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Alive, is to toss

siweipeixun888 @ 2018/10/25

There are people with the status quo, taoshengyijiu, some people continue to lament the poverty, petrified......

However, there are people in the hard toss, step by step to achieve their goals. So, do not toss, you are always dreaming you -- ""!

Toss, is respect for the dream.


If you can't fly then run; if you can't run, then go; really walk, then crawl. Remember: no matter what you do, you have to move forward; no matter how hard it is, you have to hold on,

Toss, they do not live up to life to play


The mottled picturesque scenery is nature of human generosity; efforts in the cause of hard work is the expectation of life of life; never underestimate your ability to realize their dreams. Your life, how many still rests on the envy of others? Don't toss, you old!

Don't toss, take what to remember


The so-called youth souvenir book, real time memory is to toss. Young, while the moment, work, read several books of the physical and mental benefits; there are many time to visit a friend. Busy, let life more meaningful. This is a temper, is also a kind of memories.

What attracts you, toss what


Life, all people only once. The same time, experience more than others, you will have more. Take advantage of this wonderful time, while time and body also allows you to move forward, please cherish the chance to play for the family happiness, struggle for the wonderful future, cheer for your choice!

Remember that you really insist on


Our gratitude to those who make you smile with tears, also don't forget to remind yourself: have a dream has been realized, and the peak had not arrived.

Reprint is a kind of wisdom, sharing is a virtue. You share rose get fun!!! Not miss every wonderful course of life.

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