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We got some exclusive information, and Yang Mi was in a hurry again.

ellechina @ 2020/05/22

Yang Mi is very busy recently, and the variety, the live broadcast and the blockbuster do not fall.

After waiting for so long, madam Zhu Zhuo finally declared her name. Yang Mi's modeling, heroic spirit, looks like sword, big power power in opposition to a long time of ancient costume finally satisfy everyone's waiting.
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ELLE June magazine double cover and Wei's endorsement is enough to see that Yang Mi's excellent words in fashion can be played on the public screen.

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The big power of life has recently been addicted to raising meat. She called them "ah Duo" and has been drying out in oasis.

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Yang Mi is most anxious to share her Addo with everyone. Hurry up and let her come to Amway for you personally. ????

In order to have a better understanding of the power of this time, we conducted her once. Cloud interview , A or B's option really embarrassed her.

Let's see if you like the power of big power. Please choose the answer in 5 seconds.

(left and right slide to check the answer)

Our welfare is certainly not the only one. Power up Full version of the interview video !
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Of course, we won't let her off on such an important topic. Although Yang Mi's airport street shot has been out of stock for a long time, we can still see some favorite power suits in the usual Reuters.  

Recently, the theme of wearing the big power is tight pants with Oversize coat or pure color jacket. It is simple and refreshing, showing the advantages of leg length. No matter what style of dress you wear, Yang Mi can easily interpret the word "rut".

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In most of the Reuters charts, we can see Yang Mi's ankle. Yang Mi's ankle has always been a "famous product" enjoyed by fans. Recently, she measured her ankle in live broadcast, only 17.2cm. The immortal figure has to be envied.

A kind of

Jimei, who also has long legs and good figure, let Yang Mi himself teach you the most recent of her. Tips for wearing Now! ????

Welfare time is coming!

After listening to Yang Mi's secret of wearing, did you bring inspiration to your dress? Message tells us that your favorite summer wear, at 12:00 o'clock on May 25th, the top 10 netizens will send CALZEDONIA shopping bags and Yang Mi's autographs. Signature photo!

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