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70% of people use moxibustion without knowing it.

gcplive @ 2020/06/30

Moxibustion seems simple, but it is a treasure to cure diseases. It is a gem of the Chinese medicine community. But now , 80% of Chinese people do not attach importance to moxibustion, which is really a pity!

Moxibustion is so great, you know?

Modern people are more suitable for moxibustion.

Modern people suffer from cold and cold, drug abuse, excess nutrition and lack of sleep, resulting in body mechanism disorders, Qi and blood deficiency, wet, toxic, and blocking, Yang Qi weakness.

And the needle can only pass the meridians, but not Yuanyang. The quality of medicinal materials is also declining. With the weakness of modern people, it is very difficult to absorb the drug completely.

Only moxibustion can be used to supplement meridians and veins in Yuanyang, and it can be used without asking for deficiency or excess of cold and heat.

Two. Moxibustion is an excellent partner for other TCM therapies.

Moxibustion and acupuncture, medicine, massage, massage and other technologies can be used in conjunction with each other, complementing each other, achieving 1+1>2 effect.

After acupuncture, massage, massage, scraping and cupping therapy, the meridians will be completely dredged up. At this time, the body will gradually improve, but still weak.

If you can match moxibustion at this time, you can warm up Yuanyang, enlarge the conditioning effect and improve the recovery speed. So in clinical practice, Moxibustion combined with acupuncture and decoction has excellent effect.

Three. Traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion is the best choice.

If you are a beginner in acupuncture and medicine, if you do not accumulate for a long time, most people will not dare to give the patient the needle and prescriptions.

But moxibustion is different. As long as the system is learning, it can be operated immediately, and the operation is very simple. Only a moxa stick can be used in hand.

In addition, the range of moxibustion is covered by internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, facial features and so on. More importantly, whether men, women and children, whether physically weak or not, are suitable for moxibustion.

Most people have stepped on this pit.

Since moxibustion is so simple and convenient, why can't most people achieve good results?

That's because people have a common character. They seem to be very simple. Not only that, even some people shout, is moxibustion not painful? This idea is really wrong.

Chinese medicine is a rigorous discipline, moxibustion is no exception, although simple operation, but there are many taboos. For example, After moxibustion does not seal the point, leading to cold invasion, disease worsening; moxibustion at the lung Shu point, resulting in reduced immunity; giving children moxibustion at Zusanli will affect the development.

Moreover, in the theory of moxibustion, it is also mentioned that if there is no sequence of diseases, no mocking time, moxibustion will slow down, or the condition will relapse or even aggravate the condition.

So, do not think that moxibustion can look at the data at random. We must face up to moxibustion, seemingly simple things, but also need systematic learning. It is not enough for us to read books by ourselves.

We can't wait any longer. We must act.

It is understood that the Japanese began to do moxibustion to strengthen their body almost from an early age, resulting in an average height of 20 cm for Japanese, with an average life expectancy of 83 years.

But in China, because of too much contempt for moxibustion, basically self-learning, and unwilling to learn systematically, 80% of them can not achieve curative effect and lose confidence.

In order to awaken the confidence of Chinese medicine practitioners in moxibustion, we will transmit valuable techniques and experiences in China to more people and strengthen the constitution of the Chinese people. Hongxing Lin college, the founder of energy balance moxibustion, Fu Zikang, has summed up its precious clinical experience for 10 years and opened a series of moxibustion courses.

So far, the number of energy balance moxibustion has broken through. 200 thousand person Even the fifty or sixty year old student can grasp and feedback a lot of excellent practical cases.

One person understands moxibustion and the whole family benefits. Energy balance moxibustion is not limited to common diseases such as wind cold and cold, lumbago and leg pain, and spleen and stomach discomfort. It is also conditioning various chronic diseases, such as rhinitis, high altitude, and various gynecological problems.

Under the official permission of Hongxing Forestry College, Energy balance moxibustion Course video data, Free to everyone! No extra action, add the following WeChat, it will be sent to you immediately!

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Teacher introduction

Teacher Fu Zikang In the army began to take medicine, and many folk Taoist doctors pointed out that after more than ten years of clinical moxibustion experience in TCM, based on the theory of Zang Fu organs and "Tao Te Ching", the energy balance moxibustion was established, which breaks the difficulty of traditional Chinese medicine differentiation, makes it easier to simplify and sees through the distribution of human energy.

In October 2019, Professor Fu was selected as a hundred outstanding Chinese medicine successors. He was invited by the Ministry of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of engineering and the people's Government of Beijing to hold the exhibition of Chinese medicine wisdom and world sharing, and spread Chinese medicine culture in the United States, Britain, Dubai, Japan and other countries along the belt.

Teacher Fu Zikang's lecture is simple, easy to understand and well received by students. In December 2017, the energy balance moxibustion course was online. 200 thousand Above students.

Treatment concept

Dredge the pipe and fill the hole.

Expelling evil and strengthening the body, restoring the kidney and spleen

Disease, disease, fitness

Technical characteristics

(1) effective, common diseases 1-3 times effective or reduced.

(2) there are miraculous effects on chronic diseases and emotional diseases.

(3) simple manipulation, easy to understand, and basic knowledge of Chinese medicine.

(4) safe green, pure physical external therapy, can operate at home.

Contents of the current public welfare course

The following public welfare courses are free of charge. All free learning!

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Long click below the two-dimensional code. Add assistant teacher WeChat , Chinese medicine moxibustion learning course can be obtained.

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Answering questions and dispel doubts

1. how to get moxibustion video data?

Answer: you can add us as the bottom way, and we will send the course to you.

Two Is the course really free?

A: Yes, our courses are free of charge. Up to now, there are More than 100000 person Through curriculum learning, we have entered the hall of learning Chinese medicine.

Three What if we don't know what to do when we study?

A: you don't have to worry. First of all, our videos are clear, content easy to understand and easy to learn. Secondly, if you have any questions in your study, you can contact us. We will help you answer questions.

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