole world. This is the first time that China has put forward a proposal for human development. In the past hundred years, the international order and development vision have been designed, led and promoted by Western powers. The result of China's diplomacy is the most valuable. This is China's plan. China's vision and China's concept will win a great reputation for China's win.


Two of specific breakthroughs, globalization led by itself. Along the way, there are three countries opposing and dismantling the Taiwan Strait. This is Japan, the United States and India, which are China's past, present and future competitors. Why do they object? Because this is a globalization led by China and a common market construction led by China. Although the Chinese side is very modest, it is the chorus of all countries, but in fact, China is the commander in chief of this symphony. China's values, Chinese cultural traditions, Chinese experience and ideas are becoming dominant.


All participating countries have to go to Beijing to dock with China's development plan and seek funds, technology, talents and equipment in China. China's cultural transportation, emotional connection, road connectivity, network connectivity, financial integration and market access, along with along the route, along the coast and along the coast, are driving China's trade and services exports to the countries concerned to increase substantially, and China's infrastructure capacity has been exported on a large scale. Compared with the development strategy of the development of the western region, the number of areas along the way should be raised. It will make China's strategic leeway and economic growth space grow exponentially.

Three of concrete breakthroughs will break western political containment. The West has been demonized the Chinese government, especially deliberately derogatory the Chinese Communist Party. Although they have to deal with China economically, they have to recognize China in international relations. But they have refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party and have always used western political theories to wear shoes to China. They insist that China is not a democratic country, and that the Chinese government has not been legally authorized.

Since the eighteen years of large-scale anti-corruption, the fresh changes in party conduct and government style, the people-oriented governance philosophy, the people first development concept and the people based rule of law efforts, the great enthusiasm for precise poverty alleviation has not only been highly appreciated by the Chinese people, but also widely respected by the international community. Britain made an exception to give Chinese leaders a speech at the joint meeting of the upper and lower councils. Trump congratulated the nineteen victory of the CCP, which is China's internationally recognized landmark event. This means that the demonized gang of China has been disintegrating for many years.


Four of specific breakthroughs, spread their own culture. We once exported our own theories, ideas and experiences in the early days of our country, and helped some weak countries. However, due to the fact that our experience is not yet mature, our own development has no such appeal in the world today, and the strength of that time is not enough, leaving behind some examples of failure. Vietnam, Al Barea and the Communist Party of Southeast Asian countries. It is not enough to rely on selfless assistance. The key is that China's own development must be convincing. When Indonesia and Vietnam had a massive row of malignant events in China, we could only send blood boats and merchant ships to our countrymen in a painful way.


Deng Xiaoping followed Li Guangyao's advice and stopped exporting revolution and thought. With the collapse of Soviet Union, China has been dealing with foreigners for a long time, not talking about politics, not talking about ideology, not talking about red, and not talking about the dominant beliefs of their own countries, so as to avoid causing unhappiness. However, it is wrong for China to become more and more mature in its governance and experience, and experience is becoming more and more complete, and when the development of the country is becoming more and more enviable, it is not enough to publicize itself. It is a major turning point for Chinese leaders to publish the monograph on governing the country and governing the world.

Five of the specific breakthroughs are the core interests. In the past, under the guidance of the thought of "good neighborliness and good neighborliness", the diplomatic thought of creating a good surrounding environment was mechanically understood, and the dispute over territorial sovereignty over the core interests of the state was tied to two words of friendship. So in the struggle for sovereignty, we should tolerate everywhere and let things go all the way.

After the eighteen great changes, China's foreign policy has obviously made major adjustments, and dare to say no, dare to struggle and dare to fight in Huangyan, Diaoyu Island, Dong Lang confrontation, Sino South Vietnam oil and gas field development, Sino US dispute in the South China Sea and the one China policy. The cruising of the Diaoyu Islands, the recognition area of the East China Sea, the Huangyan Island, the confrontation of the iron reefs, the construction of the military facilities in the South China Sea Islands and reefs, the expelled US troops in the South China Sea, and the war between China and India, we can see that China will not add new problems to the principles, but it will also consolidate the new look of friendly contacts on non principled issues.


Six of the specific breakthrough is the repositioning of Sino Japanese relations. Against Japan's ugly history. Instead of stimulating Japan's diplomatic thinking, China resolutely beat Japan. China's first rise to the height of World War II political order on the Diaoyu Islands issue; on the one hand, the establishment of the national memorial ceremony in China on the issue of the massacre in Nanjing, on the one hand, it was reduced to the height of the three massacre in World War II; on the day of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, China was not afraid of Japan's clamour for us, Aukwu Jan Viv, resolutely holding the victory grand parade, and raised the Chinese Resistance War to the height of the world's main anti fascist battlefield.


The China series also published the confession of war criminals, published articles in various countries around the world, exposing the ugly faces of the Japanese right wing, and for the first time put forward the Mikado as the prime culprit in the war crimes. For the first time in the war against Japan, the fourteen year war of resistance against Japan was put into the overall war of resistance against the East three provinces, which is more in line with historical facts and more important to the importance of integration of the northeast and the motherland. Wait. China's high-profile commemoration of the 918 and 77 events has made the past ambiguous relations in China and Japan in the long term, and has been thoroughly clarified, laying the foundation for further justice to Japan, and also a criticism of the United States not to uphold justice. This is the right choice for China to live up to the death of its compatriots, always stand on the strength of human justice, beat and curb the resurgence of Japanese militarism.


Seven of the specific breakthroughs are military development. In the past, we overemphasized the rise of peace and caught the braid of the West and Japan. Asking why China's military spending is increasing every year is very vigilant against China's plans to build an aircraft carrier. At that time, the Chinese side was always dry and dry, and even severely punished the people who bought the Varyag. This is a very strange thing. At that time, the United States was super militarily, and the level of Japanese armed forces was far above our country. They often beat China to increase military spending and develop armaments. China also always explained in panic.


After the eighteen big Chinese leaders visited Europe, a reporter asked this question again. The Chinese leaders did not explain this and did not dodge, but firmly stated that China maintained a strong military strength in order to avoid the repetition of Western powers' aggression against China. Since then, China's maritime, land, air, second, artillery and strategic armies have been developing at full capacity and clearly declared that the world class army should be built up.


Eight of the specific breakthroughs are RMB internationalization. RMB joined SDR (Special Drawing Rights) in October 1, 2016. The renminbi has become the fifth SDR basket currency tied to the US dollar, euro, pound and Japanese yen. This is an epoch-making event. This means that the renminbi will become an international reserve and one of the important currencies of international settlement. In other words, the dollar as a paper gold, as the history of all international settlement currencies, is slowly rewriting, and the renminbi has played an increasingly important role.


The BRICs Development Bank, the SCO bank and the Asia Investment Bank are all dominated by China. China will gradually expand large-scale Renminbi loan business. Moreover, not long ago, China and Russia formally signed an agreement on currency swap and bilateral trade in the use of RMB or ruble settlement, which means that the US dollar withdrew from Sino Russian trade. Thereafter, China, Britain, Central Europe, China, Japan, China, ASEAN, China and the Middle East oil countries are likely to increase renminbi settlement gradually. With the support of more and more carriers, the RMB will become the second largest and even the largest currency in the world. This is a new aspect of China's monetary diplomacy.


In a word, China's diplomacy has gone through the era of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. From opposing hegemony, making the third world, independent diplomacy, keeping up with the West and making great efforts to develop western countries, the diplomacy of wholehearted development has come to a new era of diplomacy. The main feature is that, in all aspects of diplomacy, diplomacy based on myself, adhering to the principles, leading the region and leading the global diplomacy. Politics, military affairs, economy, science and technology, finance, culture and so on, under the escort of big diplomacy, are rapidly becoming the world's most important innovation centers, and the diplomatic era with complete support for the new era of China's renaissance has arrived.

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